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Kalamazoo Social Media Week 2019: Lessons I Learned from 70 Conversations with Storytellers

I know you have an important story to tell. And I want to help you tell that story better and with more confidence. Whether it’s for business, a personal brand, a non-profit… story will set you apart.
I've spoken with 70 storytellers of all levels, all platforms and so many genres... and brought the top lessons to Kalamazoo Social Media Week 2019.
First a clarification. A lesson. What is storytelling? I want to dispel something. It's not Hansel & Gretel or Game of Thrones. Story is the best way the human brain processes and retains information. For instance, rather than saying "this is our product" ... you might say "Sharon was concerned with efficiencies issues at her manufacturing plant. So she looked into logistics solutions and found our company. We helped her increase efficiency and she got a promotion." That is a story. It's not summer camp counselor time... It’s the best way to get an idea across to an intended audience.

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Kalamazoo Social Media Week 2019: Lessons I Learned from 70 Conversations with Storytellers

  1. 1. What 70 Podcast Conversations Taught Me About Storytelling
  2. 2. TheStorytellersNetwork.com #kzoosmweek @danmoyle
  3. 3. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle What is Storytelling? TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  4. 4. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle What You’ll Learn Today 1. Stories connect us emotionally 2. Platforms vary, power is constant 3. Guest insights 4. Teach + Inspire = Win TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  5. 5. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 1 – You Have Not Because You Ask Not TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  6. 6. #kzoosmweek @danmoyleTheStorytellersNetwork.com
  7. 7. #kzoosmweek @danmoyleTheStorytellersNetwork.com
  8. 8. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 2 – Stories Hold Power TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  9. 9. #kzoosmweek @danmoyleTheStorytellersNetwork.com Hey Jeff! Here is my formal invitation to you to be a guest on The Storytellers Network podcast. I would love to hear more about storytelling from you as an expert. My mission at The Storytellers Network is to bring the art of story to the masses. I believe that whether you're in marketing, you're an entrepreneur or you're developing your personal brand, telling your story effectively can make the difference between celebrating an anniversary and collecting unemployment. My hope is to bring professional storytellers to you so listeners can learn from the best. I'm planning 4 seasons through the year - 12 weeks per season. Season 1 focused on writers. Season 2 is dedicated to podcasters. I would love to include you in this season if you're willing. The format planned is approximately 30-45 minutes of interview, all about the craft of storytelling. I record through Zoom and do have a video capability. It's up to your comfort level whether you're on video. I do upload each show to YouTube but can use graphics for the visual. If you're interested, you can find the scheduling link below to coordinate a time that's convenient for you. Thank you for your consideration. Here is the show scheduling link Thank you! Dan Moyle | Host, The Storytellers Network
  10. 10. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 3 – Stories Change the World TheStorytellersNetwork.com Villy Wang BAYCAT: Nonprofit Social Enterprise to End Racism. One Story At A Time.
  11. 11. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 4 – Season 1: Writers You Have to Write TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  12. 12. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Take it one step at a time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the big picture. Tammy Chupp TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  13. 13. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle When you write it down on paper or like on a computer, you go, oh my God, that's BS... It's not really necessarily as true as it could be. Writing is this incredibly powerful process of making sure that you're getting to as close to your truth as, possible. Erik Weihenmayer TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  14. 14. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Sometimes the magic is found in the simplicity. Marcus Sheridan TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  15. 15. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 5 – Season 2: Podcasters You Have to Create TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  16. 16. #kzoosmweek @danmoyleTheStorytellersNetwork.com I was a kid who grew up listening to Zig Ziglar and go to the motivational seminars with my parents. I really embraced that ... and now I'm somewhat blown away that I get to be a voice for Zig Ziglar. Kevin Miller
  17. 17. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle My early influences was a guy named Dave Barry. He used to write an article in the Parade Magazine that would come in Sunday. He was just sarcastic as all get out. So he was probably one of my biggest influences. Dave Jackson TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  18. 18. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle The truth is I think you have to hone the craft until it's really good, that it's sticky. I don't think there's ways to just be louder than everyone else. I think the quality has to stand up. You have to have something good to market. Jordan Harbinger TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  19. 19. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 6 – Season 3: Video Creators Video is Second Only to Face-to-Face TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  20. 20. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Your brand is just your story. Branding is storytelling. Your story is the one thing other people can't copy. Your job as a person or a brand is to tell your story in a unique way that aligns... to help your prospect in the world. Nick Nanton TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  21. 21. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Story has the power to be almost therapeutic to people. Through that story, after they take off the goggles, virtual reality stories create unique memories in the brain that can be recalled in a stressful situation. Sarah Hill TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  22. 22. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Be the best storyteller by serving your audience. Great storytellers figure out what makes us uncomfortable and tackle them in a new way. Rand Fishkin TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  23. 23. #kzoosmweek @danmoyleTheStorytellersNetwork.com
  24. 24. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 7 – Season 4: Social Media Storytellers Social Media is the Next Frontier TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  25. 25. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle When my knee-jerk reaction is ‘I don’t want to read that,’ [Rand] tells me I need to evaluate why. Once that wall comes down, it becomes very, very easy. Geraldine DeRuiter TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  26. 26. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle When I went viral and people liked my kid jokes… and came back to my main Twitter account, they found 15,000 other jokes just like it. You’ve got to be the best at something, it’s got to be something that appeals to people and you’ve got to have a lot of it. James Breakwell TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  27. 27. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle It’s just that it’s easier for these messages to disseminate. I don’t think they’re evil or good, but I think that … in the end, the most important part is allowing people to gather around common interests. Michael Stelzner TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  28. 28. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 8 – Season 5: Inspirational Storytellers Stories Motivate. Facts Tell; Stories Sell TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  29. 29. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle If a person can’t find themselves in your story, they drift off. Life experiences connect us because we all live and have experiences. I want to hear that story of redemption, of how you overcame. Will Little TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  30. 30. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle I showed him that I could type on a computer and write a reservation slip. The hiring manager didn’t think I could type or write, nor did he even ask. If I didn’t have the mindset that I have, I would have lost that battle. David Powell TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  31. 31. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle When we own our Voice, we own our power. As a singer I look at music and it tells me everything to do. But traditionally storytellers, we only have words. So I teach how to annotate those words so they really come alive. Arthur Joseph TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  32. 32. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Lesson 9 – Season 6: Business Storytellers Storytelling Evolves and So Should We TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  33. 33. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle How does Cinderella get invited to the ball? It’s not about the glass slipper. If you think you’re average business person, you are. Seth Godin TheStorytellersNetwork.com We’re bombarded with ideas. You just have to think, ‘Could that make an interesting story?’ Mark W. Schaefer
  34. 34. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle People go to the web for two reasons: to get help or to be entertained. Quickly. I would argue that the best content on the internet isn’t storytelling content. It’s content that solves problems the quickest and the best. Chad Pollitt TheStorytellersNetwork.com
  35. 35. #kzoosmweek @danmoyleTheStorytellersNetwork.com
  36. 36. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle TheStorytellersNetwork.com/kzoosmweek TheStorytellersNetwork.com Lesson 10 – Podcasting is Powerful
  37. 37. #kzoosmweek @danmoyleTheStorytellersNetwork.com 1. You Have Not Because You Ask Not 2. Stories Hold Power 3. Stories Change the World 4. You Have to Write 5. You Have to Create 6. Video is Second Only to Face-to-Face 7. Social Media is the Next Frontier 8. Stories Motivate. Facts Tell; Stories Sell 9. Storytelling Evolves and So Should We 10. Podcasting is Powerful What 70 Podcast Conversations Taught Me About Storytelling
  38. 38. #kzoosmweek @danmoyleTheStorytellersNetwork.com
  39. 39. #kzoosmweek @danmoyle Dan Moyle @danmoyle (Twitter, Instagram) /danmoyle (LinkedIn) /daniel.a.moyle (Facebook) danielmoyle@gmail.com TheStorytellersNetwork.com TheStorytellersNetwork.com Here’s to telling our stories… and having stories to tell. TheStorytellersNetwork.com/kzoosmweek