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Representation review of her

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Review of representation in the film Her

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Representation review of her

  1. 1. Representation Review of Her By Daniel Nash
  2. 2. Femininity In the first scene of Her, we are presented with the character Theodore hard at work, writing love letters for people, this is not the typical representation of men as Theodore clearly enjoys his job of writing about love, suggesting that Theodore might be more feminine than most other males.
  3. 3. Age Theodore is in his mid to late thirties, and has recently been divorced, in the opening scene you also see other people around the office Theodore works at, who are all a similar age, this shows that Theodore might of been in this job for a while and that he can’t get another job, for one reason or another.
  4. 4. Divorce In the opening scene, Theodore is depressed from his divorce with his wife, this is a common representation of divorced couples as they usually remain very upset following the separation, throughout the opening scene it is shown how Theodore is lonely now, because of how he follows the representation that his wife was his best friend, he also gets an email from one of his friends inviting him out, to help him move on, Theodore quickly deletes the email, this follows the representation of people recently out of divorces find it hard to move on.