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Updated small business marketing apps

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Best applications for Small Business

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Updated small business marketing apps

  1. 1. Updated April 2012 The best small business marketing tools online - many are free! Email campaign manager Mail Chimp email marketing Aweber auto-email My Emma email campaigns marketing. I prefer Aweber because better spam control and reporting features. Around $25 per month Letter Genie letter templates Padiact - predictive email forms Tiny Letter - simple subscription email Vision - Emailing System Interspire Web email Blue Sky Factory Survey monkey Formstack - form creator Survey tools Wufoo form and survey creator. My favorite after trying several. Best features at around $50 per 3 months © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 1
  2. 2. Dan’s best small business marketing tools CRM Hubspot CRM marketing system Highrise web based app for Zoho CRM. Zoho also does a small business. Makers 37 number of business Signals does a number of applications. business applications worth looking at. PR PRwire - press release PR web for sending press service. I use it and get find it releases really great for online releases Pitchrate - free pitch to journalists Source bottle - journalists SMS Tech - for SMS campaigns HARO - send stories to journalists Collaboration tools Writeboard - share information online Dropbox - storage and Google doc - sharing files collaboration. My favorite. Great storage and sharing as well as intergration with other apps © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 2
  3. 3. Updated April 2012 The best small business marketing tools online - many are free! Basecamp collaboration tool Smart Draw is mindmapping MindJet - mindmapping and software collaboration software Personal Brain - mapping tool Mavenlink - project management tool Boxnet - file sharing and storage ClickDesk - live chat onsite Issuu article and publication You send it - sharing big files sharing. Awesome Freelancing Guru - find resources to do your work and free at base level 99 Designs - freelance designers online Fiverr - people freelance their skills for $5. Used this for the voice over on my site. 99 copywriters - freelance Web Design DIY © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 3
  4. 4. Dan’s best small business marketing tools Citymax - easy to use from Wordpress org - web around $30 per month. publishing platform. Free but Hosting domain separate need IP address from hosting cost. My web has been built company around $160 pa on this platform SEO Weebly - create a free website Website grader - grades your website - free and give you some good ideas to improve SEO SEO tools - key word, competitive analysis SEOmoz - SEO software, Google Analytics - look at key words and your SEO Key word Spy - keyword tool Performable - online marketing landing pages Teleconferencing Skype - teleconference and video. Free but not always good quality Webex - teleconferencing Join me is the best for online Logmein - share desktops screen teleconferences TIme Tracking tools Go to Meeting teleconferencing On24 - webinars on demand © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 4
  5. 5. Updated April 2012 The best small business marketing tools online - many are free! Freshbooks is a great tool that allows you to track time, estimate and invoice online Screen capture Toggl - time tracking tool Remember the milk- manage tasks Jing - screen and voice capture Snagit - screen capture. Love it! Giffy - diagram software AoL Lifestream - social aggregator Profilefly - social aggregrator Tungle me - makes it easy for anyone to schedule a meeting Smartsheet - pipeline sales report software Slide Rocket -design and store presentations Slideshare - upload and share slides Scribd - read and publish documents Social Media tools TweetDeck - tweet viewer Sales Tools © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 5
  6. 6. Dan’s best small business marketing tools Google Tools Google Maps - locate your business so you can be found Google apps - lots of applications Social Media tools Google Tools Google Tools Google Key words - Google Alerts - find what is being published about you, your industry or your competitors Social Media tools Social Media tools Linked in - business Facebook - social networking netoworking relationship and research tool Raven - social media / internet monitoring tool Spredfast - social media monitoring Twitter - expertise, networking Wildfire - run social media campaigns © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 6
  7. 7. Updated April 2012 The best small business marketing tools online - many are free! Objective Marketer -Social media campaigns Genius Rocket crowdsourcing Shortstack is great for building for your brand Facebook Promotions Photosharing Flickr - photos haring Photobucket - photo sharing Flipsnack - making a pdf booklet flip VIdeo sharing You Tube - create and upload Vimeo - create online videos Livestream - broadcast your mp3 files videos Upstream TV - broadcast videos Podcasting Blip.tv - tv streaming Blogtalkradio Podcasting - create and broadcast Networking Podbean - podcast hosting and social subscribing itunes - listen and upload © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 7
  8. 8. Dan’s best small business marketing tools Meetup - find like minded groups hold events. Schedule or attend Eventbrite - lists events happening Stickytickets - sell and promote events online Webinars Brighttalk - webinars for professionals, learn Ted - guest presentations from speakers from all industries Virtual Assistants PA everyday - virtual assistants Staff India -Outsourcing Tasks Every day - virtual assistants Virtual Asstant Board - Remote staff - offshoring VAs Crowdspring - want something designed Productivity Freshbooks is a great tool that allows you to track time, estimate and invoice online Mint - personal budgeting software Instacalc - online calculator © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 8
  9. 9. Updated April 2012 The best small business marketing tools online - many are free! Roboform - password manager Timebridge - scheduling Smart PDf converter appointments across the web converts pdf to other files, word, excel, tiff etc ezyzip - zip files Paperrater.com rgbstock - images free Marketing and Sales Tools Bloomtools - integrated marketing tools Hubspot is a great marketing resource If you have any more that you think I should add please email me at danielle@macinnismarketing.com.au Web:www.macinnismarketing.com.au Blog:www.daniellemacinnis.com.au Danʼs best small business marketing tools © © Copyright 2010 MacInnis Marketing 9