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Marketing tactics landscape - questions to ask

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The new marketing landscape of tactics. Questions to ask.

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Marketing tactics landscape - questions to ask

  1. 1. The marketing tactical landscape - how to make sense of it all! You need to understand it to know what to focus on to attract your ideal customers We help you do that www.macinnismarketing.com.au
  2. 2. Online Advertising Landscape Questions we answer • When does it make sense to advertise online and what do you need to have in place first?
  3. 3. Email Marketing Options Questions we can answer • Which software email system to use? • What data fields to set up? • What email sequences do I need and how to create them? • When and how do I automate emails? • What is a lead magnet?
  4. 4. Design and Development Landscape Questions we answer: • How important is the user experience? • How do I build a content machine? • What is the best platform to build a website on? • Do I need landing pages?
  5. 5. Content Marketing Landscape Questions we answer: • How do I create engaging content? • What is link building and do I need it? • What is a lead magnet? • Where do I find a great copywriter? • How do I ensure my copy is going to be found?
  6. 6. Social Media Landscape Questions we answer • Who are our influencers and do we need them? • Should I advertise in social media? • Which social channel are our customers on? • What is remarketing?
  7. 7. SEO Landscape Questions we answer • Do we need SEO? • How do we find our key words? • Do we rank well? • Who are our competitors and what are they doing in SEO?
  8. 8. Ready to talk? • Contact us www.macinnismarketing.com.au