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Social Media Listening (USFWS)

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Presentation for USFWS on listening.

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Social Media Listening (USFWS)

  1. 1. Power Listening:Tips for Strategic Monitoring on Social Media By Danielle Brigida National Wildlife Federation
  2. 2. In this session we’ll cover…• 10+ Listening sites and tips• Gathering feeds to make a dashboard• Engaging with people around your topic• Track mentions and explore allocating resources
  3. 3. Main Ways to Listen OnlineKeywords – Your Agency Name – Key individuals – Branding mistakes – Program referencesReferring Traffic – Google Analytics – Omniture – Facebook insights
  4. 4. What You’ll Need to Create a Free Dashboard• An RSS Reader – Bloglines, Netvibes, Feedly• A list of social search sites/news search sites• Dedication to finding the feeds• Ability to identify that they don’t always work
  5. 5. You Use Search All the Time
  6. 6. Just RSS Your Searches!RSS = Real Simple Syndication
  7. 7. Social Sites to Search•Socialmention•Icerocket•Search.Twitter•Boardreadr•Kurrently•Search social sites
  8. 8. Social Mention
  9. 9. Boardreader
  10. 10. Icerocket
  11. 11. Kurrently
  12. 12. Search Individual Platforms: Twitter
  13. 13. Topsy and Plus.Topsy
  14. 14. Subscribe Your Search Results
  15. 15. Organize Your Mentions
  16. 16. is Your Friend • Google Analytics • Google Alerts • Google Trends • Google Blog Search • Google WebmasterStep 1: Listen
  17. 17. Research Your Audience•Google - Trends - Alerts - Reader (RSS feed) - Forms (survey, polls) - Keyword search•Survey/Polls - Surveymonkey.com - Polldaddy.com
  18. 18. Create a “Dashboard” You’ll Actually Use
  19. 19. You’ve Listened, Now What?• Comment on posts and mentions• Track mentions• Send updates to other staff• Be willing to be engaged and informed by your audience
  20. 20. Engage and Comment
  21. 21. Comment Flowchart Take reasonable action to fix issue and let customer know action taken Positive Negative Yes Yes No Assess the Does customer Do you want Evaluate the need/deserve more to respond? message purpose info? Yes Unhappy Yes Are the facts No Gently correct theNo Response Customer? correct? facts No Yes Can you add No Dedicated Yes Are the facts No value? Complainer? correct? No Yes Is the Explain what is being Respond in Thank the Comedian Yes problem done to correct thekind & share person Want-to-Be? being fixed? issue. No Yes Let post stand and monitor. 21 © Alitmeter Group
  22. 22. Tracking Mentions: Google Scripts
  23. 23. Be Strategic About Engagement
  24. 24. Remember…share what you learn!
  25. 25. Mentions tool: https://en.mention.net/
  26. 26. Social CRM
  27. 27. How are you listening on social media?
  28. 28. Questions?