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Introduction to Kendal social value event by Daniel Heery

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Introduction to Kendal social value event by Daniel Heery

  1. 1. Making the Most of Social Value Kendal Daniel Heery, Cumbria Social Enterprise Growth Hub
  2. 2. Housekeeping • • • • • • Toilets Fire Mobile Phones WiFi password sillysausage Lunch Slides www.slideshare.net/daniel.heery/presentations • Twitter #socialvaluecumbria
  3. 3. Programme
  4. 4. Outcomes • A better understanding about social value and how it is viewed by public sector commissioners. • How to show you are delivering you social objectives. • Find out how other local social enterprises are getting to grips with measuring their impacts and social value. • Network and find out what other social enterprises are up to around the County.
  5. 5. Cumbria Growth hub • Cumbria Business Growth Hub aims to help your business unleash its potential with free business support for growth. • A focal point for businesses looking to increase their competitiveness and grow. • Other Hub stuff – venues around the County, specialist Hubs for Digital and Media, Agriculture, Adventure Sports etc. • www.cumbriagrowthhub.co.uk
  6. 6. About Cumbria Social Enterprise Growth Network • We offer a choice of business advice (2 days) specialist support for social enterprises aiming to grow • 4 Training and networking events – Launch of Alston Moor Social Enterprise Town, Social Value, ? X 2 • CSEP Conference – 28th April, Kirkgate Centre Cockermouth, • Covers FC United, Baywind, investment readiness for new EU funding, social enterprise awards. • Supported by CCC, DEFRA, ERDF. • Delivered by Cybermoor on behalf of CSEP. • www.socialenterpriseincumbria.org
  7. 7. Social Value • Social value has been defined as “‘the additional benefit to the community from a commissioning/procurement process over and above the direct purchasing of goods, services and outcomes”. • Now public bodies are taking social value into account, social enterprises can gain a competitive advantage from their social and environmental impacts.
  8. 8. 5 things to know about Social Value • Social value is now a legal part of commissioning, by ensuring that authorities consider the wider social, economic and environmental benefit that they can achieve when buying services. • Social Value came into law on the 1/1/13 so has been running for 13 months • Councils can choose suppliers that provide social benefits, even if they are not the cheapest. • Social enterprises can benefit from the social value act as they create social and environmental benefits, during their day to day operations. Socially minded conventional businesses can benefit as well. • Social value needs to be measured and demonstrated – its important to specify what the social value will be e.g. creating X employment opportunities for long-term unemployed or disabled people.
  9. 9. Measuring Social Value • Social Enterprise Mark – toolkit includes a SV statement and CSR certificate development. • What do you measure? • How do you measure? • How is this communicated (annual reports, bids, to stakeholders?) • Benefits or disadvantages? • Developing social value.