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Fairy and mermaidia

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My Fantasy Character Dolls in the Sims 4 deluxe

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Fairy and mermaidia

  1. 1. HEIGHT: 170 CM WEIGHT: 62 KG BLOOD TYPE: AB CHARACTER: INTROVERT THINKING BRAIN DOMINANCE: A QUADRANT (UPPER LEFT) SPECIES: FAIRY APPEARANCE: SHORTER, PEAR SHAPE BODY, NAKED-BEING Description: She is funny, but she is very serious and nerdy. She is genius, bookworm, and creative also. She is the cutest of 4 others. Her closer friend is 4 Selvyn. 3 Sweety Shannya
  2. 2. HEIGHT: 195 CM WEIGHT: 87 KG BLOOD TYPE: AB CHARACTER: INTROVERT INTUITION BRAIN DOMINANCE: D QUADRANT (UPPER RIGHT) SPECIES: WHITE FEATHER FAIRY APPEARANCE: TALL, SLIM, MUSCULAR, SUPERMODEL BODY SHAPE, NAKED-BEING Description: She is so creative, active, and the art lover. But, even she is an introverted intuition, she has the best relationships with 4 others and she is 8 Elmo best friend. She enjoying almost sport activities. 4 Selvyn Sherl Shxyreen
  3. 3. HEIGHT: 198 CM WEIGHT: 79 KG BLOOD TYPE: A CHARACTER: EXTROVERT INTUITION BRAIN DOMINANCE: D QUADRANT (UPPER RIGHT) SPECIES: HUMAN – FAIRY APPEARANCE: SEXY MODEL BODY SHAPE, TALL, NAKED - BEING 5 Heavenly Mora Vittalya Description: The most beautiful member of 5. She is nature-lover, confident, and creative. She is a little bit of materialistic, but she interest in the business and investing.Her best friend from this community is 4 Selvyn.
  4. 4. 8 Elmo TigeriaSorcherry HEIGHT: 203 CM WEIGHT: 145 KG BLOOD TYPE: B CHARACTER:EXTROVERT SENSING BRAIN DOMINANCE: B QUADRANT (LOWER LEFT) SPECIES: HIDROPHILIC MERMAIDIA APPEARANCE: MUSCULAR, BIG, NON- NAKED (ALWAYS DRESSED) Description: Tigeria – means a tiger girl – given because she is angry easily even for smallest reason. She is sensing, not feeling, if she had conflict, she isn’t heart-break feeling, just enjoy. The worst she can do daily is when she happy by insult or mean with the others. Only 4 Selvyn can understand her character. And the others is her enemy. She only friendly with 4 Selvyn. She’s enjoy being active. Her basic Character is Hate- childrens, Mean, and hot-headed. She’s hatest anything about naked, because that, she always dressed and being angry with freely-naked people like her 4 fairies housemate.
  5. 5. HEIGHT: 192 CM WEIGHT: 70 KG BLOOD TYPE: O CHARACTER: EXTROVERT FEELING BRAIN DOMINANCE: C QUADRANT (LOWER RIGHT) SPECIES: HUMAN – FAIRY APPEARANCE: MODEL BODY SHAPE, THIN, TALL, LOOK LIKE SMALL, NAKED-BEING 7 Lovelina Uny Ammarretha Description: Lovelina is playful, creative, and nature-lover. She is challenging with 5 Heavenly, but she hate 8 Elmo, and her interesting with 4 Selvyn. She don’t like to be over expossed in the public place ( more low profile).
  6. 6. By: ItsDanicaPutrys’ Facebook: Xavierre Danica Ntxhais Application: The Sims 4