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Meetings & Events Predictions for the Decade (SCORED)

  1. Meetings & Events Predictions for the Decade (SCORED) Dan Berger Updated: March 17, 2023 Published: January 21, 2020
  2. Update I used to do this talk a few times a year where I’d predict what the meetings & events industry was going to look like over the next decade. The last one I did was three years ago in January 2020. It was pre-covid, social justice, inflation, bank crashes, etc. Today (March 2023), one third into the 2020s, I wanted to see how right (or wrong I was). Turns out, I was pretty spot-on. My average was a 3.6/4.0 or a B+. This, of course, was self-scored so there’s room for discernment. Here is each prediction with an update.
  3. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 We are about to enter a buyer’s market We entered a buyer’s market (where planners have more power) in Q1 2020
  4. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 Most events will be meatless and many alcohol-free Food may even be optional Definitely not at meatless but certainly alcohol-free is a way bigger trend
  5. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 Attendees privacy expectations will increase With a potential nationwide TikTok ban, this was not completely off
  6. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 Planners will integrate coworking and remote attendance into their programs There are way more virtual-only and hybrid events taking place
  7. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 Events that provide attendees a sense of belonging will win Belonging is now the centerpiece of most Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  8. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 There will be more ways to source groups & meetings Even though I sense that there are more sourcing startups, there’s no clear winner thus far
  9. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 AI can help planners with many tasks, such as ideating and copyediting Technology will augment the way we plan for the better
  10. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 Events will be more accessible both in terms of attendance and location Events are now more accessible given that many are fully remote or hybrid
  11. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 The next generation’s values will be reflected in the way we plan This is hard to measure but certainly happening in terms of inclusion, sustainability, and destination selection
  12. @danberger January 2020 March 2023 Event organizers will need to be more flexible than ever Given the pandemic, economy, social justice movements, and AI – just to name three major shifts – this couldn’t be truer
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