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Dev ops days berlin damien caro

  1. What devops means for the sysadmin ? Sharing customer experiences in Europe Damien Caro Technical Evangelist Manager Microsoft @dcaro
  2. Agenda Customer identities People Processes Tools & Technologies
  3. Customer's identities Customer A Large European car manufacturer Software development outsourced Code production outsourced Backend for connected cars (Internet of Things) Linux Suse 9.11 Microsoft Azure & Vmware Customer B Internet media Software development in-house Code production in-house Client and back-end for media streaming Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 Microsoft Azure & Rackspace
  4. People - Observations
  5. People - Recommendations • Operations people should have developing experience (scripting or equivalent) or at least willing to learn • Sell the approach and the why • Get to a culture of "Learning on the job" • Internal workshop on technologies can help • Sharing knowledge and experience
  6. Processes – Observations No Ops
  7. Processes - Recommendations • Business alignment between teams is the key • Careful to not dilute the knowledge across siloed teams • Integration Ops in Dev teams is not always a good idea • Think on the impact on the outsourcing model • Support and enable fluid communications
  8. Learning curve • Teams will walk the curve • In some companies 20% of sysadmins are expected to fall off • Start with a delimited system to gain easy results. • Take common subject to get the better help • Do not underestimate the resistance to change Company A Company B
  9. Tools & Technologies OS Configuration • Switch to a descriptive approach, rethink existing scripts • Learn the languages: JSON, Ruby, Powershell & DSC • Collect existing procedures and convert them in definitions Cloud Configuration • Click & configure is a dangerous start • Get in the project from the very beginning • Learn the capacity of the cloud platform Application Configuration • Leverage community work • DSC modules / Chef supermarket • Create modules or recipes for your application Knowledge • Gain a good understanding of the platforms • Implement a "Hackaton" style workshop with dev and ops
  10. Final thoughts • People have to buy in the approach, identify the points of resistance • In large organization, DevOps is valued at the higher levels but takes time to cascade • Share a common business objective between Devs & Ops • Learn the tools in a workshop with the full team
  11. Thank you ! Damien Caro Technical Evangelist Manager Microsoft @dcaro
  12. Working title: What DevOps means for the sysadmin? Abstract: DevOps is indeed a really good way of operating today’s applications but what does it really means for the sysadmin? What needs to be learned, what needs to change in the way we manage systems and communicate, where is the starting point? Based on the learnings from a project with a large European customer we will discuss the best practices learned and the issues encountered. We will also talk about the tools and languages used and the learning curves depending on which platforms is used. We will illustrate our sessions with examples using the industry standard like Chef, Puppet or PowerShell targeting the different platforms like Windows and Linux.