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  1. 1. •Golf Magazine caught my eye the most because of its bold masthead and it stood out because it was on the top shelf. •(same as number answer above) •Major League Baseball Magazine had the best photography because is was a detailed action shot. •UFC magazine had the best photography because it had clear, organized cover lines and was visually appealing. •Major League Baseball Magazine because it had articles in it that I knew all about and related to me. •Super Bowl Magazine has the best table of contents because it was very easy to find each page. •Survivors Edge has the coolest articles because they are intriguing and I learned new things from them.
  2. 2. My Newsstand Visit •I did not find what I was looking for at the newsstand. Apparently Sports Illustrated isn't sold in stores (I found that out after I visited 4 stores), but I just used one of the many magazines my grandma gave me. •The amount of magazines caught my eyes. There were magazines there that I had never heard of. •For the table of contents, I like the plain page with small pictures next to the page numbers. •I also didn’t like how everyone at the newsstand stared at me awkwardly.
  3. 3. Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated is the most inspirational magazine to me because it has the most noticeable masthead, the best articles and it has the best central images out of all the magazines I saw at the newsstand. This particular magazine is the most inspirational to me because I like the date on the cover. It is something different and it makes the readers want to look inside and read more about it.
  4. 4. Inside the Issue •The magazine is about how Auburn beat Alabama on an insane play in the final minutes of the game. The game was a huge upset because Alabama was expected to win. •The target audience of this magazine issue is any sports fans, enthusiasts, who are males and between the ages of 17-45. •Articles in the magazine: Talks about Harbaugh brothers. Article about Newtown victim who loves sports. Interview with Martellus Bennett Small article about pictures of Muhammad Ali Rising basketball stars Injuries in sports
  5. 5. Questions • Mostly, the central images of Sports Illustrated are action shots of one person in an event. • Most of the pictures on the cover are taken on the field during a game. • The masthead changes colors in accordance to the colors on the central image. The layout of the magazines are generally the same in all of the issues. • Generally, sports Illustrated does not have a puff or pug on the cover, but the sometimes do. • The cover lines are usually in the space of the picture, there is no real trend to where the cover lines stay.
  6. 6. • This is my favorite cover image because it has a central image that me and my partner could mirror and do a smiliar one. • I like how the coverlines are very organized and they don’t take away from the central image. • I like the broken glass effect on the picture because it makes the image “pop”