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Benchmark Study 2015 - Sales Accelerating Solutions - at a glance Infographic

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realSociable takes on the benchmarking study results to demonstrate the top categories, and areas of importance after a 6 month in-depth independent study.
Sales applications and sales teams reviewed and live tested different applications and shared their feedback and candid take on ROI.

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Benchmark Study 2015 - Sales Accelerating Solutions - at a glance Infographic

  1. 1. TRENDS 30% Selling is Vital Across Entire Company 15% 75% Marketing will Drive Results Alone Don’t See A Sales Solution Predictive Analytics: A growing concern for forecast accuracy and lead Scoring viability Social Prospecting: Most were not able to distinguish sales intelligence – 35% picked the benefits as a “Must Have” Content Management: Found ‘Discoverability’ & Social Sharing hard to integrate & convert. “Fun” to play with. Data Appending/Social Monitoring/ Social Selling: Say this is part of the starting picture…Organizational changes limit from doing more. Sales & Next-Generation Solutions – Top Categories When Companies were asked about growth for 2015… Shortest Path to Goals! Many organizations, SMB to Enterprise, shared various thoughts on sales growth strategies. Over 50% had begun making some form of investment into their sales and marketing automation system or strategy. Executives rank amongst the top vocal for identifying the gap between sales, marketing and the customer success teams. Rules of Engagement | 2014 Benchmark Study Results The entire group of companies all suggested the only way to solve the problem is to make it non- abrasive to process and resources. Predictive Analytics Social Prospecting Relationship Mapping Content Management Data Appending Recognize & Identify Goals Prospect & Engage Endlessly… Tap your Network Publish & Reach on Social Improve Data Quality sales solutions. realSociable is a Patented Social Prospecting Platform that focuses on ‘data logic’ to discover, highlight and trigger relevant opportunities. Integrated into CRM and marketing automation, discover how you can grow your pipeline velocity by 35%. Let’s work together and help you how to drive engagement. @realSociable 1.800.821.1365 info@realSociable.com realSociable.com/Intelligence Copyright  2015.  All  Rights  Reserved.  realSociable  Inc.   When asked after 90 days of application use, what was most integral to manage pipeline velocity & productivity…. …. Most gravitated towards applications that changed the ability to engage, and build a message. Less focus was on automation, or content sharing. Download the 2015 Social Sales & CRM Intelligence Applications Benchmark Study to see more information. Go to realSociable.com/Intelligence Segmentation Right Process Data & Triggers Right Time 50% The past year has shown a rise in many ‘social’ We asked a research firm to roll up their sleeves and find out what really matters and what is noise. Here were the highlights…. SOCIAL Felt that they had saved time and used triggers more often.* Thought maximizing and prioritizing sales was essential Noticed conversion rates change within study period 79% 64% 21% Want to see the full report? *  Individual  cases  and  defini@ons  were  established  at  the  beginning  of  each  group   review.    Most  Individuals  shared  the  scenarios.  That  were  logged  in  standard  form.   Relationship Management: An in-depth view of organizations employees social affinity to leads was a 'nice to have' no correlation to accelerated process.