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chatbot and messenger as a platform

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This slide is about the overview of a chatbot and a trend of the shift of "messenger as a platform" or "messenger as the new UI".
As Facebook unveiled that they opened their chatbot capability to the public at previous f8, a movement of chatbot (w/ AI) would be gaining traction. aligned with this, what would happen and/or what would impact on existing market.

特にbot x AIや"messenger as a platform"としての動きなど大きな流れに特化。詳細は追々やっていこうと思う。

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chatbot and messenger as a platform

  1. 1. Shifting to new era of “messenger as a platform” 2016/03/31 Daisuke Minamide
  2. 2. what happened to messaging in 2015
  3. 3. historical moment of messaging *Big 4 Messaging App: Whatsup, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber Source: BI Intelligence
  4. 4. Success in monetization of chat app Source: KPCB
  5. 5. Rise of AI watson project adamOAK4deepface personal assistant on demand service restaurant service scheduling assistant from lab to real world family assistant
  6. 6. investment trend in AI Source: CB Insights
  7. 7. AI landscape Source: VB Profiles
  8. 8. AI landscape(cont.) Source: VB Profiles
  9. 9. new movement in messaging
  10. 10. next move of Facebook Messenger it is rumored that Facebook will be announcing its own bot platform or bot market for messenger.
  11. 11. FB Messenger timeline in 2015 Wit.ai Jan, 2015 Acquired Wit.ai Mar, 2015 @ f8 open messenger API “messenger platform” Mar, 2015 money transfer feature Jan, 2016(unofficial) Chat SDK for “bot” build Dec., 2015 uber integration Apr, 2015 video calling feature catching up Asian Messenger service move forward Apr., 2016 @f8 chatbot???
  12. 12. what’s the bot or chatbot? A bot is a software application that runs automated tasks(scripts) over the internet. Typically, bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human. -wikipedia • a chatbot is designed to work on conversation with people and existing on chat app or social network. • usually AI(NLP) is embedded in a chat bot so the chatbot can understand the context and perform much more complicated tasks than what a bot does.microsoft’s chatbot, Tay
  13. 13. Why so huge? one chat app = all services needed shifting to conversational UI
  14. 14. will chat dominate everything?
  15. 15. one chat app = all services needed <PC era> <Mobile era> <Chat app era> browser x search OS x app store (vertical integration) chat is everything (device/platform/os free)
  16. 16. conversation as the interface
  17. 17. conversation as the interface -voice base- amazon echo Google and Apple have been offering voice based input/ control method. until recently google opens API of the feature, these are only used by Apple and Google. apple Siri google voice search
  18. 18. conversation as the interface -text/chat base- Source: techcrunch Source: techcrunch old but new type of input method/user interface is thriving due to evolution of AI/NLP technology and plenty of data set of text in the internet
  19. 19. practical application of conversation as the interface
  20. 20. Conversational Commerce Source:BBVA innovation
  21. 21. Conversational Commerce in the previous slide, you see that it was like the customer was talking to real agent. but all reply was made by AI from Magic(chat base commerce assistance service). conversational commerce(or conversation as the interface) will bring… • more convenience: perform complex tasks and hassle free operation • personalization: the more interaction, the more understanding • support decision making: data driven recommendation
  22. 22. conversational commerce company without AI with AI (SMS) fancy hands fetch pana luca better voice Mona
  23. 23. make it “chat-able” -chatbot builders- chat fueltelegram Prompt not only developing new conversation base service, many existing app/service developers try to apply conversational UI. now there’re many developers which provide CDK(chat development kit) to build a bot aligned with existing services.
  24. 24. positioning map in messaging App in App chat UI platform play speciality play (SMS) (email) operator Luca Panax.ai m
  25. 25. Summary • Big shift from app to chat is foreseeing by the fact that Facebook would take that path (wait and see at the incoming f8) • if that shift will happen, chat app is the primary access of users and the center of services. • and also, Chatbot will play a main role as a primary touch point of users to services • developers are required to cope with conversational UI. already found the sign of this transition in commerce as conversational commerce and in other verticals. • the biggest disruption of the movement is to bypass incumbent vertically integrated player such as Apple and Google. • but key to success is underlying developers who could offer better UX than current services on mobile.
  26. 26. appendix
  27. 27. Investment in chat base AI company operator Greylock partners investments from notable investors in the Valley in 2015 Luka $12M Investment in March 2015 $120k Investment in March 2015 $8M Investment in July 2015 $10M Investment in April 2015