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Revamping Private Schools

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Schools must be student-centered worldwide.

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Revamping Private Schools

  1. 1. Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority
  2. 2. Key Aims • • • • • • • Implementation of Uniform Curriculum Duration of Academic Session & Vacations Fixation of Tuition Fee Qualification of Teaching Staff Fixation of Terms and Conditions of Service Promotion of Curricular and Co-curricular activities Offering Training for Teachers
  3. 3. • Suggestion 1 In Islamabad, school timings should be from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm throughout the year Benefits • Student-centered education • No traffic problem
  4. 4. • Suggestion 2 Teachers (Male and female) should be minimum graduate (BA, B.Sc., BBA, BCOM, B.Ed.) from a recognized university Benefits • Student-centered education • Quality education
  5. 5. • Suggestion 3 PEIRA must have distinctive outlook on ground and in media Benefits • Quality education • Better planning & Implementation
  6. 6. Discussion Q: Is PEIRA for Islamabad capital territory only? A: Yes. Q: Can parents or stakeholders give suggestions? A: Suggestions can be emailed at iaq_peira@yahoo.com within 7 days. Q: Is this presentation an example of corporate social responsibility? A: To a great extent.
  7. 7. Key Credits Psychologist: Sajid Imtiaz Agency: Vibrant Communication Feedback: sajedimtiaz@hotmail.com Audience: World