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Movie: Last Blast

Two fast friends, a military officer and a police officer, plan to end terrorism from country. With well planned efforts they achieve the target.

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Movie: Last Blast

  1. 1. Plot: Two friends, a military officer and a police officer, plan to end terrorism from country and amidst difficulties achieve the mission. Movie: Last Blast
  2. 2. Scene-1 (4-5 Minutes) (Driving a car from airport to Sandiman) Colonel Brown reaches to new city of Sandiman and reports to commander. At night he calls to Inspector Bob and politely invites him to his office next morning. Daytime Outdoor Persona Brown
  3. 3. Scene-2 (2-3 Minutes) Both the friends meet after six years and talk about law and order situation besides personal affairs. Bob, you are as jolly today as in college days, Colonel says. They enjoy coffee and burgers and promise to meet tomorrow same time same place. During the meeting, Inspector receives a call. He informs the Colonel that a bomb blast has killed seven persons in the conflict area thus he takes his leave. Daytime Indoor Persona Bob
  4. 4. Scene-3 (4-5 Minutes) In office, Colonel and Inspector stand beside a model of conflict zone where terrorists are hiding themselves. Colonel says that in rainy season, terrorism and bomb blast incidence ratio is lower. We will be able to clean the hideouts with well planned commando action. Inspector asserts that only satellite technology can help us to know exact location and arms carrying terrorists. After taking lunch in the mess, they depart. Daytime Indoor Persona
  5. 5. Scene-4 (2 Minutes) Colonel Brown meets with Boss and presents his plan of action. No more civil casualty and no damage to commando force, Colonel says. I need satellite surveillance and four choppers, Colonel requests. Boss sips the tea and appreciates his foolproof plan and does not give the green signal at the spot. Daytime Indoor Persona Boss
  6. 6. Scene-5 (3-4 Minutes) In the evening in civil dress Colonel was enjoying leisure time with his Inspector friend. He hums, O air, bring something good. He receives a call from the Boss. Colonel, you can start your mission. Thank you, sir! Colonel replies. He remains calm and drinks a glass of Sprite, a refreshing drink. At this moment, he does not share his action plan with his fast friend. Colonel inquires about Inspector’s love with Kathy. Yes, she is still single, he replies. Before departure, Inspector says that he will contact Kathy. Daytime Outdoor Persona
  7. 7. Scene 6-7 (10 Minutes) At night time, Colonel Brown with special commando platoon raid on terrorists and arrests 11 terrorists including mastermind alive. The raid remains for 15 minutes as they exchange cross firing. Commandos have taken into custody dead bodies and arms of terrorists. Colonel Brown orders some soldiers to stay in the occupied place and returns to the base camp by chopper. Daytime Outdoor Persona
  8. 8. Scene-8 (1 Minute) At wee hours, Colonel Brown informs Boss about raid and other details. Boss who has already watched the raid on satellite congratulates Colonel and advises him to take rest. See you in the office, tomorrow. Colonel replies, “Yes sir”. Daytime Outdoor Persona
  9. 9. Scene-9 (4-5 Minutes) Next morning, Boss and Colonel discuss details of the raid over tea. Boss shows few copies of newspapers mentioning last night military raid as “Last Blow” and “The Triumph”. Boss congratulates Colonel and promises to recommend his name for special red ribbon from government. I have to brief the media on operation, see you later on and he departs. Daytime Indoor Persona
  10. 10. Scene-10 (3-4 Minutes) Next day, Colonel and Inspector meet and discuss old movies and recent adventure. Before departure, Inspector says “If one man can do it, the other can also”. Colonel advises Inspector to marry with Kathy and quit smoking. Inspector says, “I will”. Looking forward to the wedding invitation, Colonel leaves. Daytime Outdoor Persona
  11. 11. Request to Hum TVCharacters Brown: Lt. Colonel Bob: Police Inspector Boss: Lt. General Kathy: Teacher Momina Duraid Production and Hum TV are requested to produce the movie. Caste can be changed along with language. Sajid Imtiaz: Creative Director, Xnine Communication