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Golden Silence

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Beaten by the owner in front of beloved hens, a rooster teaches good lessons to society.

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Golden Silence

  1. 1. Golden Silence A Short Story
  2. 2. A rooster, Xuia, crows early in the morning and waits patiently for Irfan, the owner, to let him out from the tight cage in the sunny spring morning. After two minutes Xuia again crows to remind Irfan. His five hens were watching Xuia’s impatience. Xuia Irfan comes from bedroom after a while and lets loose poultry and slaps Xuia. All hens were astonished to see mild punishment given to Xuia. Irfan Daytime Outdoor Taxila
  3. 3. Xuia minds insult in front of his paramours and tries to take revenge for the insult. Tia, a beautiful hen, comes to Xuia and advises him not to take revenge. Xuia says, “Do not you see the tight cage. Can a chanticleer like me rests for nine long hours in this ugly cage? I am thinking about all of you.” Xuia walks dashingly and bites on right foot of Irfan’s son. The boy cries and runs towards the father and tells the incident. Irfan loves his son and assures him to tame Xuia. Neighbor, Tariq, also kisses the child and gives him Oreo biscuits.
  4. 4. After one hour, Irfan gives some food to poultry and admonishes Xuia not to bite any child in the village. Xuia crows loudly and Irfan admonishes not to crow at the wrong time. In the evening, Tia says to Xuia it is very bad to bite the innocent boy who is also our owner. Xuia says that you don’t know about my ancestors and techniques. I will teach Irfan a good lesson until he offers us proper royal treatment and facilities. He makes love with Tia.
  5. 5. One day, for shopping Irfan and his wife are going to Rawalpindi in Mitsubishi Intercooler when Xuia also jumps into the Jeep. In the market, Xuia walks towards a bird cage and indicates Irfan to buy it. Irfan’s wife feels proud for sagacity of Xuia. Irfan checks his wallet and does not buy for short of money. Daytime Outdoor Rawalpindi
  6. 6. The mood of Xuia remains upset while coming back to the village. When they reach to their farm, Xuia jumps out and angrily makes love with his five paramours and loudly crows. Irfan astonishes to see behavior of Xuia. Daytime Taxila At mid night, Xuia crows for couple of times that disturb Irfan. Next day, Tariq complains about distressed crowing.
  7. 7. Irfan plans to cut Xuia and to buy a new rooster. He discusses his decision with wife to cut Xuia but she prohibits. Hens are laying healthy eggs regularly and there is no need to cut the Moroccan rooster. We should provide our poultry a better bird cage. Daytime Outdoor Taxila One day, Irfan brings a new bird cage and fixes it. All hens and Xuia are pleased to spend first comfortable night in the new cage. People spend comfortable spring because Xuia has stopped crowing any more.
  8. 8. Key Credits Sajid Imtiaz, Expert Member CDKN, Member Pakistan Society of Criminology Visuals: Google Feedback: sajedimtiaz@hotmail.com Characters Irfan: A farmer at Taxila Tariq: Neighbor of Irfan, school teacher Xuia: Chanticleer Tia: Hen, lover of Xuia