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Movie: Dear Deer

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An orphan college student by chance busts a criminal gang while tracing missing deer in Bahawalpur. MI Films and Farhan Tahir should produce this movie.

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Movie: Dear Deer

  1. 1. Plot: A girls-college student by chance busts a criminal gang while tracing the missing deer. Movie:DearDeer Will You Support it for Hum TV?
  2. 2. Scene-1 At breakfast on PTV, Natasa watches a news item about four missing deer. “Four deer are missing since last night. Police is still searching.” She wears her upper, takes along books and leaves the house. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona Natasa Scene-2 Natasa is reading literature on deer hunting and searching in central library of University of Bahawalpur. At 11 am, she draws flowchart to search the deer. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona
  3. 3. Scene-3 Natasa walks towards the Dean’s office. In the corridor, she says hello to Irfan, her class fellow and boy friend. Listen, where have you been, Irfan inquires. In the town. I have to see the dean. See you later, Natasa says. Irfan says to himself, she is crazy. Daytime Outdoor Bahawalpur Persona Irfan
  4. 4. Scene-4 Good morning, Prof. Shah, Natasa greets. It is very concerning that some deer are missing. Prof. says, police is searching the beautiful rare four deer. Do you know that if it rains, it would be difficult to trace the deer, Natasa asserts. Prof. is carefully listening her. Give me one deer, I will search the deer. I cannot take risk, Prof. replies. Last year, some deer also missed but no result so far. We cannot trust in the local police. I am ready to give guarantee. Prof. Shah stands up and walks in his room. OK, but don’t let anyone know about the private search expedition. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona Prof. Shah
  5. 5. Scene-5 They reach to garden where some deer are taking sun bath. Take anyone of them. Natasa selects one female deer, kisses and helps embark it in her Nissan car. She sits at the driving seat and says, thank you Prof. Shah for trusting me. I will not disappoint you. She drives the car. Daytime Outdoor Bahawalpur Persona
  6. 6. Scene-6 Natasa parks the car at her garage and let looses the deer. Deer enjoys freedom and walks towards the countryside. She chases her with camera and bicycle. She takes snap of deer while sniffing. In the evening they reach to a house. Happy deer sounds and Natasa listens voices of other deer. Deer joyfully plays. Natasa becomes happy to know about presence of the deer. Daytime Outdoor Bahawalpur Persona
  7. 7. Scene-7 Natasa is captured by a watchman before she could call to Prof. Shaikh. What are you doing here?, rustic watchman inquires. I study in the local college and am doing research on butterflies, Natasa replies. Would you like tea?, watchman asks. No thanks. I have to leave now, she says. Is this beautiful buck yours, she points towards her deer. Yes, he replies. She rides on bicycle and says, thank you for the tea. Keep this book on butterflies. I will come some other day for the tea. Daytime Outdoor Bahawalpur Persona
  8. 8. Scene-8 Natasa calls Prof. Shah and informs him about location of missing deer and the 5th borrowed deer. That’s great. Do not worry. I am sending police to the location right away, Prof. replies on the phone. Daytime Bahawalpur Persona
  9. 9. Scene-9 After 10 minutes, police arrests the watchman, owner of house and recovers score of deer. Daytime Outdoor Bahawalpur Persona Scene-10 News item appears on PTV about animal thieves and deer. Prof. Shah informs newscaster about the tip given by Natasa. Daytime Bahawalpur Persona
  10. 10. Scene-11 Irfan meets Natasa at her home. You are a brave girl. You have become a celebrity, Irfan says. Good acts pay to everyone. I was not expecting criminal gang. Still we have to see the fate of criminals at the court, Natasa says. You are absolutely right. I am with you and want to marry with you. Let’s make love, Irfan requests. They make love passionately. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona
  11. 11. Scene-12 In court, Justice Chohan fines Rs.5 million to Mr. Manzur for keeping the deer whereas awards sentence of six months to the watchman. Miss Natasa is a brave girl of Bahawalpur and deserves praise of the court. Natasa smiles confidently. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona Justice
  12. 12. Scene-13 Wife of watchman meets Natasa and informs innocence of her husband. She hands over a diary and wants Manzur be behind the bar instead of her poor husband. Natasa assures her full assistance. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona Scene-14 At home, Natasa studies the diary and takes note. She drinks a cup of milk and goes to bed. Nighttime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona
  13. 13. Scene-15 Natasa files a case in the court and presents evidences. Justice Chohan awards life sentence to Manzur and orders release of watchman Munir. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona
  14. 14. Scene-16 Natasa receives a gift packet from PETA Pakistan. She opens it and finds a check of Rs.1 Million. She joyfully cries, God you are so great and kisses her white cat. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona Scene-17 In a meeting of board of directors of university, Prof. Shah declares Botanical Garden of Bahawalpur University as Natasa Botanical Garden. Daytime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona
  15. 15. Scene-18 News item appears on PTV about sentence of Manzur and Natasa Botanical Garden. Irfan watches the news item and says, Natasa dear is really great. Nighttime Indoor Bahawalpur Persona
  16. 16. Characters Natasa: College Student Prof. Shah: Dean Irfan: College Student Chohan: Justice of Peace in Bahawalpur Proposed cast especially Mehwish Hayat and Nauman Ijaz are requested to produce the film in Pakistan. HUM TV Hum TV and Momina Duraid Production are requested to produce the movie or telefilm in English or Urdu for movie lovers in Pakistan. They can change the cast. Sajid Imtiaz: Creative Director, Xnine Communication