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The Center of Cosmos

An eye opening short story.

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The Center of Cosmos

  1. 1. The Center of Cosmos A Short Story
  2. 2. In modern time in the beautiful Kashmir Valley, there are three parrots namely Shiraz, Sabar and Sunhao. Each belongs to three divided parts of Kashmir. Shiraz hails from Pakistani-held Kashmir; Sabar is from Indian-held Kashmir whereas Sunhao is from Chinese- held Kashmir. Daily they meet at a place to share their ideas and views on life. Daytime Srinagar
  3. 3. One day three of them meet on a poplar tree in a beautiful garden near Dal Lake in Srinagar. Shiraz tells that people are determined to get freedom. Sabar tells that there are new atrocities done by Indian forces. Shiraz comments that how bad this world is becoming. Why people and politicos are not trained to convince United Nations and world community? Sunhao says that our area is smallest, just 20%. People in our area are peaceful but they want United Kashmir. Let us pray all to the God to solve problem of Kashmiris. They say good-bye and flew to their nests. Daytime Srinagar
  4. 4. Next morning Kashmiri parrots meet again at the designated place. They find very handsome Moroccan falcons occupying their place. They salute them and Sunhao tells the state of affairs to the falcons. All falcons keenly listen to the parrots and assure them about permanent solution of the problem soon. Daytime
  5. 5. The chief Moroccan falcon with his team (Alpha, Beta and Omega) flew over three parts of Kashmir to give direction. He strictly orders Alpha, Beta and Omega to watch Indian, Pakistani and Chinese heads of state respectively. Whenever Indian President speaks against Pakistani President for not seriously solving Kashmir issue, the piercing screech of Beta falcon touches the ears of Indian President. Daytime Kashmir
  6. 6. Disturbed Indian President informs this strange phenomenon or coincidence to his personal psychologist who advises him to resolve the Kashmir problem as a leader of largest democratic country instead of blame shifting and buck passing. He says that it is very easy to claim love but very difficult to fulfill it. Daytime New Delhi Indian President & psychologist Persona
  7. 7. The chief Moroccan falcon compiles the information from three parrots and his professional team and informs his conclusions and recommendations to the Arabian Eagle, Black Prince. The Arabian Eagle orders chief Moroccan Falcon, Alpha, Beta and Omega to keep an eye on the Indian President whereas he flies to meet Prince Charles in United Kingdom and President Obama in Washington, D.C. Daytime Dubai
  8. 8. In the afternoon in the royal garden, Black Prince finds Prince Charles who was busy speaking with his favorite poplar tree. After salutation he presents solution of Kashmir issue and asks His Royal Highness to affirmatively intervene otherwise ready for your real face exposed to the world. Prince Charles assures him of his full support. Daytime London
  9. 9. Then the Black Prince flies over the Pacific Ocean and reaches to the White House where President Barack Obama is sipping Moroccan tea in the Oval office. Again Black Prince presents solution of Kashmir issue and solicits the President to genuinely intervene. Daytime Washington, D.C.
  10. 10. Next morning, Prince Charles calls to the President Obama and informs him about solution of Kashmir issue and the natural analytical mind of birds living in human community. He says that humans have failed but celestial birds have won. Both leaders promise to resolve the issue. Daytime London
  11. 11. The symbolic solution of Kashmir issue is read out in session of UN Security Council. It was lauded by all member countries. First time in history people and world media are also watching live session of UNSC. All members unanimously pass the final resolution without any negative vote. Thus Kashmir gets freedom from vested world mafia engaged in nefarious defense business. In beautiful Kashmir Valley, all birds are chirping and dancing while Kashmiris of three sides are very happy in new-found free Kashmir. Daytime Kashmir UNSC and people of Kashmir
  12. 12. Critical Review The story “Center of Cosmos” has universal acceptance as readers find different nationalities like Chinese, Arabian and American. The story offers modern problem solving technique i.e. collection of facts and presentation of solution to the concerned authorities like Buckingham Palace and UN Security Council. It is the story of mankind and nature as birds want a permanent and comprehensive solution of long standing Kashmir Issue. The story is liked by all nations. The short story deserves to be awarded Booker Prize and Nobel Peace Prize. The story can be expanded for a short animated movie. [Engr. Muhammad Mumtaz, Rawalpindi] Critical Review “The Center of Cosmos” is the best story so far written on Kashmir Issue. The diction is simple while treatment is symbolic. It is satire on modern nationalities and institutions for not solving the Kashmir Issue intentionally. It deserves National Literary Award not only for Kashmir Cause but also suggesting live airing of session of UNSC. I recommend that it must be translated into other languages like French and Urdu for greater audience. [Sardar Hasan, Lahore] Sajid Imtiaz: Communications Expert CDKN, Editor in Chief Daily 10 Minutes