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Microsoft Teams Personal Devices

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Let’s take a look at Microsoft’s overall vision for how we help customers unlock communications, teamwork and collaboration with their employees.

Throughout our days, we transition from individual work to group based work (potentially many times in one day) and in doing so, we find ourselves moving from space to space, from individual spaces to collaborative spaces. (talk through spaces and use personal examples to make it real)

Next we need to consider what devices people might be using and these vary depending on the spaces. People on the go will be using their mobile. Other office devices might be a PC, a PC with a peripheral, or an IP desk phone. In collaboration spaces, people will be using all-in-one devices like Surface Hub, other large screen interactive displays like Windows Collaboration Displays, or room systems like Microsoft Teams Rooms.

And while this transition from space-to-space/device-to-device, may seem complex, it is made seamless when you unify all devices on Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams Personal Devices

  1. 1. Bringing Teams to every conversation David J. Rosenthal VP & GM, Digital Business November 16, 2020 Microsoft MTC Webinar
  2. 2. Transforming workplace collaboration is a business imperative 86% of leaders cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication top reason for workplace failures 65% of leaders agree that moving from hierarchical to team based working is critical for their success in 2019, but only 7% say they are ready 45% of leaders have or are implementing web-based collaboration solutions at scale in their companies
  3. 3. Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 Enterprise-grade security and compliance Calls Chats Meetings Office 365
  4. 4. Transform workplace collaboration Streamline business processes Connect across your entire organization
  5. 5. Individual Workspaces Individual office or dedicated workspace On the go or in transit At home Group Workspaces Small, medium and large meeting rooms Huddle/Focus spaces and touchdown spaces Collaboration workspaces Personal Devices Shared Devices Teamwork across spaces and devices Large Screen Displays All-in-one Collaboration Devices Room Systems IP PhonesPCs and MobileAudio & Video Peripherals United by Microsoft Teams
  6. 6. Personal Devices Shared Devices Teamwork across spaces and devices A range of Teams devices for every space and working style Teams Experience simple transitions and consistent experiences across all device types Certified Hardware high quality and deeply integrated meeting experiences in any space Inclusive Meetings intelligent devices give everyone a voice, wherever they may be Always Ready reliable, manageable and up-to-date systems ensure meetings just work Large Screen Displays All-in-one Collaboration Devices Room Systems IP PhonesPCs and MobileAudio & Video Peripherals
  7. 7. Boost productivity with personal devices Workspace By 2020, approx., 72% of employees will be working remotely. Knowing the spaces becomes important. Preferences Defining user personas is key to equipping people with the right device. Collaboration Connect and collaborate quickly with personalized Teams devices. IDC Forecasts U.S. Mobile Worker Population to Surpass 105 Million by 2020 (https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150623005073/en/IDC-Forecasts-U.S.-Mobile-Worker-Population-Surpass)
  8. 8. Teams on personal devices Hear every voice Contribute to the conversation and collaborate easily. Improve meeting experiences From desktop to mobile phone to the conference room. Intelligent communication Assistance for all your calls and meetings, built for the modern office. Communication devices enhance the way you work and collaborate
  9. 9. Microsoft Teams personal space devices Browse full selection at Devices Showcase office.com/teamsdevices Microsoft Teams peripherals Sennheiser Expand SP 30T Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC coming soon EPOS Adapt 460 coming soon Jabra Evolve 65T Logitech Brio 4K Webcam Poly Voyager Focus UC-M Microsoft Teams phones Poly CCX600 Crestron UC-2 Yealink VP59 Audiocodes C450HD Microsoft Teams displays Lenovo ThinkSmart View Yealink Microsoft Teams display [name TBD]
  10. 10. AudioCodes Crestron Poly YealinkLenovo
  11. 11. Phones have been the cornerstone of productivity for years OCS and OCSR2 Lync Skype for Business Microsoft Teams
  12. 12. Audoiocodes C450HD Crestron Flex UC-2 Poly Trio 8800 Yealink CP960 Poly CCX400 Yealink T55A Yealink T56A/58A Yealink VP59 Poly CCX500 Poly CCX600
  13. 13. Calling MeetingsVoicemailPeople Teams phones experience
  14. 14. People Experience View People App Speed Dial Advanced calling features Connect using Microsoft Teams Enhanced call quality for clarity View contact cards
  15. 15. People Experience View People App Speed Dial
  16. 16. Meetings Experience View Personal Phone Conference Phone View participant contact cards View calendar and meeting details One-touch join meeting
  17. 17. Meetings Experience View Personal Phone Conference Phone
  18. 18. Voicemail and voicemail transcription Experience View Personal Phone Listen to and manage your voicemail Read voicemail transcriptions
  19. 19. Voicemail and voicemail transcription Experience View Personal Phone
  20. 20. User Account Based Experiences Screenshots from Yealink T55 Meetings UI Requires Meeting Room SKU User UI Requirements Phone System License CAP UI Requires Common Area Phone SK
  21. 21. Hot Desking Feature
  22. 22. Dynamic 911 and Lock Screen Support for Dynamic 911 is in our near-term roadmap As long as the Microsoft Teams phone is signed in with a valid Teams license (user, Meeting room or CAP), 911 would be supported. On lock screen, we will be modifying our current 911 experience: • User can dial 911 on dialpad without requiring to choose “Emergency Call” Option on the UI: Roadmap Item
  23. 23. Evolution of desktop phones All-in-one dedicated Teams device Easily chat, access calendar and files, and join video meetings and calls, and invoke activities with a dedicated screen for Teams Intelligent collaboration at your fingertips Always on with screen highlighting important activities and hands-free voice assistance powered by Cortana Work with confidence Mute button and camera shutters for privacy, enterprise-grade call security, and easy set up and management MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL
  24. 24. Microsoft Teams display video
  25. 25. Microsoft Teams display set up
  26. 26. Microsoft Teams displays better together with PC
  27. 27. Cortana
  28. 28. Cortana UI experience
  29. 29. Notification UI
  30. 30. Calendars
  31. 31. Calling
  32. 32. Contacts
  33. 33. Shared Phones in common areas which do not require user login Common area license Personal Phones assigned to a specific user which require user login Covered by M365 license Device licensing Work Home Meeting Rooms Common Area E X A M P L E E X A M P L E
  34. 34. Understanding CAP Test Account
  35. 35. Jabra Logitech Poly YealinkSennheiser
  36. 36. Devices go through rigorous testing and certification Skype for Business Microsoft Teams
  37. 37. Commercial headsets deliver premium value Built for communication High quality mic and DSP USB dongle for wireless performance Call control integration with Teams Coordinated Support (MS + OEM) Plug and Play
  38. 38. Consumer headphone features Built for listening to music Microphone quality is variable No USB dongle No call control with Teams General OEM warranty
  39. 39. Curated first-time experiences help educate users
  40. 40. Teams on peripherals Plug and Play with Windows and Mac It just works, no management or configuration required. Rich integration with Teams All the call control buttons you expect plus dedicated Teams button for instant access – message and call notifications, join meetings, and more. Reliable All certified device OEMs are Microsoft partners. Not only do they build to meet the rigorous testing requirements, they provide lifecycle support by working closely with Microsoft support. Great audio Both near end (device user) and far end benefit from the mic, speaker and DSP performance of certified devices.
  41. 41. We offer a broad set of peripherals Webcams Mobile stationHeadsets Speakerphones
  42. 42. Headsets built for any environment At my deskOpen Office Premium microphone certification On-the-go
  43. 43. Integration allows for quick actions in Teams A Teams button on every device
  44. 44. Browse devices at our Device Showcase A web catalog on office.com for certified devices Find Device Showcase at office.com/teamsdevices
  45. 45. Microsoft Teams Phone Device Management Features Inventory Management Single portal for managing all Teams devices Software Update Framework Comprehensive pipeline for updating firmware and applications Configuration Management Reusable configuration profiles Zero-touch Enrollment Enrollment without user intervention CA Policy Enforcement User-based and device-based policy enforcement Health Monitoring & Management Heartbeat, ping, restart and factory reset
  46. 46. Device management Teams phones – Environment
  47. 47. Device management Teams phones – Health view
  48. 48. Device management Teams phones – Firmware update
  49. 49. 49 Contact Information David Rosenthal VP & General Manager Digital Business @DavidJRosenthal SlideShare Blog: www.razor-tech.com 5 Tower Bridge 300 Barr Harbor Dr., Suite 705 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 www.razor-tech.com David.Rosenthal@razor-tech.com Office : 866.RZR.DATA Let’s keep in touch