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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

  1. % of organizations Digital Transformation is Under Way 41% 54% 42% Facing Significant Industry Disruption Requiring Significant Operations and IT Transformation Planning Major Digital Transformation for Next Year DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION LEADERS 49% in Business Roles 45% in IT Roles DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT ORIENTATION 26% Run the Business 46% Grow the Business 28% Transform the Business
  2. We are in a new era of computing… Internet Era Connecting servers, PCs, and networks On-demand productivity and hybrid flexibility Cloud Era A PC on every desktop PC Era
  3. Cloud Computing “Cloud computing refers to the on- demand provision of computational resources (data, software) via a computer network, rather than from a local computer.” Source: Wikipedia
  4. What Gartner Says Acceptance Bargaining Denial & Isolation The 3 Stages of Grief & Loss
  5. Who has access to my data? Are they certified to operate in a compliant environment? Where is my data stored? How is my data isolated? What happens if there is a problem? What is the response to a legal request? What is the vendor’s history? What is the product roadmap? Source: Gartner
  6. Is the Cloud for Everyone?
  7. Common Identity Integrated Management and Security Consistent Data Platform Unified Development and DevOps
  8. Azure Active Directory SQL ServerActive Directory Azure data services Azure services Azure Stack Azure management and security On-premises infrastructure Common Identity Integrated Management and Security Consistent Data Platform Unified Development and DevOps
  9. Cloud on your Terms
  10. Microsoft365 Modern Productivity Windows 10 Desktop Office 365 Personal Productivity (Office suite, email, collaboration) EMS Mobile Device Security (Window, IOS, Android) Dynamics 365 Business Applications (CRM & ERP) Azure Line of Business Apps
  11. The Office 365 Ecosystem Listings Connections Groups Teams Sway PowerBI OneDrive Visio Pro Intune Azure AD Info Protect Yammer Stream Invoicing Finance EMS To Do CRM Dynamics 365 Planner Customer Manger Bookings Enterprise Voice Delve StaffHub Project Pro Business Center MileIQ Forms
  12. coreline of business Beyond Office 365 software as a serviceinfrastructure as a service platform as a service consume itbuild on itmove to it “SaaS”“IaaS” “PaaS”
  13. Cloud Computing Models
  14. Microsoft Azure What is it?
  15. 17 • Analytics • Computing • Hybrid • Database • Archiving • App Dev. • Mobile • Networking • Storage • Web The Microsoft Azure Platform is… …for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money. A growing collection of integrated cloud services, hosted in a hyperscale infrastructure, which include…
  16. 1.8 Mil miles intra-datacenter fiber 72+ Tb per second Backbone 100+ datacenters 42 Azure regions Millions of servers ACCESS APPROVAL Background check System check PERIMETER One defined access point Video coverage Perimeter fencing BUILDING Two-factor authentication with biometrics 24x7x365 security operations Verified single- person entry SERVER ENVIRONMENT Employee and contractor vetting Inability to identify location of specific customer data Secure destruction bins Datacenter security
  17. Azure Infrastructure Breadth 100’s of services, continuous evolution Service bus BizTalkBackup Site Recovery Virtual Machines BatchCloud Services Remote Desktop Multi-FactorAzure AD HDInsightMachine Learning Analytics Data Factory Event Hubs CDNMedia StreamingMedia PlayerMedia ProtectionMedia EncodingMedia IntelligenceMedia ServiceVS Online VS App Insights SQL Database DocumentDB Redis CacheStorSimple Search Storage SQL Data Warehouse AutomationManagement Op Insights Key VaultMobile Apps Notification Hubs API Management Mobile Engagement Logic AppsAPI AppsApp ServiceWeb Apps Virtual network Traffic manager ExpressRoute App Gateway VPN Gateway DNS
  18. Windows Server & Azure Azure AD Virtual Machines Remote Desktop Backup Site Recovery Cloud Services
  19. Hybrid Identity
  20. Azure Active Directory as the control plane Identity as the core of the enterprise Single sign-onSelf-service Simple connection On-premises Other directories Windows Server Active Directory SaaSAzure Public cloud CloudMicrosoft Azure Active Directory Customers Partners
  21. • Microsoft’s multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service • Comes in four editions • Free • Basic • Premium P1 • Premium P2 • Users and groups are created in a flat structure without OUs or GPOs • Authentication is performed through protocols such as SAML, WS-Federation, and OAuth Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  22. • Key Features • Single Sign-On (SSO) • Self-Service Password Change • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) • AD Join for Windows 10 • Company Branding Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  23. Microsoft Azure Active Directory Hybrid Identity Scenarios Independent Azure AD Connect Active Directory Federated Services
  24. Business Continuity
  25. Azure Backup Simple and reliable cloud integrated backup as a service Secure and reliable backup as a service alternative to tape Integrated with GUIs of Windows Server Backup or System Center Data Protection Manager. Supports images, files, Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint. Virtual Machines VPC / tenant Azure Backup State / Config Option 1 – Use native Azure Backup Option 2 – Use 3rd party backup apps Commvault Simpana Restore Restore Azure Storage (blob) Virtual Machines VPC / tenant Agent F Azure Azure
  26. On-premises to Microsoft Azure protection Business Continuity Via Azure Site Recovery Orchestration & Replication Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Primary Site Windows Server • Get your business back up and running in minutes with near-zero data loss • Use Azure as your DR site • Automated VM protection & replication • Remote health monitoring • Customizable recovery plans • No-impact recovery plan testing • Orchestrated recovery of tiered applications
  27. Headquarters
  28. Headquarters Remote Location
  29. Headquarters Azure
  30. When replicating workloads into Azure, execute tests to ensure readiness Move a single application or an entire datacenter to the cloud with minimal impact to production users
  31. Extending a Network
  32. Core infrastructure Compute Virtual machines Availability sets VM scale sets Controlled maintenance Storage Disks Blob storage File sync Hot and cold Networking Virtual networks VPN, ExpressRoute Load balancer DNS, Traffic Manager Management Log Analytics Cloud Shell Site Recovery Security Center RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Azure Cost Management Azure availability zones Reserved VM instances
  33. Azure Storage Queues Reliable queues at scale for cloud services
  34. VM Storage Basics West US East US
  35. Virtual Machine Storage Basics
  36. • Data that is in active use • Data that is staged for processingHot • Backup, archival and disaster recovery datasets • Older media content • Large data sets • Original (raw) data that must be preserved • Compliance and archival data Cold
  37. Connectivity Options to Azure Secure site-to-site VPN connectivity • Connect to Azure compute from on-premises or another Azure region Secure point-to-site connectivity • POC Efforts • Small scale deployments • Connect from anywhere ExpressRoute private connectivity • Private connectivity from your on-premises data center to Azure virtual networks and PaaS Services VNet Peering within region • In-region VNet-to-VNet connectivity • Direct VM-to-VM connectivity • Peer VNets for routing and transit
  38. Virtual Network Network Interface Public IP Address Network Security Group
  39. Compute options for all types of apps
  40. FD2FD1FD0 UD0 UD3 UD1 UD4 UD1 UD4 UD2 UD0 UD2 UD0 UD3 UD1
  41. limits
  42. Usage Design for Scale Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Excess Capacity Insufficient Capacity
  43. Usage Scale Up vs. Scale Out
  44. Usage Scale vs. Time Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
  45. Management & Security Azure Security Center Prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased visibility Azure Log Analytics Collect, search, and visualize machine data from on-premises and cloud Azure Resource Manager Organize, deploy and control resources in Azure Azure Active Directory Cloud based directory and identity management Azure Key Vault Protect secrets such as passwords and keys securely Azure Advisor Optimize across four different areas: high availability, performance, security, and cost Azure Backup Protect your virtual machines, data, or enterprise workloads by securely backing it up to Azure Azure Site Recovery Orchestrated failovers/back to Azure, Azure to Azure or data center to data center – great for migration!
  46. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Enable application management within Azure Resource groups are containers that can contain multiple IaaS + PaaS resources Templatize application deployment and configuration, supports DevOps Governance and control with Role Based Access Control (RBAC), policies and resource locks
  47. Azure Security Center Understand your cloud security state Define security policies for your Azure subscriptions and to help guide resource owners correctly implement required controls Easily deploy integrated cloud security solutions from Microsoft and trusted security partners Detect threats and respond fast by combining Microsoft global threat intelligence and expertise, with insights into cloud security-related events across your Azure deployments, Security Center helps you detect actual threats early and reduce false positives.
  48. Azure Log Analytics Insights & Analytics Gain visibility across your hybrid cloud Deliver insights across your datacenters and public clouds, including Azure and AWS. Easy collection, correlation, and visualization of your machine data Insight into physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure health, capacity, and usage Collect, store, and analyze log data from virtually any Windows Server and Linux source.
  49. TrustedProductiveIntelligentHybrid
  50. Azure container instances Hybrid cloud java and Spring apps to Azure Cosmos DB and Azure functions native integration
  51. Big ML experimentation service ML model manager serviceML workbench
  52. Readiness Tools
  53. Microsoft Partners Azure Site Recovery Database Migration Service Operations Management Suite Discover Migrate Optimize Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit Azure Migrate Database Migration Assistant Public Preview
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