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Tim - FSharp

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Tim - FSharp

  1. 1. Timothy Ng F# Lead Microsoft Corporation
  2. 2. Tools Managed Languages Visual Studio Visual F# Axum 2010 Parallel Managed Libraries Native Libraries Debugger Windows DryadLINQ Parallel Async Profiler Pattern Agents Concurrency Parallel LINQ Rx Data Structures Data Structures Analysis Library Library Microsoft Task Parallel Library Native Concurrency Runtime Research Race Task Scheduler Detection Managed Concurrency Runtime Fuzzing ThreadPool Resource Manager Operating HPC Server Threads UMS Threads System Operating Key: Research / Incubation Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4 Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 System
  3. 3. Shared State Code Locality I/O Parallelism Scaling to Multi-Machine
  4. 4. Shared State o Difficult to maintain and test o Very difficult to parallelize! o Locking is fundamentally error prone: o Must guess where parallelism will be needed o All consumers need to participate Code Locality I/O Parallelism Scaling to Multi-Machine
  5. 5.  Immutable Lists  Immutable Tuples  Immutable Records  Immutable Dictionaries  Immutable Sets  Immutable Unions  Immutable Objects  Lots of language features to encourage immutability
  6. 6. Shared State Code Locality o We’re used to expressing algorithms linearly o Async requires logical division of algorithms o Very difficult to o Combine multiple asynchronous operations o Deal with exceptions and cancellation I/O Parallelism Scaling to Multi-Machine
  7. 7. Shared State Code Locality I/O Parallelism o Software is often I/O-bound o Leveraging web services o Working with data on disk o Network and disk speeds increasing slower o I/O resources are inherently parallel o Huge opportunity for performance Scaling to Multi-Machine
  8. 8. Shared State Code Locality I/O Parallelism Scaling to Multi-Machine o To scale up, must to go beyond a single machine o Multi-machine resources becoming common o Roll-you-own clusters with cheap hardware o On-demand cloud compute with Azure o But o Shared memory doesn’t scale
  9. 9. Shared State immutability Code Locality async { … } I/O Parallelism async { … } Scaling to Multi-Machine agents
  10. 10. Simple, powerful, Ready for production and productive use with VS2010 F# Parallelism and F# + .NET 4.0 radically asynchrony – for today simplify parallelism and tomorrow
  11. 11. http://fsharp.net
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