Student net iwmw 2010 presentation upload

Josef Lapka
12 de Jul de 2010

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Student net iwmw 2010 presentation upload

  1. By 2007, five in-house built online services in StudentNET.
  2. During 2008 CCCU’s major focus on student services and resources.
  3. sense of belonging from early on.
  4. transparency of data and processes.
  5. gateway to external online applications including Facebook, Mail Clients (Google/Hotmail)
  6. advertised concept (the vision) over 10 months to various stakeholders
  7. students
  8. academics
  9. support departments
  10. management
  11. potential choices included Sharepoint (MOSS) and complete in-house development
  12. built on DropThings technology. Open Source on CodePlex BUT not production ready.
  13. contracted an external company [BallardChalmers] to prove that this framework could work in a production environment.
  14. in-house development used to integrate proof of concept into CCCU’s production environment.
  15. built with C#.NET 3.5, LINQ, jQuery library, CSS 2.0+
  16. actively supported in Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari, Chrome.
  17. there are three types of zones in our framework.
  18. App area zone
  19. Side area zone
  20. fixed widgets
  21. loose widgets
  22. app widgets
  23. WebNote widget
  24. widgets are .NET user controls (ascx).
  25. fixed widget.
  26. personalised messages
  27. able to send message to student’s homepage
  28. or send a message to a specific group of students
  29. send mechanisms
  30. admin interface for staff
  31. widget to service mappings.
  32. current integration includes
  33. call management
  34. data warehouse
  35. knowledge base
  36. content management system
  37. file storage
  38. RSS data (simple)
  39. investigating future integration of
  40. timetabling
  41. BlackBoard
  42. Facebook
  43. external mail clients
  44. CampusM