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Zappos Content Strategy Case study by Two Pens

Two Pens reverse-engineered Zappos's very successful content strategy based on public information available. This presentation was presented at Content Strategy Seattle's meetup on June 17, 2013. Our guess is that prior to Amazon's purchase of Zappos in 2009, Tony Hsieh would have freely given this information but Amazon loves to make a secret of their success. If you know more than we do, weigh in with your take in the comments.

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Zappos Content Strategy Case study by Two Pens

  1. 1. Zappos’ Content Brand Strategy:Emily Warn and Cynthia HartwigJune 17, 2013
  2. 2. Can a Business Build a Clan?Can a Business BuildA Clan?
  3. 3. Hey, Let’s Open a Shoe Store!Nick Swinmurn needs a pair of shoes. Tony Hsiehwants to be jazzed about going to work. Zapposopens its doors in 1999.
  4. 4. Ten years later…
  5. 5. Being social is not a plug-in. It isZappos core business. Digitalcontent makes it happen.hat’s the Secret Shoe Polish?
  6. 6. “It’s old-fashioned customer relationships,where it’s just a much more personalthing, rather than just focusing on, oh,what’s the most efficient way we could dosomething,’’ We want to create personalemotional connections.”— Tony Hsieh
  7. 7. Who wouldn’t want to hang with thisguy?
  8. 8. Creating a Culture ofConnectionZappos Family Fun Employee Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gHlEBU_NSg/
  9. 9. CEO is main voice on Twitter @zappos.Inspirational leader who wants to change theworkplace and the world.Tony Hsieh Speaks for The Clan @Zappos.
  10. 10. Tony Hsieh Wants to Change the World.He’s Starting with Las Vegas.
  11. 11. Happiness Begins at Home—Your Cube,That is .Zappos believes that great customer serviceflows from a great work environment. Happyemployees are productive employees.
  12. 12. Zappos HQ: Have fun, be weird, learn, grow,be open, get hugs, get your head shaved
  13. 13. Legendary call center policiescreate the WOW:• No scripts• No time limit (record 5 hours 25 min.)• Check the competition, if not onZappos• Be yourself
  14. 14. Zappos Sales Experience:The Inverse ofa Tupperware Party“Invite a friend into your home to sell yousomething, have a good time in the process…Zappos invites potential customers into itshome to show off good times. Waits for you tobuy something. Not because you like thecompany, but because you like its people.”ZDNet Case Study, Tom Steiner-Threlkeld
  15. 15. Zappos.comDifferentiate and Integrate
  16. 16. “I sent the following security incident email toZappos employees today.”“Our team came up with a riddle (correctanswers get Zappos VIP status).Too corny?Here’s the riddle.”“Want happiness? Don’t buy more stuff — goon vacation. Time magazine article.”—Tony Tweets Reflect Zappos Core Values(2.7M Followers)
  17. 17. Humor Humanizes Tony“At Vegas airport. While in bathroom, I hadan AMAZING revelation: Toilet seat coversare shaped exactly the same as life vests!”“I wonder what TSA would do if I brought ablock of ice through airport security. Myphysics teacher said it’s not a liquid.”—Tony Hsieh
  18. 18. Multiple Twitter Accounts Sell & Socialize
  19. 19. Zappos.comDifferentiate and Integrate
  20. 20. Facbook is About Interacting, So Interact.Shut your computer off and go outside. Buy theseboots, but have fun getting dirty.
  21. 21. Interaction Leads to Sales & Loyalty(730K Likes on FB)Mashable sales study Nov 2012 – Jan 2013:• Facebook drove 85,000 visits to Zappos• 42% of Zappos status updates led to purchases• 58% prompted Likes, shares, and comments• Conversion rate of 1.75%, 1-in-50 click update tobuy somethinghttp://mashable.com/2013/02/06/zappos-facebook-results/
  22. 22. Be Humane for its Own Sake
  23. 23. (Hard) Sell Invites Interaction
  24. 24. Pros at Creating Opportunities to Chime In
  25. 25. Build Loyalty By Asking Customers To Show Theirs
  26. 26. Then, Thank Them!
  27. 27. Ask for Opinions and Ye Shall Receive
  28. 28. Target Appeals with Brand
  29. 29. Landing Page for Brand-Based Appeal
  30. 30. Broad Appeal with Celebrity Leads to Catalog
  31. 31. Landing Page for Broad Appeal Encourages Shopping
  32. 32. Facebook Is Hub for ALL Social Media Feeds
  33. 33. Zappos.comDifferentiate and Integrate
  34. 34. Pinterest Boards Help Build Clans within Clans
  35. 35. All Boards Give Ideas for Beingan Individual Within a Clan
  36. 36. Zappos.comDifferentiate and Integrate
  37. 37. 20-30% of Instagram Shots Provides a Look Inside
  38. 38. The Pitch
  39. 39. The Goods
  40. 40. The Man: Tony Hsieh, Cereal Entrepreneur
  41. 41. Zappos.comDifferentiate and Integrate
  42. 42. YouTube Channel Combines Family Videowith Straight MerchandizingProject PingPong Employee Videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m6KWTZjUvIRed Pantshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBe1jsgALPc
  43. 43. The Role of Content in Zappos Success• Invites personal interaction• Content is tailored to each social space• Reflects core values• Emotional and real—funny, poignant,empathetic, and personal
  44. 44. Why Zappos Builds Clans1. We band together with those who shareour interests2. Zappos makes us feel a part of their culture3. Lets us look inside walls via all social medianetworks4. Call centers create one-on-one connections5. Social media content allows transparency &real-time interaction.
  45. 45. Have a Beer on Us and RecommendOur Creative & Content Servicesto Your PalsFollow us at www.twopens.com@Emily2Pens Emily Warn@TwoPens2 Cynthia Hartwig