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  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CORE QUALIFICATIONS SELECTED EDUCATION ALBERT CUSSONpo.Box 2301, Hallandale, Florida 33009 | C: 352-426-0293 | cyncan61@gmail.com Accomplished Horseman with experience in all aspects of the Thoroughbred Industry. Experience in Farm Management, RaceTrack. Employed by many Hall Of Fame Trainers NOT JUST ONE! Visionary, Personal and Passionate. Horsemanship with positive results. Licensed Thoroughbred Trainer Have been Licensed on 30 race tracks in U.S. and Canada Other License's include, Owner, Breeder, Jockey, Exercise Rider, Groom Assistant Trainer Rehab ​ Legging Up Race Conditioning Mentally and physically Breaking Young Horses Thoroughbred Sales prep 02/1753 Student and Investment Partner Southern California Career began in 1973 with Rex Ellsworth (3 years jockey school in Southern California). Opportuinty offered partnership and assistant trainer as well as learning to be a jockey. Breaking and legging up young horses at farm as well for other outfits. Sending horses to Southern and Northern Race tracks in California and Canada. Desolved arangements on good terms. I began exercising horses at Santa Anita, Holywood Park, and Del Mar and many local farms, and having a small string of horses until the late 70's. Many times I was sent to Northern California to exercise horse's for certain trainers (many trainers had barns in Southern and Northern California). 02/1753 Horse's I've Exercised Doonsbury, Prized, Skillful Joy, Wild Again, Twlight Agenda, Copper Mel, and so many more. 02/1753 Journey to New York 1988 to 1991 From 1988 to 1999 I spent time in New York working for John Veitch, Leroy Jolley and Woody Stevens knowing what they have done in the past and present was a must employment to compare there skills and abilities on where why and how come. The education taken in only verified the education from my past and that these trainers and the trainers from west coast had many things in common 1. there were educated horsemen 2. they had back grounds of management, hard work, passion. 02/1753 Eduation in the work force (west coast) 70's and 80's Worked for many Sourthern California trainers Charlies Whitingham, Bill Winfrey, Gary Jones, John Longdon, Tommy Bell, Ron McAnally, Roger Stein, Jerry Dutton, Mel Stute and many many more from 1975 to 1988 Jockey Becoming a Jockey and working in barns that were so readily available in Southern California. This was a oppertuinty of education that could not be refused. Riding races on 49 different tracks with 67% in the money. About 1000 mounts which most were our own horses. (Woody Stevens rode aprox 60 races) Yes you might say I wasn't a commercial jockey. I just prefered a husband and wife operation attempting to build there own racing world. 02/1753 Partner in Crime Cynthia Ashikian (wife) Education; University of Victoria Bsc major in biolgy, minor in microbiology. This is plus education that I believe is required in the equine industry. Correct nutrition is a must and can only be retrieved through education (University of Victoria 4 years) and as extensive my education was in the work force she was a very important asset. Trainers these days rely on race ready feeds which is
  2. 2. VALUED DIFFERENCES IMPROVEMENTS IN EQUINE DEVELOPMENTS counter productive. In the past 15 years the world has been more active in research in all nutrition in people (athletes) pets and in the equine industry, these opinions are based on years of studies. Equine athletes are no different they require special balanced feeds ( individually) to compete in todays competitions. Cynthia offers special studies in nutrition. With gifted personal attention, passion, kindness, her commucation with horses brings out personalities in each and every horse. I honestly believe they run for her. She offers things that can't be put into words. We believe God created these great equines to race, jump or what ever the case may be, and has given us the ability to care for them and keep them safe. WE ARE THEIR CARE TAKERS. A Journey With Love and Passion 1991 to 2003 1991 a journey with the one love of my life (my wife) and the racing industry. A journey together across America racing at 32 different race tracks racing such horses as Red Neck, Red Pope, Gleefully, Dan Ran and Flashy Vic ect. In 2003 we purchased a farm in Ocala Florida with our own stud that goes back to Alledged (sires side) and George Royal (mares Side). This journey offers a story of travelling throughout the us from track to track in a Rv and a handful of horses. More details with interview. Veterinarian Schooling Being with Rex Ellsworth for a number of years and having the oppertuinty to work with Kuman Ellsworths (Well Known Veterinarian) I had the opportunity to involved myself at the vet clinic that was available at the Chino California Ranch. The opportunity to learn and have access to the many procedures and particpate in many different leg repairs. Procedures from pin firing, blisters ect of course I was only assisting. This was still a very valuable education for me Besides the Jockey school knowing that collage or a university education could not offer horsemenship it had to be earned through a working experience through different top outfits in the country, that's why my history offers not just one good trainer and many different training schedules, just alone I learned 20 different types of training schedules from 1 trainer alone and whats interesting of all is the different type of feed programs offered in the 70's and 80's. These days 99 percent of trainers feed the well known pre mixed race feed which In my opinion is counter productive for many reasons. These days trainers only offer a plug and play type system which shows lack of passion, pride, professional attitude as well as being artistic. There's nothing better than being a chef for 10 or so equines in a shed row and here them talk and talk all at once. My wife will say you want your ne ne's and they just yell and yell it puts such a smile on your face. And if one's not yelling somethings wrong. Thoughtout the mid 70's I had the oppertuinty to work with Victory Racing Plates and at that time they were designing a shoe where a piece of rubber was being riveted on the bottom of the shoe, the idea was ideal but the rubber wouldn't stay on because of weight so it was discontinued. The other opportunity I had as far as envolvement in making equine improvements was in 1980's when hydronic acid first came to the U.S. which was imported from Switzerland to Ed Gray (Owner, Trainer, Breeder, Member of California Horse Bacing Board) of course the use of this product has changed in many ways as far as the original application. Point being it was designed to be injected and to give time off (note) applying it this way offered healing the injury not a temporary fix. I also invented a replacement for Ice boots (water) is very destructive to feet, as well as counter productive when it comes to glue on shoes, My product cools the legs without wetting the foot. I Also designed equipment for hock issues to train with, to race with. Another item was an anti fugal saddle cloth which is also, heat resistant and it does not absorb sweat nor
  3. 3. water. Also an elastic with Velcro a strap that secures a sponge cover on the morning girth and afternoon race girth (under girth).