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Open, interoperable, collaborative

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Founded in 1945, the Arctic Institute of North America holds a vast collection of Arctic documents, art, and artifacts; as well as a public online database, the Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS) (www.aina.ucalgary.ca/astis). It has also created the geospatially networked platform ArcticConnect (www.arcticconnect.org). In this presentation, the Arctic Institute of North America’s data manager will discuss policy development and best practices (including working with proprietary and sensitive information specific to northern communities and industries). She will also describe national and international collaboration efforts to make pan-Arctic information and data more accessible.

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Open, interoperable, collaborative

  1. 1. Open, Interoperable, Collaborative: Pan-Arctic Data and Information Management at the Arctic Institute of North America
  2. 2. The Arctic Institute of North America Collection
  3. 3. AINA Data Management: ASTIS ASTIS: The Arctic Science and Technology Information System www.aina.ucalgary.ca/astis www.arctic.ucalgary.ca/databases
  4. 4. AINA Data Management: ArcticConnect www.arcticconnect.org
  5. 5. Proprietary and Sensitive Information
  6. 6. Policy Development and Best Practices Interoperable and Collaborative
  7. 7. National and International Collaboration • Arctic Council • Arctic Portal • International Arctic Data Committee • International Polar Data Forum: http://www.polar-data-forum.org/ • Polar Libraries Colloquy • Canadian Polar Data Workshop • CCADI: Canadian Consortium of Arctic Data Interoperability
  8. 8. Shannon Vossepoel Arctic Institute of North America University of Calgary shannonv@ucalgary.ca Thank You!