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ThinkDox ECM implmentation and support services

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We are often why use a VAR- what am I paying you for? This presentation goes through the basics of how we implement Laserfiche and provide continual support above and beyond basic technical support, we make sure you understand what is possible and support you as you maximize your investment.

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ThinkDox ECM implmentation and support services

  1. 1. ThinDox LLC.
  2. 2. Introduction 1) Introduction and Company Overview • Since its inception in 2002 as MC Imaging technologies limited, ThinkDox Inc. has been committed to providing outstanding Enterprise Content Management solutions to our clients. We are incorporated in the Province of Ontario as ThinkDox Inc. Our recent name change reflects our focus on providing smart, simple solutions to our clients’ document, records and workflow management needs. • Our Head Office is in London, Ontario. Our team is pledged to excellence, integrity, teamwork, trust and respect and has gained a reputation for providing innovative solutions to our clients’ complex needs. • Many clients have relied on us to provide them with Electronic Records solutions to reduce their costs, increase efficiencies and ensure the sustainability of services, improve transparency and accountability, protect corporate memory and mitigate risk while enhancing their ability to meet all legal, operational and productivity needs. ThinDox LLC.
  3. 3. Capture all information types to ensure appropriate use ThinDox LLC. Software component Role Laserfiche server This is the main repository, metadata management, classification schema, access management, retention scheduling. Workflow designer Administrator tool to build and manage workflows. GUI based does not require the ability to script Forms Forms based GUI. Does not require the ability to write code to style or build the form Quick fields Scanning control component. Allows for classification of PDFs, TIFFs from any entry point – notably scanners based on a classification schema and template in Laserfiche server Portal Provides access to forms and repository for web users, as well as limited access to content for non-Laserfiche licencees
  4. 4. Move processes to form based approach to remove the need for paper Capture Organize Use Digital signatures is part of Laserfiche for all licensed users Forms based capture allows automation of many steps in the process Laserfiche processes can be approved via email The mobile app allows secure access to information and perform approvals
  5. 5. Take advantage of how Laserfiche templates and tags work ThinDox LLC.
  6. 6. Metadata types Text Date List Dynamic “In progress” Document Folder Template Tags Confidential Templates can be applied to either folders or documents Tags can convey information or restrict access Information
  7. 7. Capture all information types to ensure appropriate use ThinkDox LLC. Capture Organize Use Quick fields Workflow Audit trails Laserfiche forms Access control Metadata Version control Highly searchable Properly managed Connector
  8. 8. A platform for managing all information through a single portal ThinDox LLC. Manage physical assets Track physical assets Repository Single classification schema for all information managed by Laserfiche Retention and metadata based link between Infolinx and Laserfiche A single view of all records for disposition or eDiscovery. Eases the path to going paperless by providing a single application to monitor all content.
  9. 9. ThinDox LLC. Control access and ease findability of information by moving access to a single platform Laserfiche is the central home for records and documents but other there will always be a need for a complete EIM ecosystem for you to do your job
  10. 10. Hosted Laserfiche • Exact same feature set. • We can provide a full cloud version as a certified Cloud Solution Provider. • Through our partnership with Cambridge Connections we can provide a Software-as-as-Service version that is geographically limited ThinDox LLC.
  11. 11. Implementation plan overview A typical ThinkDox EDMS implementation takes less than 12 months until go live (end of Phase 3 as detailed below). • Go Live is defined as the earliest possible point when the system can be used by non-technical staff. Each phase has three critical sub steps; 1. Phase planning 2. Information management strategy 3. Technical implementation or customization. NOTE: Each phase is dependent on the successful completion of the previous phase deliverables, as defined by the phase title. ThinDox LLC.
  12. 12. ThinDox LLC. Planning and confirmation of readiness Technical implementation and process building System configuration and workflow design Training and go live to organization Overall project management plan completed Technical readiness confirmed. Basic system implementation completed Final IM strategy approved Completion of the workflow(s) Tolerance testing 1 42 3 Pilot group Dept. Admins Group based increase in # of users in the system. IT Admins Dept based rollout Stage gates for progression of implementation 1 2 30 Technical readiness confirmed.
  13. 13. Implementation support and training Project management and communication As part of every phase the ThinkDox project manager (Chris Wynder) will be on site for a kick-off meeting to plan the phase. Includes: Review of readiness for the phase, any issues or conflicting projects that Runnymede has that ThinkDox should be aware of with regards to resources or time for the DMS project. Identifying specific goals for the phase, identifying task owners and task deadlines. Co-ordination of Runnymede technical staff and ThinkDox solution engineers to ensure the right mix of remote and on- site support and training are achieved. Deployment and technical support ThinkDox’s IT designate will be responsible for the technical aspect of the initial roll out as outlined in implementation plan (all steps labeled Technical Implementation). He will take part in Project meetings and act as a primary resource for resolving any technical support issues that come up during implementation. He will also serve as the primary IT and administrative trainer for on-site user training ThinDox LLC.
  14. 14. Train strategy and resources Laserfiche training resources Basic included with support costs: • Online self administered training materials through the Laserfiche Support Site plus the case studies, examples and manuals on the Laserfiche website. • Laserfiche conducts regularly scheduled Webinars covering a variety of topics that are accessible by all customers. • As part of the implementation process we will build out the documentation and descriptions that Runnymede needs to manage normal operations of their Laserfiche system. ThinDox LLC.
  15. 15. Additional training overview ThinDox LLC. Change management Laserfiche training Webinars
  16. 16. Segmented training Administrator Training • ThinkDox Inc. will ensure that Runnymede’s Laserfiche Administrators (IT Specialist, Records Manager, main Department Manager responsible for making changes to right assignments in repository, etc.) are completely comfortable with our software including any and all customization upgrades that may be required. • Additional online learning is available through Laserfiche’s Certified Professional Program. This program provides a way to enhance skills for power users and ensure the system is maximized. • Formal system administrator training will be done using Runnymeade’s Laserfiche system and will be lead by our implementation team. ThinDox LLC.
  17. 17. Segmented training con’t User Training • Whenever possible, end users (anyone needing access to Laserfiche including the Administrators) are put into training groups according to their role within the system so that training sessions can be more focused. • We prefer to train users in actual scenarios that are relevant to how they will use the system. The goal is to have a small group of well trained users whom can provide general “colleague” support. • For example, as we build workflows and processes for specific departments part of the goal will be to train the pilot groups to act as super users. The power users will also become a source for build a more general FAQ and visual SOP that can provide basic understanding in the language of the users. ThinDox LLC.
  18. 18. General Support ThinDox LLC. ThinkDox support • ThinkDox Inc is proud to offer fast, reliable support for all of our customers, regardless of the situation they may be in. We have a toll free number connected to our support desk, so clients can talk immediately with a support representative. Customers can also email or call a support representative directly by cell phone. We are here to take care of any problems that may occur. • We can usually fix most problems over the phone, or via e-mail or remote access. If needed, on-site support is available as well. We recommend that all users with questions or problems also take advantage of the Laserfiche support website, where they can get access to the Laserfiche Knowledge Base, FAQ’s, White Papers, product information, the new Answers section and much more. https://support.laserfiche.com/ • All problems and bugs that are reported to our support staff will be immediately forwarded on to the Laserfiche Head Office where they can track it and develop a fix if one is needed. Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP) • Laserfiche systems undergo continual customer-driven enhancements, and Laserfiche engineers leverage advancements in hardware and software to best serve customer needs. Periodic new releases and updates are necessary to deliver these improvements to customers. Annual Support helps subscribers preserve existing investments by providing 100% credit for software upgrades • Annual Support subscribers also receive free 24-hour FTP access to new Laserfiche releases as well as updated drivers. Laserfiche routinely issues new releases and updates every year. Running the most current version of your ECM guarantees the best possible system performance. • Most minor patches can be done by your administrator or we can remote in and apply them for you. Major releases of Laserfiche can be done remotely as well but will depend if additional training is required and if multiple workstations need to be updated. • Annual Support subscribers also receive telephone and e-mail support at no additional charge. Anyone at the County can contact our support; however we like to set up a support plan with your team ahead of time. We find it makes more sense for end users to contact your support team first, and if you cannot help them we can be contacted by yourself or the end user.
  19. 19. Additional services and products In House Paper, Microfiche and Microfilm conversion: • ThinkDox Inc is pleased to offer our own secure conversion backfilling and document conversion facility. Our employees have gone through extensive training in the conversion and indexing of a wide range of critically important, confidential and sensitive information. Advice and project management for Office 365, Archiving and websites: • We have provided guidance to organizations planning to move their email, shared files and instant messaging to hosted and cloud services. • We can also provide governance advice on managing websites and customer engagement processes for websites and social. ThinDox LLC.
  20. 20. Multiple service offerings ThinDox LLC. Workshops Clinics Consulting/Teaching Provides peer support and specific information management training through problem solving. These are designed to be both networking events and skills development. Typically industry focused on process or technology Provides planning advice, recommendations and technology review customized to you. Private, focused problem solving engagement. Designed to provide a plan for solving a problem as well as the processes for development. Provides project management and an extra pair of hands to get past issues when you have momentum. Long term, traditional professional services. Additional information management products