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Customer Experience Design: The Zappos Experience

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In a few short years, Zappos has become known as one of the bellwether brands of customer service. Whole books have been written on how Zappos has risen to such great customer service heights; however, here we take a look at one little slice of the Zappos experience: the customer experience created by the almost flawless user experience design of Zappos.com.

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Customer Experience Design: The Zappos Experience

  1. 1. Customer Experience Design: The Zappos Experience By Adam Toporek December 17, 2012©Copyright 2012. CTS Service
  2. 2. Zappos is known for its amazing customer service and its great service culture. Zappos has many keys to its success, and one of the least discussed is the user experience on Zappos.com. Let’s take a look at how one of the premier online retailers designed a site around what its customers want…customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  3. 3. The Phone Number Gets Prime Real Estate• Unlike many online retailers, Zappos wants you to find its phone number, putting it in the prime upper left location (where eyes tend to fall).• Zappos makes the phone number easy to find from any page on the site.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  4. 4. Zappos Really Wants You to Connect With a Human• The phone number is not enough. Zappos, again, gives prime positioning to contacting a human being.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  5. 5. Setup for Searchers and Those Who Wish to Browse• The search box is prominent for those who know what they are looking for.• It’s given a prime screen location next to the logo.• Not everyone is searching for something specific; Zappos is also setup for those who wish to browse…customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  6. 6. Organizes a Massive Amount of Information Intuitively • Notice how navigation is broken down by top level categories. First, gender/age, then popular item categories. • Combined with the top navigation, the site is designed for those who wish to browse.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  7. 7. Almost Everything Customers Want Is Above The Fold • All web browsers are different, but the basic information almost any customer would need is above the fold. • Customers do not have to scroll for key information.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  8. 8. Zappos Dares to Be… the Same ç • Puts expected elements where you expect them. • Special of the moment in top promotion band. • Logo in top left corner and linked to the home page. • Shopping cart in the top right corner with familiar icon.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  9. 9. Items Not Central to the Primary User Experience Go To TheBottom • The other stuff is at the bottom, and doesn’t clutter the primary navigation area. • The “money is in the list.” Not for Zappos; the signup box is at the bottom of the page.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  10. 10. But Wait? Where Are the Social Icons?No “follow us.”No “like our page.”Doesn’t Zappos “get” social media?Actually, Zappos does, and that’s why you won’t findsocial icons prominently displayed on its home page. Infact, as of this writing, none are there at all.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  11. 11. How Zappos Does Social on Its Site • No emphasis on following or liking on home page, that’s not why you came to their site and the Zappos site is about you! • Instead, Zappos makes it easy for people to share particular items. • They also have a great Twitter app…customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  12. 12. Zappos TweetWall Is About Customers… • Zappos’ TweetWall is all about customers and the products they’ve shared via Twitter. • It is a great way to drive people to Twitter for value, not for “follow us.”customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  13. 13. Reminds You That Shopping at Zappos is Risk Free This box found beneath product. • Shoes online. What if they don’t fit? • Zappos reminds you of their Free Shipping and Returns policy both at the top and bottom of the product page.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  14. 14. Final Lessons from Zappos User Experience DesignZappos.com has many other great, customer-centricfeatures. From product recommendations toinnovations like the shoe Fit Survey, Zappos.com isdesigned with the customer’s experience in mind.What can we learn?• Know thy customer: what they want and what they expect.• Give it to them.customersthatstick.com©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions
  15. 15. How can … …add value? Join us on social media (because we don’t have any shoes to sell). twitter.com/adamtoporek facebook.com/customersthatstick plus.google.com/114770730258173166122/ (or search “customers that stick” while logged in to G+) youtube.com/customersthatstick©Copyright 2012. CTS Service Solutions customersthatstick.com