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Information package travel writing Lyon examples

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Information package travel writing Lyon examples

  1. 1. www.curso24.de www.citytravelreview.co.uk www.edinburghberlin.com
  2. 2. www.curso24.de www.citytravelreview.co.uk www.edinburghberlin.com
  3. 3. Ethics in Travel Writing Code of Conduct of the British Guild of Travel Writers Members of the British Guild of Travel Writers will: 1. Report objectively and fairly, with the aim of keeping the public fully and clearly informed on all relevant aspects of travel. 2. Accept facilities necessary for work offered to the press only on the understanding that they are in no way obliged to publicise any or all of the operation concerned and that the provision of such facilities will not influence their judgement. 3. In all matters appertaining to their professional status, conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and do nothing to bring the reputation of the Guild into disrepute. 4. Not accept any work in the fields of publicity, promotions or public relations for travel-related organisations if it compromises the good standing or integrity of the Guild. 5. Accept that any infringement of these rules may, at the discretion of the Committee, preclude them from membership of the Guild. Travcom Code of Professional Conduct (New Zealand Travel Communicators) 1. Travel journalism must be accurate and free of unwarranted bias or prejudice. 2. Members shall not write about a destination without first-hand knowledge, unless reliable sources of information are used. 3. Payment or courtesies shall not be accepted in exchange for providing favourable material about travel destinations or operations that conflicts with the member's own professional appraisal. 4. When accepting complimentaries ('comps') members should make all reasonable attempts to acknowledge the donor in the media. Members shall exercise common sense and courtesy to the host when sharing 'comps' with non-professionals not involved in the assignment. 5. Conflicts of interest should be avoided where possible or, if not possible, should be disclosed in or at the end of the article. 6. It is unacceptable to plagiarise or infringe the rights, including copyright, of others. Photographs or editorial material supplied by others shall by acknowledged with appropriate bylines. 7. Members shall not engage in conduct that embarrasses Travcom or otherwise harms its reputation or professionalism. Members shall treat colleagues and hosts/host countries with common courtesy. 8. Travcom may discipline members by suspension or expulsion for serious breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct. 9. Travcom supports fair and equitable contracts for the services of its freelance members. Payments should be per use of photographic, editorial or other material, regardless of medium (print or electronic). Websites: New Zealand Travel Communicators: www.travelcommunicators.co.n British Guild of Travel Writers: www.bgtw.org Society of American Travel Writers: www.satw.org Vereinigung deutscher Reisejournalisten: www.vdrj.org