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Governança de TI em um mundo cada vez mais hiperconectado


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Governança de TI em um mundo cada vez mais hiperconectado

  1. 1. TI 2020: os desafios da governança de TI em uma sociedade cada vez mais hiperconectada Cezar Taurion Litteris Consulting ctaurion@litterisconsulting.com.br
  2. 2. Ondas tecnológicas em TI geraram diferentes tipos de valor 1980 2000 Mainframe PC Internet Eras of IT Deployment - Illustrative $ Challenge solved Value created Mainframe automates high frequency transactions Transforms and scales back-office functions, making possible modern corporation PC’s automate individual transactions Transforms individual capability and productivity, re-engineering the corporation Internet automates interactions Transforms and launches business models, accelerating the global economy ? 2020
  3. 3. 3 “It’s now too late to have a digital strategy. What you need is a business strategy that includes digital” (Institute for the Future) Degreeofeconomicimpact (functions,industries,geographies) Digital products and infrastructure • Digital products (e.g. Music, Entertainment) • Infrastructure (e.g. Telco, Software, IT Infrastructure) Digital distribution and web strategy • e-commerce (e.g. Retail, Electronics) • Efficiency through web strategy (e.g. Government) Late 1990s 2000s 2010s Limited Time Pervasive Transformação digital está se tornando ubíqua * Note: Digital transformation of business models impacts both public and private sector organization Digital transformation of business models* • Mobile revolution • Social media • “Hyper digitization” • Power of analytics
  5. 5. Midias sociais fazem parte do dia a dia do brasileiro
  6. 6. Celulares/ smartphones/tablets já se igualam em numero à população do planeta…
  7. 7. As coisas acontecem muito rapido no mundo cada vez mais hiperconectado
  8. 8. Quem é esta geração digital?
  9. 9. Computing is not about computers anymore. It is about living!
  10. 10. Revisitando a pirâmide de Maslow
  11. 11. 1. Everything that’s already in the world when you’re born is just normal. 2. Anything that gets invented between then and before you turn 35 is incredibly exciting and creative and, given opportunity, you can make a career out of it. 3. Anything that gets invented after you’re 35 is against the natural order of things and the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it, until it’s around for about 10 years, when it gradually turns out to be alright. O novo sempre desperta reações contrárias
  12. 12. Law of Disruption Social, political, and economic systems change incrementally, but technology changes exponentially. (Larry Downes)
  13. 13. A 3ª geração da plataforma de computação, a 3ª fase da Internet, e a explosão de informações estão colidindo para formar uma revolução de ruptura e de transformação 1964 2008200319941981 Quantidade de dados coletados e armazenados Gerações de plataformas Computacionais Fases da Internet 2012 2020-2
  14. 14. Cloud, Social, Big Data and Mobile all overlap and interlink in a convergence of four market forces, but the technology is maturing at different rates. 22 Source: Gartner, “Cloud and the Nexus of Forces: A Foundation for Global Class Deployment,” June 2012 Social business is clearly important for consumer, but not clear what the full business impact will be Cloud is more mature, but concerns remain about security Mobile is currently about access and presentation. Needs development of killer apps for business Information is now all about Big Data, with some organisations missing out the data warehouse stage entirely Solution impacts: Digital Marketing Multi-touch ecommerce Talent Management Supply Chain Management Salesforce Automation Technology impacts: Consumerisation BYOD Gamification Social business Big Data
  15. 15. What is coming? In 2021, cloud computing is simply computing, corporate office parks are senior housing facilities and the IT organization of the future has been absorbed by the business.  Internal IT becomes an internal cloud.  IT becomes a services broker.  IT will become a function of the business. Gartner, 2011
  16. 16. Explosão da mobilidade 5.6 Billion Personal Devices Sold 1Trillion Connected Devices 41% CAGR Wearable Wireless Devices 2013 2014 2015
  17. 17. 27 Mobile Computing will impact all business processes, requiring new application solutions written just for mobile 27 “Second generation mobile strategies differ considerably from those of the first generation. They must be multichannel, part of your holistic digital strategy, and include innovative mobile-only capabilities.” – Gartner New Strategies / Solutions Needed
  18. 18. Top Five aplicações para 2020…uma estimativa Connected Car By 2020 90% of new passenger cars sold will have some form of vehicle platform, up from 10% in 2012 Clinical Remote Monitoring Clinical remote monitoring estimated to generate US$350 billion in healthcare cost savings and benefits from pre-emptive action. Security Enhanced remote monitoring and flexible security management is estimated to drive US$250 billion worldwide by 2020 Assisted Living Saving associated with people being supported in their own homes rather than care homes will be USD$270 billion. Pay as you drive insurance UK’s Automobile Association claims that PAYD can save drivers up to USD$1,300 per year.
  19. 19. Mobile First will be at the core of software, services and systems • Mobile First is about re-imagining businesses around constantly connected employees and customers • It is accelerating the coherent integration of cloud, social, and analytics • Mobile First is NOT “Mobile Also” – Not just another projection of back-end systems – Requires rethinking value in a larger ecosystem – Requires deep understanding of rapid industry shifts – Requires the creation of new models of customer value – Requires rapid creation of new solutions and integration models
  20. 20. Forecasts call for billions and billions of connected devices “In 2020, Over 30 Billion Connected Devices Will Be In Use.” – Gartner “There will be 212 B devices or things connected to networks by 2020” - IDC “Driven by reducing price per connection and the consequent rapid growth in the number of machine-to- machine (M2M) connections, we expect the number of connected objects to reach 50bn by 2020 (2.7% of things in the world).” – Cisco “There are more than 10 billion wirelessly connected devices in the market today; with over 30 billion devices expected by 2020..” – ABI Research “From vehicles and smart phones to containers and machines – by 2015 more than six billion things will be connected to the internet.” – Bosch
  21. 21. Enterprise Consumerization Goes Beyond Gadgets • IT security’s new challenge: controlling sensitive data in un-trusted environments not necessarily designed for enterprises (e.g. consumer-focused devices, cloud services and apps) Consumer-Focused Business-Focused
  22. 22. Big Data refers to how to collect, store, and manage information that comes into an enterprise so that it can be harvested for decision making 34
  23. 23. E você ainda pensava que lia sozinho(a)?
  24. 24. Você não é mais um anônimo... On Internet, they know you’re a four-year-old male dog that has fleas, prefers canned dog food and was neutered six months after birth, and this data is for sale for a fraction of a cent in mass quantities...
  25. 25. Big Data : onde usar?
  26. 26. 39
  27. 27. 40
  28. 28. Sentiment Analysis
  29. 29. Mudança radical na industria de TI :produtores e consumidores Technology is increasingly being seen as a strategic asset for leaders LOB influence over IT spending is continuing to grow Source: IBM Global CEO Study 2012 Survey Q1 “What are the most important external forces that will impact your organization over the next 3 to 5 years?” Over 75% of Smarter Analytics, Commerce and Workforce software purchases involve a C-Level LOB exec in at least one stage of the decision process By 2016, 80% of new IT investments will involve direct participation by LOB executives with LOBs taking the lead decision- maker role in half or more of those investments By 2015, 35% of enterprise IT will be managed outside the IT department’s budgets 35%Budgets to be outside IT 40%LOB will lead 75%Involve LOB Source: MDI, Gartner, IDC respectively
  30. 30. 1 2 3 4 CIO: Chief Innovation Officer (Chief Digital Officer) ou Career Is Over?
  31. 31. Não tem escolha: ou surfa a onda digital ou morre afogado...