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  1. TechBA-CSOFT collaboration How to position (and export) IT products and services in North America via the TechBA Model February 12th, 2013 1
  2. Agenda 1. TechBA Program Model Overview (Luis Medina CEO TechBA- Austin) 1. TechBA Montreal Overview (JL Mendez – BDD TechBA Montreal) 1. TechBA Austin Overview (Luis Medina) 1. Opportunities for Mexican ITC-SMEs in North America (Manuel Ribeiro Senior Coach Inno-Centre) 2. Q&A Session
  3. What is TechBA • The TechBA program was created in 2005 as a strategic instrument of Mexico’s Ministry of Economy and the US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) to support Mexican technology-based companies in accessing highly dynamic and competitive markets. • Technology-based companies represent a strong opportunity to accelerate a country’s economic development. • The program has 8 offices, 5 of which are in the United States, 2 in Canada, and 1 in Spain as the gateway to the European Union.
  4. The TechBA Network TechBA has branches in some of the most innovative ecosystems in the world. 4
  5. Impact • From 2005 to date, a total of 660 companies have participated in the acceleration process, generating more than USD $435 million in international sales during their stay in the program and detonating sustained growth. • In sectors such as life sciences and manufacturing, the growth in total international sales of participating companies has been exponential with annual averages of 352% and 119% respectively, due to a growth in annual sales per company and a greater number of increasingly robust companies.
  6. TechBA Model “When operating in Global Markets, companies naturally adopt a global perspective” 6
  7. TechBA Network: Strategic Niches 7
  8. TechBA Work Methodology 8
  9. Companies assisted by location • The number of companies assisted has grown sharply. The effective utilization of networks in the business ecosystem surrounding each TechBA office has been a critical factor in that growth. 250 228 209 200 185 Vancouver 160 Seattle 150 Arizona 120 Michigan Montreal 100 Madrid 62 44 Austin 50 25 Silicon Valley 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  10. TechBA Program results • Participating companies have generated more than USD $435 million in international sales.* The most distinguished sectors are: ITC, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. International Sales and Participating Companies $160,000,000 $145,024,881 240 $127,000,000 $140,000,000 220 200 $120,000,000 180 $95,579,760 160 $100,000,000 140 $80,000,000 120 $60,000,000 100 $37,246,069 $40,958,171 80 $40,000,000 60 $9,727,600 $28,655,752 40 $20,000,000 $5,200,000 20 $0 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012* Projection International Sales Companies *To date, 55% of participating companies have reported 2012 sales data.
  11. TechBA in words of its companies “TechBA is like an MBA in the university of life. Of the programs I’ve known, TechBA is one of those that is working in a critical direction to change the trajectory of the country.” Luis Aburto, Director of Scio. “TechBA is not for everyone. Companies have to present a good project as they take you to compete against the best. Had it not been for working with TechBA I would never even have thought that there were opportunities in Spain.” Jorge Herrera, Director of CECYPE. “The consultants at TechBA are true experts in the material because they have personally lived through the problems [that we confront].” Jesús Mesta, General Director of Soisa. “TechBA’s support has been fundamental to react and transform our offer and as such attend to the demands of our potential clients. It has allowed us to optimally understand the signals of the market.” Ralph Aceves, CEO of Ovalpath.
  12. 12
  13. Mexico-Canada • 33 Millones de Habitantes • Segundo País mas grande en extensión territorial • Doceava Economía Mundial PIB • Novena  Economía Mundial PIB Per Capita  Comercio / Inversión: México - Canadá   • Flujo Comercial de $34 BUSD  /  Crecimiento de 751% desde la era del TLCAN • Crecimiento anual de 12.6% 1993 a 2012 • México es el 3er Socio Comercial de Canadá • Canadá es el 4to país mas importante para México en cuanto a IED (11BUSD 2000-2011) • Existen 2,897 Empresas operando en México con capital Canadiense.
  14. Canada interest sectors • Aerospace • ITC • Mining and Oil & Gas • Advanced Manufacturing • New Energies • Biotech • Agroindustry & Food Tech • Turism
  15. Ontario ITC niches • Software/systems development • Wireless and communications • Microelectronics • Digital media • Animation and Special Effects • E-Health Ontario's ICT industry includes more than • Secutirty Software 18,000 innovative companies that generate annual revenues of +$85 billion. • Green IT
  16. Québec ITC niches • Microelectronics • Multimedia • Optics and Photonics Nearly 8,000 businesses employ more than 145,000 people. The nearly 350 firms that develop and publish software • Computer services and generate close to $1.2 billion in revenues and employ over software 6,100 people. Québec's digital entertainment industry encompasses more than 80 companies involved in games development, • Telecom industry publishing, production services, software and middleware. These companies employ 7,000 people and generate many other jobs indirectly.
  17. TechBA Montreal mission Pri ctor o P IRA vad - RC Se N ry ust da Ind na Ca s O GD Negocios y Provincias y Desarrollo Territorios Económico Ag De enc Re sarr ias d gio ollo e na l Un i ve Ins est Inv rsi titu iga da tos ció de de n s
  18. TechBA-Montreal • Starts operations: 2007. • 300 aprox companies (2006-2013). – Aerospace. – Advanced Manufacturing & Metalmechanics. – ITC (multi&new media, software). – Industry. – Life Sciences (Medical devices, Medical Turism, Biotech). – Natural Resources (Energy, Oil&Gas, Mining). • Strategic partnership with Inno-Centre high-tech business incubator. – 25+ years of experience. – +150 Start Ups, 50 of them granted +500MUSD. – +30 specialized international senior business coaches. • 6 annual business events, positioning mexican SMEs to Montréal & Québec business community. • 6 Strategic niche studies and RoadMaps. 1) HEC:  Estudio Sectorial de Montreal (Aero / Bio / IT / Multimedia) 2007 2) INNO-CENTRE:  Diagnostico de Capacidades Aeroespaciales a Empresas Pymes Mexicanas 2008 3) SECOR:  Dispositivos Médicos en el Mercado Canadiense y Comparativo con Capacidades en México 4) NORDICITY: Estudio Comparativo y de Oportunidades entre el Mercado Canadiense y Mexicano para el Sector Multimedia 5) FUMEC/ TECHBA / COMECYT: Nichos Estratégicos para el desarrollo del sector Aeroespacial en el Estado de México 2010 6) INNO-CENTRE: Turismo Medico en México y oportunidades en el Mercado Norteamericano 2010
  19. TechBA Montreal base methodology PRE-ACCELERATION (3mo) PRE-ACCELERATION (3mo) ACCELERATION (1YR) ACCELERATION (1YR) Acceso a una Oficina en Sede Evaluación Definición Propuesta Planeación Estrategica Inicial Valor Planeación Operativa Aceptación al Junta Graduacion / Programa Consejo de Coaches Apoyo Estratégico en Empresa de Base Inducción en ejecución del Plan de Acceso a Mercados Tecnológica TechBA Negocio Internacionales Montreal Acceso a Network Definición de de Negocios (Webinars) Funciones Multidisciplinarías Acceso a un Coach para Acceso a equipo Desarrollo Negocio Desarrollo de Relaciones de Multidiciplinario Negocios Estratégicos y Internacional Alianzas Apoyo en Fuerza de Ventas y MKT
  20. How To?: TechBA Montreal Bootcamp Model March December (2nd week) May-June (2 weeks) TODAY!!!
  21. TechBA Montreal ITC network in Canada 21
  22. 22
  23. About Austin In the early 1980s Austin was the state capital and a university town with a cowboy/ranching culture – the city was NOT known for high tech. Jobs were mostly in government and education – the area could not retain its educated talent. In the late 1980s Austin was most known for “see through” buildings and a depressed economy NOT entrepreneurship, technology growth, and Venture Capital. The area was losing its entrepreneurial & technology talent. 23
  24. About Austin 10 Years Later: The Best U.S. Cities for Business – Top Five Wealth Creators 1. Austin 2. Las Vegas 3. Salt Lake City 4. Phoenix 5. San Jose Fortune, November 23th, 1998 24
  25. About Austin ecosystem 23 High Tech Incubators
  26. TechBA Austin companies and results 2012 • From a total of 29 companies in Acceleration, 9 of them export more than 20% of their total income – average 53%.
  27. Empresas y Resultados 2012 •De un Total de 29 Empresas en Aceleración 9 exportan mas del 20% de sus ingresos- promedio 53% •Las 9 empresas en 2012 que mas han aumentado sus ventas- promedio 183% •Una empresa entro al mercado Arabe/Medio Oriente en menos de un año 27 27
  28. Joint Pre-acceleration TechBA Austin + Montreal
  29. What it takes to get into global markets?
  30. Work Remotely & Get Ready
  31. Basics • 3+ months program • Remote program: companies in Mexico • Goal: Taste the global market 31
  32. 2013 Preacceleration Week One On-Line + Webinars Graduation Week/Expo •March 19-22 •February - June •June 11-13 •April 16-19 •Remote training •In Austin training •In Austin training •Expo June 13 •Company presentation Qualifications •Deliverables Qualifications Qualifications •Elevator speech video •Questionnaire •Attend webinars •Website •Documentation •Quizzes •Collateral •Projects •Final Pitch
  33. 2013 TechBA Preacceleration Calendar Fechas Semana Temas Webinar 1: ∀Lanzar y luego Planear (Pitch then Plan) 26 de Febrero 1 - G1 ∀Preparación para la Innovación - Introducción 4 al 8 de Marzo 2 - G1 Proyecto: Pitch then Plan 19 al 22 de Marzo en Semana de Inducción 3 - G1 ∀Presentación de Lanzamiento Austin Webinar 1: ∀Lanzar y luego Planear (Pitch then Plan) 2 de Abril 1 - G2 ∀Preparación para la Innovación - Introducción 8 al 12 de Abril 2 - G2 Proyecto: Pitch then Plan 16 al 19 de Abril en Semana de Inducción 3 - G2 ∀Presentación de Lanzamiento Austin 33
  34. 2013 TechBA Preacceleration Calendar Fechas Semana Temas Inicia entrenamiento en-linea: Preparación para la Innovación Estudiar Módulos 1, 2 y 3 ∀Introducción a la Innovación y Comercialización 22 al 26 de Abril 4 ∀Descripción de la Innovación ∀Identificación de los Beneficios Proyectos: ∀Prueba: Beneficios y Descripción de la Tecnología ∀Descripción de la Tecnología / Innovación ∀Tabla de Beneficios 30 de Abril 5 Webinar 2: Revisión de Módulos 1, 2 y 3 29 de Abril al 3 de Mayo Estudiar Módulos 4 y 5 ∀Estado de Desarrollo ∀Propiedad Intelectual 1 – Copyrights y Marca Registrada Proyectos: ∀Pruebas de Estado de Desarrollo y Propiedad Intelectual 1 7 de Mayo 6 Webinar 3: Revisión de Módulos 4 y 5, mas Preparación para la Expo 6 al 10 de Mayo Estudiar Módulos 6 y 7 ∀Propiedad Intelectual 2 – Patentes y Secretos Industriales ∀Evaluación de la Competencia Proyectos: ∀Pruebas de Propiedad Intelectual 2 y Competencia 14 de Mayo 7 Webinar 4: Revisión de Módulos 6 y 7 13 al 17 de Mayo Proyectos: ∀Matriz de Competidores Estudiar Módulos 8, 9 y 10 ∀Validación del Mercado 20 al 24 de Mayo 8 ∀Lanzando la Innovación ∀Habilidades de Presentación Proyectos: ∀Prueba de Validación del Mercado ∀Descripción Breve de la Tecnología 34
  35. 2013 TechBA Preacceleration Calendar Fechas Semana Temas Webinar 5: Revisión de Módulos 8, 9 y 10; y 28 de Mayo 9 Discurso de Elevador 27 al 31 de Mayo Proyectos para participar en la Expo: ∀Webpage, frases y descripción para la Expo Proyecto para participar en la Expo: 3 al 7 de Junio 10 ∀Video del Discurso de Elevador 11 al 13 Junio en Semana de Graduación y Expo 11 Austin 35
  36. TechBA Expo
  37. Dual Program Program Montreal Program Austin Closing Montreal Closing Austin 37
  38. Requirements • Questionnaire • RFC • Employment (SUA...) • Co-investment ($150,000 MN) • Sales / Employment reports • Pay: $5,000 MN – If Dual Program: $0 MN 38