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Online Marketing Portfolio

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A short business profile, related to the provision of online marketing services. It includes indicative case studies from clients within the hospitality and travel industries.

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Online Marketing Portfolio

  1. 1. Sample Case Studies Online Marketing for Hospitality & Travel Companies
  2. 2. #gdoucas Client: Hotel Olympia Thessaloniki Industry: Hospitality Project Brief: Developed comprehensive social media presence Content Strategy, Competitions, Location Based Optimization Reputation Management Strategy, Website Optimization Appraisal #OnlineMarketing #ORM
  3. 3. #gdoucas Client: ExcellentTravel Services Industry: Executive Transportation Services Project Brief: Targeted Social Media presence, Content Strategy, Competitions, Email Marketing, Event Promotion, PPC #BrandAwareness #SalesGrowth
  4. 4. #gdoucas Client: Culinary Experiences Industry: Tour Operator (Excursions, Multi-day Tours, Special Events) Project Brief: Targeted Social Media presence, Content Strategy, Email Marketing, Website Optimisation #BrandAwareness #LeadNurturing
  5. 5. Who is George Doucas A seasoned Online Sales & Marketing professional, engaged into consulting for the hospitality & travel industries. He develops comprehensive online strategies, builds innovative multi-channel campaigns and applies business processes that focus on driving sales growth, improving operating margins, enhance brand value and increase customer engagement. Aims on delivering highest possible client value and help companies realize significant ROI. Digital Marketing Services Design & Development Strategy # Social Media Marketing # Search Engine Optimization # PayPerClick Campaigns # Display Remarketing # Email Marketing # Online Reputation Management # Web Design # Mobile / Responsive Design # Content Management System (CMS) # Content Strategy & Architecture # Online Reservations Solutions # Expert Hotel Management Consulting # Brand Development # Cross Channel Sales & Marketing Strategies # Strategic Reviews Portfolio of Services
  6. 6. Contact / Follow Blog: Optimizeyourhotel.wordpress.com Web: About.me/georgedoucas georgedoucas@gmail.com gr.linkedin.com/in/georgedoucas @gdoucas