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Innovate Marketing with Crowdsourcing

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Ranjita Ghosh, Wipro Limited
CSWGlobal18 presentation

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Innovate Marketing with Crowdsourcing

  1. 1. Innovate Marketing with Crowdsourcing Ranjita Ghosh Marketing Director – Innovation & Change Ecosystems Wipro Limited Copyright Wipro Limited
  2. 2. © 2 Understand – really understand – the experience your customer wants. David Redhill, Partner, Global CMO, Deloitte Consulting There is nothing known as B2B. We do business with human beings. Linda Boff, CMO, GE
  4. 4. © 4 Changing Consumer Expectations | Connected Economy New Ways of Working | Trust | Empowerment
  5. 5. © 5 Quick. Brisk. Crowdsourced.
  6. 6. © 6 What it implies for Marketing? 1) Being CLOSER to where the ACTION is  Closer to the business stakeholders for more visibility, accessibility, top of the mind recall 2) Have the ‘RIGHT PEOPLE’ for the right jobs 3) ‘NURTURE what must stay – and OUTSOURCE what must go’  Knowing what skills to build – and letting go of overheads, e.g. Agency specific skills, Event management skills, vendor management functions, etc. 4) LEVERAGE TOOLS for higher productivity – e.g. Marketing Automation tools, Social Listening tools, Campaign Management, and even basic Project Management tools. QUICK. BRISK. What it means (literally)? Moving FAST / High Momentum  Fast turnaround / Quick execution  Decision making  Promptness  Responsiveness  Quick Thinking, Quick Learning  Resolute  Sprightly…. What it helps with? FOCUS MEASURABILITY RELIABILITY TRUST
  7. 7. © 7 CROWDSOURCED. What it implies for Marketing? 1) Open Thinking & Open Innovation 2) A Platform to Experiment… 3) Flatter Structures? 4) Quicker solutions…and the ability to solve complex problems with ‘collective sourcing’ of ideas… 5) More Empowerment…(‘I do what I’m best at…’) 6) Each individual gets to ‘shine’ in what they are best at (by being on projects of their choice, and dedicating 100% of their time to that) PS: Every individual continues to have a ‘day job’…and they work on projects that can do with a crowdsourced model – therefore, individual drive and commitment, moving out of the comfort zone to do something different is key. What it means (literally)? ‘To obtain (information or input into a particular task or project) by enlisting the services of a number of people…’ ‘Harness the power of collective might’ ‘Collective Intelligence’ What it helps with?  To introduce new, scarce or more developed skills into an environment  Pooling in of the best – SKILLS, IDEAS, TIME, RESOURCES…  AGILITY, FASTER TIME TO MARKET
  8. 8. © 8 Some Examples…  Rebranding Project  Task distribution taking into account the several elements that need to be implemented / managed / transformed in line with the new brand guidelines  Thought Leadership & Campaigns  A new age model where the best of ideas, knowledge, field-experience, design skills, etc. are crowdsourced – both from in-house, and externally.  Competitive Intelligence  Crowdsourcing intelligence from Analysts, CI Firms, Wipro leaders, Investor Analysts, PR firms through a focused / concerted mechanism, the end goal being the curation of high-impact insights for Sales and Leadership.  The workings of ‘MInK’  People without job descriptions, exceptionally driven by the goal to do something that is not routine.  Crowdsourced time, skills, PASSION  Wipro Leadership Conference  The coming together of Brand, Events, various Marketing Managers, leadership to execute this large format event.
  9. 9. CASE STUDY Crowdsourcing marketing properties © 9 Land O’Lakes (A member-owned agricultural cooperative based in Minnesota) Topcoder Community designed the websites for Purina, Calva, Nutra Blend and PMI Nutrition “We received results at a very reasonable cost. If I go to an agency and say design me 4-5 page templates for a website, it’s going to cost me $100,000 right out of the gate. At Topcoder, it’s more like $5,000. I think the biggest value-add is that there’s no lead time. As soon as I get a statement of work, I can start the work.” - Allen Niere, Digital Development Manager for Land O’Lakes https://www.topcoder.com/blog/land-olakes-crowdsourcing-topcoder/
  10. 10. © 10 In under three weeks from initial idea to final results, Topcoder and Macy’s achieved incredible things –  41 registrants (representing 7 countries from around the globe) created 18 unique design concepts for a new macys.com  Over 180 unique screens were presented to Macy’s — all completed in less than two days’ time  Macy’s crowdsourcing to push the boundaries on how key consumer experiences could be reimagined. CASE STUDY Reimagining the retail experience Macy’s (Design thinking experiment at NRF) Macy’s decided to utilize crowdsourcing to execute a design thinking exploration… with one catch: The design thinking crowdsourcing- powered exercise would take place live, during NRF’s “Big Show.” https://www.topcoder.com/blog/macys-at-nrf-with-crowdsourcing/
  11. 11. © 11 CASE STUDY Travel Brilliantly Marriott (Travel Brilliantly Campaign Platform) In 2013, Marriott Hotels invested in a 3-year, $30 million per year strategic brand repositioning campaign ‘ Travel Brilliantly’. Co-innovation and consumer engagement were key tactics used during the campaign.  Successfully engaged consumers digitally, and served as a proof point of the brand’s new positioning towards Millennials  Crowd-sourced ideas were piloted at Marriott Hotels properties, including a vending machine that dispensed healthy foods  Marriott.com and Marriott Hotels.com: New brand voice, look and feel were rolled out on hotel websites "The 'Travel Brilliantly' campaign re-establishes Marriott's role as a pioneer in the travel industry," - Jan Egan, Executive Creative Director, Grey NY
  12. 12. © 12 Forward thinking culture | Leadership willing to experiment A transformation agenda | A strong crowdsourcing platform
  13. 13. @R4Ranjita @Wipro @Topcoder