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Transforming Your Organization Through Idea Management

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Presented at the Crowdsourcing Week London Summit, October 3, 2013 by Simon Hill of Wazoku. For more information, visit http://crowdsourcingweek.com.

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Transforming Your Organization Through Idea Management

  1. 1. Transforming your Organisation through Idea Management Simon Hill MD Wazoku
  2. 2. CEO Wazoku Innovation Practitioner Tech Founder Startup VC Ideas Person Introduction
  3. 3. • Swahili word meaning…Great Idea!... • A leading European Idea Management solution; • Featured in Gartner’s “Who’s Who in Innovation Management” report, Jan 2013; • True innovation management workflow in your hands; • Experienced team of innovators and software designers available for implementation support and account management • A firm belief in a flexible, integrated and mobile approach to software development and deployment What is ?
  4. 4. What is Idea Management ?
  5. 5. 1/ Ideas Matter 2/ Ideas need managing 3/ Innovation is complex
  6. 6. “Idea Management is not about finding the one big disruption that is going to change the market. It’s about the process of generating, selecting and executing ideas”
  7. 7. IDEAS Move through a process to an outcome….
  8. 8. Key Features of an IM Solution
  9. 9. Anywhere, Any time
  10. 10. How can businesses benefit?
  11. 11. NPD, Cost Saving, Collaborating Idea Management is relevant for companies across public & private sectors and cross-functionally, across geography and beyond the four walls of your organisation: • Engage a wide and diverse audience – employees, partners, clients, customers in product development, iteration and feedback • Make truly informed product decisions with voice of the customer, market informed data to inform prioritisation and decision making Product Development Process/Service Innovation Community, partner, network engagement • Continuous improvement through collaboration of all minds on ideas to reduce waste and increase organisational effectiveness • Engage a broader audience to help identify, understand and prioritise possible efficiency gains • Crowd-source insight from across the organisation and beyond to customers, clients, partners and suppliers • Voice of the ‘customer’ insight through sales engagement, customer feedback and in app feedback for technology products
  12. 12. • Culture • Processes • Tools Building Cultures of Innovation
  13. 13. Why does this matter?
  14. 14. 96+% ideas will go nowhere
  15. 15. Doing this right provides the fuel for building and driving innovative solutions
  16. 16. Let’s take a look…
  17. 17. Let’s make a TV show! Idea Management at the BBC
  18. 18. Got an idea, come share it with us! New Product Innovation
  19. 19. Prioritise and act on the best ideas Monthly Challenges
  20. 20. Any Questions?
  21. 21. info@wazoku.com +44 (0) 208 743 5724 @mrsihill @wazokuhq Want more info you can contact us www.wazoku.com or Thank you!