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Last day

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Last day

  1. 1. THE LAST DAY :-)
  2. 2. ERRORS a) I was hear a girl. I thinked that she was in danger. (2 mistakes) b) We had that the person was died. (2) c) My grandfathers hadn't arrived yet (1) d) I been to any house, alone. (3) e)This childs were nice (1) f) Era my mum, yes, my mum, feia much what I wasn't looking. (5) g) I had afraid (1) h) I and my mother stayed at home. (1)
  3. 3. ERRORS i)We prepared all the thing we passport. (1) j)We went eat. (1) k) My father could to repair the car. l) The hotel did not open. m) I did not see never an that place (2) n) Once week ago (1) o)She always help me. (1) p) I am on holidays (1)