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Building Trust and a Healthy Reputation from the Get-go

Why start-ups and small businesses should actively build trust from day one, how they should so, while preparing for things going wrong

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Building Trust and a Healthy Reputation from the Get-go

  1. BUILDING TRUST AND A HEALTHY REPUTATION FROM THE GET-GO Paperclip HK – November 23, 2015 Foreign Trade University, Hanoi - December 8, 2016 CPC&
  2. ABOUT CHARLIE POWNALL • Managing Director of CPC & Associates. Previously Regional Managing Director of Burson- Marsteller (Asia-Pacific), WPP, SYZYGY AG, Reuters, European Commission • Over twenty years’ experience in communications planning & strategy, public relations, issues & crisis communications, digital marketing, social media, government communications, political advocacy, speechwriting, journalism • Set up and ran the European Commission's first rapid rebuttal unit. Led communications for 15x over-subscribed SYZYGY AG IPO. Grew Burson-Marsteller's digital/social offer and capability across Asia by average 80% per year • Author, Managing Online Reputation: How to Protect Your Company on Social Media (Palgrave Macmillan, Alpha Books). WPP Atticus Award (2011) for Managing Corporate Reputation in the Digital Age white paper • Global experience; over nine years in Asia. Chairman, Communications & Marketing Committee, American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (2012-15) charliepownall.com CPC& 2
  3. 3charliepownall.com YIN & YANG OF REPUTATION CPC&
  4. 4charliepownall.com CPC&
  5. ‘People build brands as birds build nests, from the scraps and straws we chance upon’ 5charliepownall.com Jeremy Bullmore CPC&
  6. WHAT WE’LL TALK ABOUT TODAY • How to build a strong, resilient company • What to do when things go wrong 6charliepownall.com CPC&
  8. CPC& 8 charliepownall.com
  9. Source: Socialbakers - 2016 CPC& 9 charliepownall.com
  10. 10 charliepownall.com UNDERSTAND & EXCEED EXPECTATIONS CPC&
  11. 11 charliepownall.com LEAD FROM THE FRONT CPC&
  12. 12 charliepownall.com INSTILL YOUR VALUES IN ALL YOU DO & SAY CPC&
  13. 13 charliepownall.com BE CONSISTENT IN WHAT YOU SAY AND DO CPC&
  14. 14 charliepownall.com BE TRANSPARENT … CPC&
  15. 15 charliepownall.com … AND OPEN CPC&
  16. 16charliepownall.com CPC& PREPARE FOR THINGS GOING WRONG
  17. charliepownall.com • Not responding • Responding too slowly • Being dishonest • Being partially honest • Deflecting blame • Over-reacting COMMON RESPONSE PITFALLS CPC& 17
  18. 1. Move fact 2. Act decisively 3. Be honest and open 4. Be human, sincere and empathetic 5. Express your side of the story clearly and persuasively CPC& charliepownall.com INCIDENT/CRISIS RESPONSE PRINCIPLES 18
  19. charliepownall.com CPC& 19
  20. charliepownall.com CPC& 20
  21. charliepownall.com CPC& "The nature of the dispute and in particular the manner in which it was conducted, irrespective of any comments alleged to have been made, is adjudged to be not only of concern to the public but viewed by us as detrimental to the standing of our company, unbecoming of a manager of our brand and prejudicial to our good name." "Therefore, we have immediately relieved the manager of his position." "Such an incident reflects in no way the values of Daimler AG and we sincerely apologize for the concerns raised by this matter and the views that people have felt obliged to express following the reports of this regrettable matter". Source: Daimler Greater China 21
  22. charliepownall.com CPC& Source: Daimler Greater China 22
  23. • What can we say? Anything substantive? • What can’t we say? What’s our likely legal liability? • Which stakeholders do we need to be talking to? • What’s their likely reaction? • Who should speak on our behalf? • Proactive or reactive? FIRST RESPONSE CONSIDERATIONS CPC& charliepownall.com 23
  24. CPC& charliepownall.com 24
  25. CPC& charliepownall.com 25
  26. WHAT TO SAY WHEN A CRISIS BREAKS • Acknowledge the issue • Show empathy with those impacted • Recognise the urgency of the situation • Demonstrate it is being taken seriously • Promise to keep those impacted updated CPC& charliepownall.com 26
  27. CPC& charliepownall.com 27
  28. • Ensure flawless customer experience • Understand and exceed expectations • Lead from the front • Instil your values in all you do and say • Be consistent in what you say and do • Be honest, transparent and open • Prepare properly for things going wrong. YOU WILL SURVIVE & PROSPER IF YOU … charliepownall.com 28 CPC&
  29. QUESTIONS? 29charliepownall.com CPC&
  30. 30charliepownall.com THANK YOU. @cpownall +44 20 3856 3599 cp@charliepownall charliepownall.com CPC&