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China: On work & the economy

Business, work and the economy in China: what you should know.

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China: On work & the economy

  1. 1. Business, work and the economy in China: What you should know Leadership .Strategy . Business
  2. 2. Covering accounting firms, e-commerce, entrepreneurs and how to expand a business, here’s a collection of articles on work, business and the economy in China. Leadership .Strategy . Business
  3. 3. “China’s growth has fuelled Australia’s prosperity. Its transition to domestic consumption is creating monumental new opportunities. The China Australia Free Trade Agreement provides a roadmap for our future, beyond mining. It’s vital to unlocking the potential of many Australian businesses, increasing our competitiveness, securing our place in the Asian Century, and most importantly, creating jobs for the future.” Alex Malley FCPA Chief executive, CPA Australia Leadership .Strategy . Business
  4. 4. How WeChat is reshaping the social media future The question that’s now compulsory in China’s boardrooms: “Do you have WeChat?” READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business To follow CPA Australia’s WeChat account search “CPA_Australia” (or “澳洲会计师公会”), or scan the QR code.
  5. 5. Alibaba and JD.com battle it out for China’s e-commerce business China leads the world in selling things online, and by 2020 Chinese e-commerce could be worth more than that of the US, the UK, Japan, Germany and France combined. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  6. 6. Next-gen start-ups now stamped ‘Made in China’ Embracing China’s entrepreneurial Zeitgeist, young men and women are increasingly rejecting China’s traditional career paths to seek fortune in the high-tech sector. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  7. 7. Why China now leads the way in innovation In recent years, innovation and technology have become the loudest buzzwords of Chinese industry. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  8. 8. China gets serious about protecting intellectual property China now files more international patents than Germany, and is taking intellectual property rules seriously. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  9. 9. ShineWing on track to become China’s first great multinational professional services firm “We understand the Chinese economic environment and Chinese enterprises. In this aspect, we are better than the Big Four.” Zhang Ke Chairman, ShineWing International READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  10. 10. Good times for the airport industry, thanks to Chinese travellers It’s good times for the US$130-billion-a-year global airport industry, partly thanks to Chinese travellers. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  11. 11. Tennis lessons: what your business can learn from one company’s push into Asia Commercial director Richard Heaselgrave shares Tennis Australia’s winning strategy for other businesses that are considering expanding into Asia. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  12. 12. Usual end slide Leadership .Strategy . Business INTHEBLACK.COM