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  2. Heavy and Moderate clickers are only 8% of the internet population but account for 85% of all clicks
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  4. Engagement = Вовлеченность
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  6. Key Points:The quality of an ad’s creative has a four times greater impact on sales changes than key media planning variables, like GRPs, wearout and continuity of airing.This research from comScore ARS proves that advertising creative is four times more impactful in influencing sales than media planning variables, like GRP, wearout, continuity/flighting of airing. The study findings showed that fifty-two percent of market share movement is attributable to the quality of creative, making creative the number one driver of sales change. Takeaway for marketers: -There is value in focusingon the quality of creative, and not just relying on media planning elements, which only account for a combined 13% of market share movement. -These findings not only support the value of copy-testing in the traditional TV space, but also in digital advertising, where much of the focus has historically been placed on ad format and placement strategy. -65% (or two thirds) of the factors that influence an ad’s ability to increase sales are factors that comScore ARS can advise on. There are other “levers” (i.e. that other 35%) that also impact sales change but these factors are not as easy to change/adjust. Study Details:The research findings are based on an analysis of 396 television advertising campaigns (179 brands, 92 categories, 36 advertisers and 8 countries). For each campaign, market share was evaluated pre-campaign and post-campaign to derive the variance in market share shifts explained by various advertising elements (i.e. ad quality, media weight, etc). Sales data was sourced from R. L. Polk New Vehicle Registration, IMS HEALTH, IRI InfoScan, Markettrack, Nielsen SCANTRACK or Nielsen Retail Index.
  7. Display will have a much easier time making the case for brand dollars.
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  11. For every ad, comScore looked at the following post-view behavioral measures:Visitation - A visit to the marketer’s websiteMinutes –Minutes spent at the marketer’s websiteTrademark Search– A search for trademark terms belonging to the marketer