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Heidi Steiger on Women Leadership

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I'm talking with Heidi Steiger on how she views women in leadership, what qualities do women have and how should we stimulate each other to reach our goals.

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Heidi Steiger on Women Leadership

  1. 1. WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP - Heidi Steiger
 Heidi Steiger is female board director, audit committee expert. A creative visionary with a mission. " What leadership qualities do women have?" Having been in leadership positions for many years, I can say that in the financial industry – traditionally a man’s world – women leadership is incredibly important. We possess many undervalued traits." Women are more sensitive to cultural issues and pay more attention to the impact of their actions on their surroundings; both towards the people and the environment. They’re also more inclusive which makes them adept at building strong teams and getting the best out of people. I also believe women are more collaborative… and better negotiators."
  2. 2. What characterises your leadership style?
 Next to being collaborative and inclusive, I think it’s my inherent creativity that’s one of my most important values and has allowed me to encourage a different way of thinking and acting in the financial world. 
 I’m also a great believer in sharing my knowledge and experience of leadership with the next generation of women leaders. I’m part of the Committee of 200 – a membership organisation of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. 
 The primary mission of C200 is to celebrate and advance women’s leadership in business – and I’ve been lucky enough to mentor several young women in leadership positions. I say lucky because I also learnt a lot from these women. 
 " " " " " " "With a different generation of business leaders, comes " " " " " " "different insights and, to some extent, different skills. I " " " " " " "would really like to see more women of my generation " " " " " " "being more open to other women and mentoring them –  " " " " " " "because that’s what’s needed. I feel it’s our responsibility " " " " " " "to share our knowledge and experience: not keep it " " " " " " "to ourselves." Heidi Steiger – Board Director"