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“Dreams Happen” - Carole van Bekkum, Creative Director DreamCatch

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Creative director Carole van Bekkum lately joined an Amsterdam based design agency, that was about to undergo a major transformation. Together with the agency’s owner they decided to rebrand the company fundamentally. First of all, they created its new name, DreamCatch. Carole’s philosophy of dreams can be easily resumed as follows: dreams happen. Simultaneously, she visualised and realised DreamCatch to be her ideal working space. For Carole as well as for DreamCatch, this is a dream come true.

Carole van Bekkum has her roots in art education, and she still is an artist, drawing everywhere she goes. Her rich career as an art director reached its first peak when Philips Design hired her as a creative director. Reputed for being a ‘driver of innovation’, she was asked to lead a mission critical innovation in the underexposed food and beverage market. The accomplishments were successful on the levels of creation, innovation and leadership. Her matching of extreme imagination and management style pleased Philips to the point that Carole van Bekkum was invited to participate in a leadership training for high potentials.

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“Dreams Happen” - Carole van Bekkum, Creative Director DreamCatch

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