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Simply cook- Apps for good presentation

Our app presentation by team Thr333

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Simply cook- Apps for good presentation

  1. 1. Thr333
  2. 2. By Emily Heidrich, Eabha Lambe and Ella Batten
  3. 3. Our Background Situation Our app could be for the single parent who is organising a dinner party. They attempt to cook a meal however they don’t have a lot of time , they are very unorganised and don’t know what to cook or how to present it.
  4. 4. The Problem People often burn and under cook their food, they also find it hard to get new inspiration and are often left clueless on what to cook.
  5. 5. The Question How can I cook a tasty and wholesome meal for my family and make sure its cooked for the right amount of time?
  6. 6. The Situation • 1 in ten women can only cook three meals without looking at a recipe book • Eight in ten women admit to cooking the same meals • 28% of Americans cannot cook. • Ready meals are on average £5 for a 1 person serving, why would you pay extortionate prices when you can cook 3 whole, nutritious meals for the same price.
  7. 7. Elevator Pitch Do you struggle to find simple recipes and inspiration to cook? Our app will benefit a large amount of people and inspire more people to cook or even make cooking a passion. Our app will help you to find tasty recipes that are just right for you based on time and ingredients that you have. Easy to follow tutorials will guide you along the way. It will also have a timer with notifications 15, 10 and 5 minutes before the food is ready. Therefore you needn’t worry about burning or undercooking perfectly good food. Unlike other cooking apps on the market today, we will have a measurement and conversion page, we will categorise the recipes by ingredients or time available. We will also include a balance between extra health and not so healthy recipes. You can share videos, photos and reviews on our app. Our favourite’s page will be easy to use and add you can add your favourite recipes to it. We also aim to incorporate social media sites in the future and connect to shops to provide reward vouchers. For users at the top of our leader board.
  8. 8. More than 70% of people that completed our survey said that they burn and under cook food 57% said that they really enjoy cooking but most of the people said that if there was an app that could help them with cooking that they would enjoy it more 64% said that they use the internet to find recipes, 21% said they use cookbooks and14% said they use family and friends. 84% said they would pay for an app if it had recipes that only used ingredients that are available to them Primary Research
  9. 9. We learnt that … • People wanted an app that inspires them to cook • An app that helps them be organised • Can fit around their busy life style • They want an app that has healthy recipes • Has recipes that have an affordable budget
  10. 10. Why our app is different • We will have a measurement and conversion page • Categorise the recipes by ingredients or time available. • A leader board which provides rewards • Aim to incorporate social media sites and join with supermarkets so we can offer reward vouchers for top of the leader board cooks.
  11. 11. Core features • An alarm-where you set the times that you want to be reminded about the food. • A shopping list- the ingredients needed for the recipe you have chosen. • Users will create an account- where you can upload photos, videos and recipes • We will have a leader board- The users who stay at the top will receive rewards • We also want to connect to supermarkets to provide rewards and recipes.
  12. 12. Data and Content • Our app needs photos, videos, recipes and reviews. We will get this from our users who can upload the content. When we connect to supermarkets they can also upload the content. • We will need access to a Wi-Fi connection
  13. 13. Business model • Value propositions- Simply Cook • Customer segments-Anyone who enjoys cooking or needs help to cook. • Customer relationships-We will offer reward vouchers • Channels-Google Play Store • Key activities-Regular updates based on feedback • Key partners-Supermarkets and Co founders • Key resources-Designers and Developers • Cost structure-Maintenance of the app • Revenue streams-We will charge after a period of time and advertise for shops.
  14. 14. Advertising • We will advertise on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. • Posters , flyers and leaflets • We could also advertise by word of mouth .
  15. 15. App Design Mock-up We presented to an expert who gave us some tips to improve our app such as using a voice recognition so while people are cooking they can still use the app without getting cooking substances on their device and we have also presented in our school and received feedback that we have taken on board and improved. We have set up a twitter account and gained research from our Gmail survey.