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The Digital Badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research

  1. The Digital Badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research An example of a collaborative alternative learning pathway. CONULT&L2019 Dr Aoife Coffey, UCC Library
  2. Overview What is a digital badge? What are the benefits  For the participants?  For the Library? The RCR badge The process Progress so far …… Next Steps CONULT&L2019
  3. CONULT&L2019 What are Digital Badges? • Old Concept reinvented with New technology • Launched in 2012 by Mozilla • Online representation of a skill you’ve earned • Free and open • Embedded with metadata, built in audit trail • Stackable • Transferrable Properties of Open Badges by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND Open Badges (P.S. there’s data inside…) by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND
  4. CONULT&L2019 What are the benefits for learners? • Puts the user in control of their own learning pathway • Democratises the learning opportunity • Rewards practical skills • Learn at their own pace • Recognition learning outside of traditional pathways • Opportunity for co-curricular learning • Transferrable skills Credentials big and small… by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND
  5. CONULT&L2019
  6. CONULT&L2019 What are the benefits for Libraries? • Credential their teaching offerings • Can be offered to staff and students • Directly addresses the UCCs strategic goals for learning and teaching • Key tool identified for the delivery of the Graduate Attributes Program • Respond quickly to the needs of students and faculty • Link with wider university community • Provide more flexible learning options
  7. CONULT&L2019 • Changes in National Policy • National Framework on the Transition to an Open Research Environment • Changing expectations internationally • FAIR • Open Science • Funder requirements • Mandated DMPs • Data Sharing Changes…….
  8. CONULT&L2019 Our Response
  9. Me, Research Data Coordinator, UCC Library Dr Brendan Palmer, Associate Statistician, Clinical Research Facility-Cork Dr Louise Burgoyne, Research Officer, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation CONULT&L2019 Assemble The A team by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND
  10. CONULT&L2019 Concept Development January 2019 Application to DBSC Committee Timeline
  11. CONULT&L2019 Quality assurance standards every UCC Digital Badge must meet Communicates credibility and value Is aligned to University’s vision and strategy Has clear ownership and accountability Reflects relevant and robust learning 1 2 3 4
  12. CONULT&L2019 Digital Badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research A tailored and blended learning course on the Responsible Conduct of Research. This DB was developed to embed and foster the key elements and core skills of Research Integrity in UCC researcher community. Target Audience • Researchers at all levels and career stages from PhD. to PI. It provides a unique opportunity to address a significant gap in their skills portfolio. Course Content • Research Integrity • Epigeum • FAIR Principles • Data Management • Reproducible Research
  13. CONULT&L2019 Badge Content Responsible Conduct of Research Research Integrity FAIR Principles Reproducible Research Research Data Management
  14. CONULT&L2019 Concept Development January 2019 Application to DBSC Committee Content development Launch June 2019 Timeline continued…….
  15. CONULT&L2019 How the badges are issued. Delivery of the DB content by the issuer Request approval for admin to issue the badges to validated earners The DBSC formally approve before recipients receive their badges Badge Issued
  16. CONULT&L2019 Progress so far……… 78Individual researchers have completed the workshops 82% Would recommend to a colleague 77% Felt they could apply some element to their own work
  17. Next steps • Canvas • New Library based badges CONULT&L2019
  18. Thank you for listening CONULT&L2019

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  1. Overview of the presentation.