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  1. 1. IT CLASSROOM. EXERCISE 10. IES Clara Campoamor. 1st ESO • WHO WAS COMENIUS?As you know, our High School is taking part in a programme called Comenius. Can you saysomething about Comenius? He was an important person for the education.Let´s learn more about him. 1. Where was Comenius born? Here you have some clues: a) Here you can see the flag of the country. b) In this country you can swim in a river called Elba. 2. When was he born? You can find the answer here 3. He was a teacher in the University of Heidelberg. Where is it? Click  http://www.uhu.es/cine.educacion/figuraspedagogia/0_comenius.htm#La_propuesta_pedagógica_de_Comeni us_  Google maps.
  2. 2. IT CLASSROOM. EXERCISE 10. IES Clara Campoamor. 1st ESO Write down two sentences (in English, of course) about this information and paste a picture about Heidelberg. 4. He wrote a lot of books. In this link you can see the first illustrated textbook. Paste one picture. 5. He travelled around the world: Poland, England, Sweden, Transylvania and Netherlands, where he died in 1670. He is buried in the church of Naarden. Where is it? Paste a picture.  He believed in the education for developing people. He promoted the learning of languages.  He thought that the unique way to get the peace is through the education. What do you think about it?  http://www.uhu.es/cine.educacion/figuraspedagogia/0_comenius.htm#La_propuesta_pedagógica_de_Comeni us_  Google maps.