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SMX Sydney 2014 - Using Social Media for SEO & Traffic Gain

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SMX Sydney 2014 - Using Social Media for SEO & Traffic Gain by James Norquay.

This presentation goes over actionable strategies for using Social Media sites for SEO and Traffic gain.

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SMX Sydney 2014 - Using Social Media for SEO & Traffic Gain

  1. 1. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Utilising Social for SEO &Traffic Gain James Norquay Prosperity Media – Consulting Director & Founder
  2. 2. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX What have I been doing for the last 10 years? 2004 > NOW 2004 – 2008 – Founded a successful network of content sites which generated 20 million + Unique visitors.These sites were mostly acquired by a US media company. 2009 – 2012 – Started the SEO & Content Marketing division for Columbus Search with PieterVerasdonck & Grew the unit to millions in revenue. 2012 – Headed up the SEO activity forVirgin Mobile Australia (Agency lead) 2013 – NOW – Started my own Sydney CBD based DigitalAgency Prosperity Media. Some recent clients include:
  3. 3. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX How does Social even help SEO?
  4. 4. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX How Do Social Shares increase SEO? Source: Blind FiveYear Old
  5. 5. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Creators are important! Source: Blind FiveYear Old
  6. 6. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX How do I target these “Creators”?
  7. 7. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Giving out gifts and getting links and social traffic
  8. 8. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Creators are important!
  9. 9. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Creators are important!
  10. 10. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX How to Find Creators = Buzzsumo.com & Followerwonk.com
  11. 11. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX http://jamesnorquay.com/an-interview-ex-member-matt-cuttss-search-quality-team/ Interview someone REALLY interesting
  12. 12. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Seed content via “creators”
  13. 13. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Interviews can yield HUGE shares and links
  14. 14. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX TENTHOUSAND +Visitors to the Interview
  15. 15. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Get your Facebook Fans to help make your content and then get them to share it!!!
  16. 16. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX 200,000 Visitors just from sharing High quality FOOD IMAGES on Pinterest
  17. 17. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX 14,000 +Visitors from Reddit in 24 hours! Content needs to be of a technical nature.
  18. 18. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX EGO Bait in the finance niche viaTwitter Remember: Followerwonk or BuzzSumo to target mid-tier users.
  19. 19. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX PROTip: Not getting the attention from a industry heavy weight, well target their followers and get noticed that way!!!
  20. 20. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX 66,000 impressions from Facebook post with low spend.
  21. 21. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Share Cool and RandomThings likeViral Nova does = 94,000 impressions
  22. 22. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Any tips to drive traffic from social sites?
  23. 23. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Social Branded Profiles = Winning About.me Crunchbase.com
  24. 24. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX DealsWebsite to promote all business offers = Winning
  25. 25. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Emerging Image Sharing Sites = Winning Polyvore.com ImgFave.com
  26. 26. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Whirlpool.net.au + Quora.com = Still driving HUGE TRAFFIC!!! Search term “Buy Sunglasses Online”
  27. 27. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Add All Customers to Snapchat and Start Marketing!
  28. 28. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Affiliates are Marketing on Social APPS likeTINDER!!!
  29. 29. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX How should I be using my “social sharing” buttons?
  30. 30. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Open GraphTags, Facebook Markup,Twitter Mark up ECT…..
  31. 31. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX smo.knowem.com Check them all on this fantastic tool
  32. 32. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Social Buttons Good = Social Shares + Keep users on site Not that great = Multiple touch points and takes them off site!
  33. 33. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Silly Social Buttons Just idiotic = 100s of random social sites no one uses!!
  34. 34. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Additional Social Sharing Ideas
  35. 35. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Any other tactics to increase social traffic?
  36. 36. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Email influencers and ask them to SHARE content
  37. 37. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Allways link to your products inYouTube descriptions
  38. 38. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX BuzzFeed can work but you need the RIGHT content Even CommBank is doing it now…
  39. 39. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Snip.LY – Add custom messages and links to your social shares = EPIC
  40. 40. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Meetup.com look for sponsorship opportunities &Traffic
  41. 41. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX So Many Opportunities for targeting!
  42. 42. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Do targeted ad placements on social content
  43. 43. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Any final thoughts and social tools?
  44. 44. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Truesocialmetrics.com
  45. 45. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Getlittlebird.com
  46. 46. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Paywithatweet.com
  47. 47. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Pay with a Like https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/pay-with-a-like/
  48. 48. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX http://codecanyon.net/item/google-plus-to-download-for-wordpress/999623 Pay with a Google+1 http://codecanyon.net/item/google-plus-to-download-for-wordpress/999623
  49. 49. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX SharedCount.com
  50. 50. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX Track Social Mentions & Social Questions onTopsy.com + InboxQ.com
  51. 51. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX http://www.seobook.com/google-lends-a-helping-hand Remember do not spam on social keep it classy and professional. http://www.seobook.com/google-lends-a-helping-hand
  52. 52. @connections8 #JamesNorquaySMX ThankYou ForYourTime Find us Online : ProsperityMedia.com.au Email me: James@prosperitymedia.com.au Call Us: 1300 886 452