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Google Penalty Recovery & Analysis Guide

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The team at Prosperity Media has put together a presentation for Mays Online Marketing Sydney event around the topic of - Google Penalty Recovery & Analysis. If your website has noted a traffic drop it is worth viewing the content in this presentation.

Google Penalty Recovery & Analysis Guide

  1. 1. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Advanced SEO & Content Marketing Website Rankings Dropped? Google Penalty Analysis & Reconsideration Session Presentation By James Norquay Consulting Director
  2. 2. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney What have I been doing for the last 10 years? 2004 > NOW 2004 – 2008 – Founded a successful network of content sites which generated 20 million + Unique visitors.These sites were mostly acquired by a US media company. 2009 – 2012 – Started the SEO & Content Marketing division for Columbus Search Grew the unit to millions in revenue. 2012 – Headed up the SEO activity forVirgin Mobile Australia (Agency lead) 2013 – NOW – Started my own Sydney CBD based DigitalAgency Prosperity Media. Some recent clients include:
  3. 3. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney How to Stop a Google Penalty before it hits?
  4. 4. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Never use email spam SEO!
  5. 5. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Don’t use Fiverr for SEO!
  6. 6. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35291?hl=en Read Google Guidelines https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35291?hl=en
  7. 7. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Don’t Fall for Guaranteed SEO
  8. 8. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Use whois.ausregistry.com.au Do Quick Background Checks on Firms you want to use Many firms use multiple business URLS so be careful and do your research.
  9. 9. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Blog Network Sellers = Steer Clear
  10. 10. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney OH NO! We already used low quality SEO now we have a Google Penalty Let the party start!
  11. 11. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Kicking Ass One Day. Crying the next!!
  12. 12. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Matt Cutt’s vs.You
  13. 13. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney People are getting desperate
  14. 14. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney GoogleWebmasterTools > SearchTraffic > Manual Actions Work out if the penalty is Manual or Algorithmic  GoogleWebmasterTools > SearchTraffic > Manual Actions
  15. 15. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Work out if the penalty is Manual or Algorithmic  GoogleWebmasterTools > SearchTraffic > Manual Actions
  16. 16. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney http://www.barracuda-digital.co.uk/panguin-tool/ Penalty AnalysisTool http://www.barracuda-digital.co.uk/panguin-tool/
  17. 17. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney If its Algorithmic you need to track Google changes
  18. 18. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Ok it is now time for a link audit!
  19. 19. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney GoogleWebmasterTools Links
  20. 20. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Ahrefs – Cost 90+ a month
  21. 21. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Pin Point Highly Generic Links and Suspicious links
  22. 22. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Download everything to make one large Excel analysis file!
  23. 23. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Any tools I can use to assist the process?
  24. 24. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Link Detox.com – Cost 100+ a month Warning you need to do your own research into all links, these tools are not accurate.
  25. 25. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Link Risk.com - Cost 200+ EURO a month Warning you need to do your own research into all links, these tools are not accurate.
  26. 26. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney What type of low quality links should I look for?
  27. 27. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Russian forum Spam
  28. 28. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Non English forum spam
  29. 29. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Websites that just don’t look right
  30. 30. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Anything which screams PAID LINKS
  31. 31. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Low Quality Directories!
  32. 32. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Suspect blogs in Russian or other languages
  33. 33. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Suspect directories filled with generic links
  34. 34. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney De indexed blog networks
  35. 35. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Pin Point Highly Generic Links and Suspicious links Remember the larger the link profile and the more diverse the anchor text distribution is the more complex the process becomes.
  36. 36. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney What do Good quality links look like?
  37. 37. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney High QualityTrusted Blogs
  38. 38. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney High Quality niche specific blogs
  39. 39. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Trusted News Websites
  40. 40. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Trusted Education Websites
  41. 41. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Real People Sharing Content on Social Media Sites
  42. 42. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Time to email all the low quality sites for link removals
  43. 43. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Link Removal Emails
  44. 44. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney RMOOV.com
  45. 45. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney OK Lucky for me I have spent countless hours and located all the junk links! Let the disavow party start!
  46. 46. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Making a disavow file in .txt format ProTip: Remember to just include the root level domain of the website you want to disavow. Disavow files can be 100’s of lines long and please do analysis on every thing you submit, never submit good links!!
  47. 47. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Reconsideration Request for Google
  48. 48. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney If you have no idea what you are doing, it would be highly advisable to talk to some one who knows what they are doing before you submit a disavow file.We hold no liability for any one submitting them it is 100% at your OWN risk.
  49. 49. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Where to submit Disavow & Reconsideration Request Here is the link to submit the disavow - https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main Here is the link to submit the reconsideration request, yet you need to submit the disavow before you submit the reconsideration request - https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/reconsideration Remember when you do a large disavow you should implement some HIGH QUALITY link building/ Content Marketing in the months following.
  50. 50. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Remember RecoveryTakesTime! Research shows that even after a recovery from a manual and Algorithmic penalty full recover can still be hard.This was a survey taken by a large sample of website owners who have been affected by penalties in recent times. http://www.seroundtable.com/google-manual-penalty-remove-rankings-17580.html
  51. 51. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney Most sites can recover an examples of a recent client success - http://prosperitymedia.com.au/google-penalty-recovery-strategies/ Penalty Recovery More Guides and Success stories -
  52. 52. @connections8 #OnlineMarketingSydney ThankYou Find us Online : ProsperityMedia.com.au Email me: James@prosperitymedia.com.au Call Us: 1300 886 452 Questions?