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Mithi Culture Code

  4. Mithi's Culture Code is an invisible thread that • binds our team • aligns them towards a common goal • brings out their best at work
  5. Our culture "happens“ by the consistent action of our people aligned to our shared beliefs, vision and values.
  6. We believe that Talented People are attracted to a GREAT CULTURE
  7. WE ARE MITHI First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi FOR US, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING
  8. Mithi is a pioneer in building Software Products in India, having been through several product ventures & multiple generations of technology…
  9. ...all only possible due to a great team bound by a strong culture code
  10. Our culture may keep evolving & improving but, retains the same DNA
  11. PART 1: THE CONTEXT Contribute to the customer's success 1. We exist to make a difference to our customers 2. We obsess with customer experience & customer success 3. We are on a long haul flight to the future with our customers on-board
  12. We exist to make a difference to our customers1.1
  13. Our solutions are horizontal and industry agnostic Our customers are agile small, medium and large businesses, seeking to leverage technology to perform better
  14. OUR MISSION is to foster excellence in these organisations by making technology useful and accessible to them. We want to transform • how their teams collaborate, • how they store, leverage and manage their data on the cloud, • how they secure information systems against modern day cyber threats.
  15. OUR VISION We are working to make the world more collaborative & more cyber secure by providing simple, no-nonsense, robust, secure, SLA backed, fully managed SaaS solutions on the cloud at reasonable and flexible price points making the value proposition very compelling.
  16. Our commitment to our mission and vision is total and undivided earning us the love of our customers ( no wonder our customer retention rate is upward of 98% ) This love and support from our customers, will help us earn resources to keep pursuing our mission
  17. We obsess with customer experience & customer success1.2
  18. Our customers connect with us at various touch points throughout their lifecycle • Discovery (site, calls, content, demos, f2f meetings, ...) • Evaluation (product, documentation, support...) • Purchase (quotations, billing, payments) • On-boarding (configurations, migrations, go live, transitions...) • Maintenance (performance, upgrades, support...) • Renewal (continuity, billing, offers, add ons...)
  19. We are maniacal about ensuring a smooth, seamless, friendly experience for the customer at EACH of the touch points.
  20. Ensuring a great customer experience is an ongoing journey for us and every decision we take is vetted against a simple question "How does this help our customers?"
  21. Our customers depend on our tools and services to run their operations
  22. Its our pleasure, duty & obligation to ensure that we can make an order of a difference to the outcomes of their business ( we exist only to do that )
  23. To do this, we listen closely to the customer build our product roadmaps and deliver continuously, weekly, monthly (solutions backed by a robust platform)
  24. Our core focus is on providing solutions to the customer, which offer: • Lower TCO vis a vis home grown solutions • Higher ROI with improved efficiencies, and productivity • A solid platform which is highly secure, extremely durable, 100% reliable, and high performance
  25. We are on a long haul flight to the future with our customers on-board1.3
  26. To stay relevant to our customers over the long term we have to not just survive, but also thrive as a business which then gives us the resources to plough back into research & development of new tools, methods
  27. A lower TCO for our customers, doesn't just mean lower prices or freebies…
  28. …it means that the inclusion of our innovative solutions into their IT landscape can bring down their cost of operations, free up their resources, while upping efficiencies, productivity, reliability and security.
  29. Thus, Our solutions help our customers get more opportunity focussed rather than maintenance or problem focussed. A win-win for both of us.
  30. We are so obsessed with the success of the customer, that we don't sell to customers, when we are not confident that they can leverage our solutions for their success
  31. Every action, every development, every outcome at Mithi must add up and aggregate towards realising our envisioned end state We are very passionate about this.
  32. PART 2 : OUR APPROACH Be better then our earlier self, daily 1. We treat work as our creation, thrive on sincerity and compete only with ourselves 2. We build leaders who can assume ownership of their work 3. We nurture deep and long relationships with our customers and partners
  33. 4. We are big on design, architecture, frugal engineering 5. We share knowledge, information & intelligence quickly 6. We recognise that we can't exist without the eco-system 7. We love people who imbibe 1R, 3Is, and LIP 8. We reciprocate with Fairness, Inclusion & Empathy 9. We reward for performance and promote for capability 10.We live as team by 1 Pledge, 15 commandments 11.We have fun too
  34. We treat work as our creation, thrive on sincerity and compete with ourselves2.1
  35. We believe humans are meant to CREATE We Mithians espouse this philosophy at the core We use our collective intelligence, collaborate deeply, experiment freely, iterate relentlessly & create something immensely useful to our customers
  36. We believe that if we can put in a sincere days work, daily we can move great mountains and solve any problem Impossible is nothing Being sincere allows us to live in truth
  37. By our definition, working sincerely means • Congruence in thought, speech and action (a genuine interest to do a good job) • Focussed with no distractions (avoids social media & other distractions at work) • Exhibiting, encouraging and appreciating honesty (plays a supportive role)
  38. We compete only with our former selves by relentlessly working on bettering ourselves by only 1% daily. We believe this micro improvement daily, compounds into great gains
  39. Our transition from a desktop app developer TO online Internet based apps TO building block tools for Internet apps TO enterprise email platforms TO hosted email platforms TO cloud email, security & collaboration platforms…
  40. …with very much the same core team, demonstrates our commitment to learn & grow daily.
  41. We build leaders who can assume ownership of their work2.2
  42. We know we are all mortal, so to create a long lasting monument, which can withstand the test of time we realise that we must cultivate alter egos early
  43. We mentor a lot in an attempt to create leaders BUT we expect people to step up We ignore people who show no mettle to be leaders
  44. We believe Leaders are not defined by position or authority rather they are defined by their "being" & “effective” execution of the task at hand with an "ownership" attitude
  45. We are not big on mollycoddling or baby sitting our people We expect people to sweat, grind, stress, fuss and take charge of their role. There is no substitute to putting in the effort.
  46. We expect people to solve problems they encounter, & not come whining to us. We loathe complaints and we dislike it when people get stuck Remember our customers pay us to solve problems We expect the same from our teams
  47. d2 The general guidelines to deal with situations Customer > Company > Team > Individual • cater to your personal interest to the detriment of your team • cater to the team to the detriment of the company • cater to the company to the detriment of the customer DON’T When in doubt, the left side of the equation takes precedence
  48. We nurture deep and long relationships with our customers2.3
  49. We believe our customer is an Asset & for our customers, we are an Asset
  50. Assets are meant to be nurtured over a long term to get good returns
  51. We believe our relationship with each customer is nothing short of a committed "marriage“ Our role in this alliance is to continually and relentlessly deliver value to the customer The customer's role in this alliance is to leverage our technology, services and expertise to grow their business
  52. We detest "fly by night" thinking there is a lot of investment from either end. Hence, we resist acquiring customers for short term quick gains
  53. We want to be part of the customer's growth story AND vice versa, we want our customers to be part of our growth story and achieving real, sustainable growth takes time and long years of toil
  54. We are big on design, architecture, frugal engineering2.4
  55. We firmly believe in Getting it right the first time
  56. To get it right the first time you need to apply design thinking while developing solutions, involving listening to various stakeholders • going to the root (RCA) • analysing causes & effects (UDE) • proposing multiple options, targeting the root cause • analysing each option using structured methods (6 thinking hats) • break this down into phases for staged delivery
  57. Essentially think through the complete problem BUT Execute in steps
  58. We are big believers in preventing drift by closing daily, weekly & getting it out of the door "Evolutionary delivery"
  59. Another major benefit of the evolutionary delivery model is the continuous feedback loop from the "outside in“ which helps refine the next steps OR sometimes asks us to go back to the drawing board
  60. The evolutionary development is subject to an overarching architecture view We believe a strong architecture is what ties up the entire structure & gives it longevity
  61. We want to do in a buck, what others do in 100 bucks We are big on frugal engineering We find the shortest path, optimize costs, pass on the benefit to customers
  62. We believe that constraints improve design & outcomes & bring out the best in you that's one major reason why we have created world class solutions with 1/100th the funding comparable companies receive
  63. We believe attempting to keep things simple in the long term is a fairly complex task, involving intense commitment and effort But simplicity is a competitive advantage
  64. Reducing waste is one way to remove complexity • Automate mundane tasks • Simply processes and rules to reduce intervention • Meet only after an agenda has been discussed on IDEOLVE • Speak only to enlighten or question
  65. We share knowledge, information and intelligence quickly and openly2.5
  66. We have a no email culture within the company Emails are used only for notifications and messaging We share everything else with dynamically formed teams via our own collab tool called Ideolve
  67. We have ongoing notes where people can receive and feed in their input such as • Competitive analysis • Suggestions for different products • Documentation input for the website • Shared plans for the week • MIS reports • MOMs
  68. All ideas are floated via Ideolve & dynamically teams are involved to collaborate deeply on the idea & come up with an actionable plan
  69. All F2F meetings are preceded by a note detailing the agenda, and garnering feedback from the participants Once this is done, the meeting is quick & efficient. This also encourages the back benchers to "speak up"
  70. We operate in a door less culture All employees have access to each other and the leadership team at all times
  71. All this means that employees are always equipped with the latest information to take the best possible data driven decisions (we discourage group think and decisions by consensus, which is why we use Ideolve to gather input from all stake holders)
  72. We recognise that we can't exist without the eco-system2.6
  73. To provide top value to our customers, we know we cant do it alone, despite having top talent
  74. We need a robust and connected eco-system of • Software Development partners • Technology Platform partners • Strategic service suppliers • Resellers • Distributors • System integrators • Consultants
  75. Our eco-system helps us • add capability to our products • add reach to our marketing & sales efforts • add capacity to our teams & helps us complete our offering
  76. Without an eco-system we are dead. We recognise this and work hard to cultivate win-win situations in the eco-system
  77. We love people who possess 1R, 3Is and LIP2.7
  78. 1R = Risk 3Is = Initiated, Involved, Integrated LIP = Live in Possibilities
  79. We have a simple rule If you see something broken OWN the fix That's INITIATIVE (the reverse is waiting for someone else to fix it)
  80. We also have an ongoing "Top Initiative award“ which is chosen based on "self initiated" projects having a high impact on the business
  81. We have another simple rule While you are working BE PRESENT That's INVOLVEMENT (the reverse is staying aloof, mentally complaining, distracted)
  82. For this we have an ongoing "Top Job Award“ given to the best, most diligent execution done on any project or initiative.
  83. Okay, just one more simple rule :-) Lack of integrity is a productivity loss KEEP YOUR COMMITMENTS/WORD Commitments are unspoken expectations of your role OR your spoken words
  84. Everytime you utter a word, you are making a promise Organise yourself to keep your word E.g. I'll get back to you (ensure that you do) I'll call you back (please do) I'll be there at 10 tomorrow (ensure you are there before time)
  85. Remember every time you go back on your word, someone in the value chain has to compensate. That's not fair and not productive. This will most certainly impact the collective outcome of the team
  86. Integrity helps you pull your weight We always believed that we are like a train with each segment being an engine, pulling its own weight We cannot have any compartments, which need to be pulled.
  87. We can espouse our philosophy of "Impossible is Nothing“ ONLY IF We always see possibility in everything. We always "live in the possibility" that "it" can happen.
  88. And without taking a risk, nothing big has ever been achieved RISK = "Something unknown we are getting into with unpredictable outcomes“ While we don't expect you to live on the edge, we do expect you to take risks, step into the unknown, discover new patterns, and create new value
  89. We reciprocate with Fairness, Inclusion and Empathy2.8
  90. We know you need support to bring out your best at work Thus • We have a free unlimited meal policy for all staff members • We sponsor specific trainings for key people to build skills • We provide exposure to performers at events, online and in print • We encourage and support reading
  91. We are partial towards our top performers Naturally! We love people who produce OUTCOMES for our customers & our business
  92. While we treat all our people with EMPATHY, and INCLUDE them into all opportunities,
  93. It’s only the top performers (who imbibe the 1E, 3Is, LIP, and who produce results) who earn our favour We don’t like people who claim their "rights" without delivering on their "responsibility"
  94. Thus Top performers earn the right to claim entitlement Top performers earn the option to step into inner circles which leads us to...
  95. We reward for performance and promote for capability2.9
  96. We believe in the capitalist model All people are not equal The rewards should be commensurate with the impact of your work
  97. We are a dynamic, vibrant workspace, which thrives on the energy of our people Mithi may not be a perfect fit for everyone & not every talented person is a fit for us.
  98. We differentiate between PERFORMANCE & CAPABILITY Enhancing CAPABILITY or skill is a learning outcome. It means that people have the capability to perform in some manner. ( It does not mean that they will ) A PERFORMANCE OUTCOME occurs when people take what they know and turn it into what they do on the job.
  99. Top performing Mithians have these basic attributes in their core nature
  100. GROUNDED • Self aware, respectful of others & not hedonic. • Is aware that success and failure go hand in hand and neither can be given undue importance. • Exhibits Equanimity
  101. EMPATHATIC • Sensitive, kind and generous with others. • Takes the time and effort to listen to team members and act with compassion & respect. • Exhibits Sensitivity
  102. FLEXIBLE • Understands that the only constant is change • Learning continuously, changing with the times, every day is an opportunity • Exhibits Energy
  103. EFFECTIVE • Has an action bias • Doesn't wait for the perfect plan, starts & course corrects • Exhibits Enthusiasm
  104. INTEGRAL • Thinks, Says and Does the same thing • Weighs the cost of giving commitments and honours his word, always • Exhibits Commitment
  105. DEPTH • Deep dives to investigate, understand & solve • Goes beyond talent and commits intensely to the task at hand • Exhibits Mastery
  106. We thus reward for PERFORMANCE and promote for CAPABILITY
  107. We live as a team by 01 Pledge & 15 commandments2.10
  108. OUR PLEDGE Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya | Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya | Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya | Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih | TRANSLATED O divine force of nature Lead me from untruth to truth Lead me from darkness to light Lead me from death to life Let there be peace at all levels.
  109. COMMANDMENT #1 I will respect my colleagues and learn from what is best about them.
  110. COMMANDMENT #2 Arguments are a waste of time. I will try instead to understand the others point of view. I will instead use my energies to act upon what is planned.
  111. COMMANDMENT #3 Results are the only way to prove my worth. Attempting to prove myself worthy by winning arguments is futile.
  112. COMMANDMENT #4 I will work in the best interest of the customer and the team. Because, they are the ones who help me attain financial and general well being.
  113. COMMANDMENT #5 I will desist from subverting the teams objectives. Because in doing so I harm my own interest.
  114. COMMANDMENT #6 I will respect the leaders. Because a team that does not respect its leaders can not succeed. I may differ from their point of view but I understand that they carry the responsibility of making the final decisions.
  115. COMMANDMENT #7 I will air my concerns openly in meetings. But once a decision is made I will do nothing to undermine it. Instead I will do my best to deliver on it.
  116. COMMANDMENT #8 I will desist from blaming things outside my control. I will do whatever is in my power and capacity to produce the best results.
  117. COMMANDMENT #9 I work in a place where I get a lot of freedom to do my work well and to grow. I will not waste away this freedom in idle talk and fruitless pursuits.
  118. COMMANDMENT #10 I will plan and manage my day to produce the best. Because each day that I waste is lost forever.
  119. COMMANDMENT #11 I will act with discipline because discipline brings quality and quality brings prosperity.
  120. COMMANDMENT #12 I take responsibility for myself and my team. Because not position but taking on responsibility makes me powerful.
  121. COMMANDMENT #13 I will conduct myself with integrity and honesty. Because this is what I expect of others.
  122. COMMANDMENT #14 I will not hesitate to ask for help. Because I am more effective as part of a team than I am when I work alone.
  123. COMMANDMENT #15 I will respect my commitments and do my very best to deliver on them. Because how I deliver on my commitment defines my true worth.
  124. BTW, we have fun too, In case you thought we are all only work2.11
  125. First, Work itself is fun :-)
  126. We create events where the teams can let their hair down and bond with each other
  127. • Staff events organised by a small volunteering cross functional team • Staff dinners to celebrate milestones • Staff outings and treks to get into nature • Promote a healthy competitive environment with top XXX awards and many more.
  129. THANK YOU for walking through this WE ARE HIRING Use #themithiway to stay updated on the latest news and events Follow us on :