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ODN introduction @ Innovation Radar



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Open Data Node introduction at Innovation Radar, part of ICT 2015 conference. Oct 21st, 2015. Lisbon, Portugal

ODN introduction @ Innovation Radar

  1. 1. The COMSODE project has received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union in the grant agreement number 611358. Open Data Node Introduction @ The Innovation Radar Peter Hanečák <peter.hanecak@eea.sk>, EEA s.r.o. Oct 21 st , 2015 @
  2. 2. Problem How to publish/share data from internal systems as Open Data in sustainable way?
  3. 3. Problem: manual publication ● step 1: think about what and how to publish ● step 2: create the dataset manually ● step 3: create the dataset manually again ● ... ● step N: create the dataset manually yet again (having difficulties remembering „how I did it previously?“) ● ... ● expensive: cost growing with frequency of updates ● error prone: mistakes creeping in, getting fixed but then occurring again ● typically in public bodies
  4. 4. Solution: automation automation is the key: have your published data always up to date, but ... ... avoid repeated manual publication ● step 1: think about what and how to publish ● step 2: create automated publication process ● step 3: let server run the publication periodically ● step 4: from time to time check whether it still works
  5. 5. Solution: Open Data Node ● Open Source platform for publication of Open Data ● allowing those having some data to publish/share it ● allowing users of data to get it, understand it and use it ● accompanied with Methodology, to give wider perspective
  6. 6. Open Data Node: already used ● users in SK, CZ, IT, NL – Slovak eDemokracia project – Czech Trading Inspection Authority – Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision + Spinque – Regione Umbria, Italy – and others
  7. 7. What is There for You? ● Publish your data and ● build your catalogues with ODN ● Ask for the consortium services ● Create new data services with ODN ● Get in touch with the consortium ● Use ODN for data integration ● Benefit from experience of COMSODE ● Use the Open Source tools and guides ● Let the community grow on GitHub PUBLIC BODIES RESEARCHERS COMPANIES ENTHUSIASTS
  8. 8. Get In Touch ● EEA – independent Czecho-Slovak software house – leading the development and exploitation of the Open Data Node product Meet us at Networking Session, Oct 22 nd , 9 am., Room 5B ● Peter Hanečák <peter.hanecak@eea.sk> – member of COMSODE project – enthusiast in many things “Open”, – active in NGOs and other communities https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterhanecak https://twitter.com/PHanecak http://www.eea.sk/