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Comsode pilot - Netherlands Institute for Sounds and Vision

  1. 1. Jesse de Vos Netherlands Institute for Sounds and Vision jdvos@beeldengeluid.nl @85jesse Open data in the audio visual archive 1-6-2015
  2. 2. • Biggest AV-archive in the Netherlands, with – 800,000h of audiovisual heritage – 2M pictures – 20K objects – ....much more • Safeguards collections of public broadcasters, organisations and private persons. • Makes its holdings available to media professionals, educational users and the general public. ABOUT SOUND AND VISION
  3. 3. OUR MISSION “As guardian of Dutch audiovisual heritage, we keep Dutch history, as documented in moving images, alive. We enable everyone to utilize the collections to learn, experience and create.” 1-6-2015
  4. 4. R&D @ SOUND AND VISION 1-6-2015
  5. 5. Driven by large-scale digitisation programme “Images for the Future”, we started our first open content projects in 2008. OPEN CONTENT AT SOUND AND VISION 12,000 pictures and counting 3,500 videos and counting SOUND AN VISION AND OPEN 2,700 sounds and counting Professional network of open data experts In BETA: Linked data from wiki, Wikidata, GTAA Shared vocabulary/ thesaurus
  6. 6. GENERAL REMARKS - A radically open infrastructure for distribution of our material has proven to enable unexpected results and types of reuse that reach an enormous and diverse audience. - Our ‘open’ collection is just a very small proportion (< 1%) of the entire collection, so there is still huge potential in opening up the archive even further. 1-6-2015
  7. 7. OPEN IMAGES Open Images is an open media platform that offers online access to audiovisual archive material to stimulate (creative) reuse. Sound and Vision uses this platform to openly distribute its own historical newsreels collection and metadata (over 3,000 items, CC-BY-SA). 1-6-2015
  8. 8. OPEN IMAGES Reuse on Wikipedia • Metadata from OAI-PMH • Into Wikimedia metadata-template • Thousands of articles on Wikipedia feature Open Images content • Millions of views
  9. 9. BengDB Linking to Wikimedia • GTAA is linked to Wikidata (as authority control) • Wikidata as source of most current data • Combination of anecdotal and encyclopedic information
  10. 10. OPEN DATA: what’s next? 1-6-2015 Creating meaningful links between our open data and other (cultural) data sets.
  11. 11. Open Cultuur Data is a network of professionals from the cultural industries, developers, designers, IPR-experts and open data experts. It opens up cultural data en stimulates de development of new applications. Challenges: • Still an isolated approach (most apps are build on a single dataset) • Not all data is included in the OCD API • Lacks functionality and reach to meaningfully link to other then cultural data (e.g. metereological data) OPEN CULTUUR DATA Open Cultuur Data is initiated by Open State Foundation, Kennisland and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.
  12. 12. THANKS! www.openimages.eu @openimages bengdb.beeldengeluid.nl/ jdvos@beeldengeluid.nl @85jesse On behalf of Maarten Brinkerink mbrinkerink@beeldengeluid.nl @mbrinkerink 1-6-2015
  13. 13. Connecting Cultural Heritage Spinque Michiel Hildebrand, Roberto Cornacchia
  14. 14. Dutch National Strategy Digital Heritage
  15. 15. from Open Data
  16. 16. to Linked Open Data Collection (Open Images) Vocabulary (GTAA)
  17. 17. to Linked Open Data Collection (NIOD images) Vocabulary (NIOD term list)
  18. 18. to Linked Open Data Vocabulary (NIOD term list) Vocabulary (GTAA)
  19. 19. Spinque LINK
  20. 20. Linked video experience (LinkedTV)
  21. 21. Linked video experience (LinkedTV)