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Urea production prepared

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Amonia manufacturing process
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Urea production prepared

  1. 1. Urea production Prepared by Miss Santhiya
  2. 2. Step Urea production The synthesis of urea in the industry. Usefully Meaning Preparation of NH2 ,CO2
  3. 3. The meaning of urea fertilizer. Urea is an organic compound that is derived from the metabolism of protein. Animals and people come out with the urine.
  4. 4. Synthesis of Urea in the industry. 2NH3 + CO2 NH2- CO – ONH4 H = -67,000 BTU NH2-C-ONH4 NH2-CO-NH2 + H2O H = +18,000 BTU *** Important raw material gas NH3 and CO2 - Both reactions are reversible reactions - The efficiency of the production process, it depends on the temperature, pressure and concentration of each substance. - Using a temperature in the range 180-210° C pressure 140-250 atm.
  5. 5. Preparation of gas NH3 and CO2 Step 1 Discount Temperature, Add Pressure Air Liquid air -N2 boiling point-195 °C -O2 boiling point-183 °C Extract sequence section. Step 2 O2 N2 Ni CH4 Step 3 Split H2 Exit CO Remove CO To react with water vapour FeO,Cr2 O3 CO(g) +H2 O(g) CO2(g)+ H2 (g)
  6. 6. Urea fertilizer production step 1 All gas will be sent to tower with water sprayed down. CO2 will become soluble H2CO3 acid step 2 Remove acid H2CO3 Split CO2 temperature increase H2CO3(aq) CO2(g)+ H2O(l) Pressure reduction H2 Not soluble to pass out through the upper portion of the tower is stored using the following. Step 3 N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) 2NH3(g) NH3 To complete the reaction CO2 Become a urea fertilizer CH3(g)+CO2(g) NH2CONH2(s)+H2O(l)
  7. 7. Lignite coal is used as a raw material instead of natural gas. Preparation CO2 and H2 By incineration, combined with O2 Will be a Exclude unwanted gases etc H2S and NO moved CO Become a CO2 . By removing the gas mix to react with water vapor at high pressure and have an appropriate catalytic CO Will be included with H2O a CO2 and H2O After mixed gas CO2 and H2 Subsequent processes. For the preparation of urea fertilizer will be the same as if you use natural gas as a raw material. CO2 9.4% CO 59.9% Etc. 2.1% H2 28.6%
  8. 8. แผนภาพสรุปการผลิตปุ๋ยแอมโมเนียมซัลเฟตและปุ๋ยยูเรีย
  9. 9. Ice pellets are white. High nitrogen The properties of urea fertilizer fertilizer is ammonium is the secondary N2 All46% The easily soluble 100 degrees. Soluble sulphate ammonium fertilizer 7 times Is a compound that is spotted Moisture easily.
  10. 10. Suitable for interval plants growing Benefits As fertilizer on leaves Moisture easily. Suitable for plants with low water conditions.
  11. 11. Question ??? 1. Urea is an organic compound derived from the processes of living organisms. A. Synthetic light processes. B. The digestive process. C. The process of Metabolism, protein Animals and people come out with the urine D. Process Power range
  12. 12. 2. An important raw material in the production process of urea fertilizer is ? A. NH3 And CO2 B. CO2 And H2O C. N And P D. K And CO
  13. 13. 3. Work to step it correctly NH3. A. Release air pressure and increase temperature decrease and finally failed. B. Bring liquid to air separation sequence section N2 , O2 . C. Bring natural gas extraction NH4 And bring O2 Comes complete a reaction with NH4 D. Split H2 Exit CO2 Remove CO2 To react with water vapou E. It has become a H2 and CO2 Remove N 2 + H2 becom NH3 Answers A ,B , C, D,E
  14. 14. 4. The properties of urea fertilizer, what are the important A. It is easy soluble white pellets and have N2 high As fertilizer on leaves. B. As black pellets Slowly soluble and have N2 low. C. Melt water quickly and Suitable for plant growth D. When you use frequently will make plants grow faste