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Sam's grain research

Barley research completed by Sam Reid of Stockinbingal Public School for the Archibull project.

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Sam's grain research

  1. 1. Grain Research This map is showing the locations where the barley is being grown in Australia.
  2. 2. Barley facts Barley is a member of the grass family. It is a major cereal crop. It was one of the first cultivated and is now grown widely across Australia.
  3. 3. Pearl barley Pearl barley refers to covered barley that has been processed to remove the tough inedible outer hull and then pearled or polished. Barley may be pearled to varying degrees and labelled as regular, medium, fine or baby pearl.
  4. 4. Australian barley foods Five of the Australian foods using barley are milo, beer, cheesy barley frittata, barley baked beans and barley fruit scones.
  5. 5. World wide barley food Five of the foods using barley are bread, barley pumpkin waffles, hot barley flakes, soup and barley grass juice.
  6. 6. Australian Export Countries Two export countries we export to are England and China.
  7. 7. Graphs This graph is showing how much barley Australia is producing every year.