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The Mobacy Chapter 15 Off To Uni Part 2 Docx

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The Mobacy Chapter 15 Off To Uni Part 2 Docx

  1. 1. "Hi guys!" "When did you get here?" asked Bernardo. "And how come, you are here?" demanded Angelo "Did you run away? Last I heard they don't let 15 year olds into Uni. Is mum or dad here?" "Sweet guinea pigs, what’s with the heavy interrogation? As you can see by these ungroovy threads I just arrived. As to those other uncool questions... because I'm a genius, no and no. Chill your biscuits bros.” "Come on Phebs, you're pleasure and I know that..." "Angelo you may think you eggheads know it all, but I had 10 scholarships-which was more then you- so I made the establishment rethink its arcane policy." >smirk<
  2. 2. Angelo stood there with his mouth open. Phebe giggled "its ok you guys chill out. Angel brought me, and Mum and Dad are cool with it, so it’s all groovy." "The flies will go in there if you don't shut it Angelo" remarked Angel dryly to her nephew. Angels gaze swept the room. "And your cousin guessed correctly, there are two Lottie's."
  3. 3. Angelo gave his aunt his seat and Phebe perched up on the arm of the old sofa while Angel explained what had happened. She hated to admit it but she needed help capturing Evil Lottie. “So she killed a cow mascot did she?" said Angel with a smirk. “I heard she just looked at her and the mascot dropped dead in the cafeteria." "I doubt that very much. It's more likely she poisoned her macaroni. That stuff wouldn't need much help. Wish I'd been there, I bet it was fun" said Angel with an evil chuckle. Everyone but Tony looked at their aunt in horror. She threw up her hands "What?!”
  4. 4. “You lot are like week old candy floss! How my brothers could have such sickeningly sweet offspring I don’t know. We are the mob people! I plan to grind evil Lottie into dust!” >evil cackle< “Didn’t we have to bring them together without hurting her?” put in Angelo. Angel dismissed the question with a wave of her hand. “Trivialities. That girl has caused me nothing but trouble and I aim to have some fun! Don't worry about her; the reinforcements are coming in even as I speak.”
  5. 5. Back in the main hood My simself, and the two other Australian simselves; karima and Dez had set up the portal to bring all the simselves across to the new neighbourhood. “Ok, I think we are all ready to go. Hopefully that is enough Vegemite in the tub, but we can always add more- I came prepared.” >evil cackle< “You can’t do that Jo; you don't have any witch coding” pointed out Dez. "But it's fun and fiendish and well... fun."
  6. 6. You could be one if you would stop rolling the fear of being one and the want to cure everyone else! “Arghh! Way to go giving me a heart attack real me!” "Jo's talking to herself again." "I noticed." "If you wanted me to be a witch you should have made me knowledge, so there."
  7. 7. >Hahaha<..."Yeah right" “Weee! Plus aspiration boost! It's the best!" Nuff said.
  8. 8. "Get pedalling ladies!" "We are!" “Hmm which button is it real me?” “How would I know? Me and buttons, well you know how that goes...” “I’ll take the scientific approach then. Eenie-meenie-minie-moe...” “Oh gads she’s going to blow us all up.”
  9. 9. “Yes! I knew X marked the spot!”
  10. 10. "Faster we need more power!" It takes a lot of energy to get these non Vegemite eating SimAmericans to be transported over here you know." "How many SimAmericans are there?! I can't go any >pant< faster!" “Well after the SimAmericans I have the SimCanadians, SimEnglish, SimScottish slash Danish... Or maybe that’s the Danish slash Scottish. Then those from SimPoland, SimSouth Africa, SimRomania, SimSingapore and even the SimBahamas!” I reeled the countries all the simselves came from off on my fingers hoping I hadn’t forgotten about anyone. “Tell me you’re kidding, right? Oh man I wish I was in the SimBahamas!” “At least we are at the beach. I’m cooking here ladies; it takes a bit of horse power.” >growl!< “More like Dez and karima power!”
  11. 11. "Yes! The portal is working. Now to grab one...ack would you stop running away already!" "Why are they running away?" "No idea" >shifty eyed< "I'm sure this doesn't hurt a bit...well not much anyway." "I think I'm going to have a >pant< coronary infarction if I keep this pace up." "Well don't die on me Dez; I may need a nurse around." "I thought you said this was safe!" exclaimed Karima. "It is...mostly."
  12. 12. With a loud shriek and crack of lightning the first Simself was flung through the portal.
  13. 13. “Aagrghha! I’ve been electrocuted!” “Opps sorry about that Tina, maybe we have a little too much power.” “Oh good, does that mean we can take a break?” panted Dez. “You can peddle a little slower now, but don’t go under 3km per hour.” >sigh< >grumble<
  14. 14. “Hey what’s going on now?!” “Just step on the sliver disk.” “I don’t know if I should trust you Jo.” “Just an immigration requirement, I promise this part won’t hurt a bit.” “Hmm ok then” tentative step forward. Tina was quickly transported into one of the shimmery holding tanks either side of the portal.
  15. 15. “What the heck is this?” “Well SimAustralia has some tough custom laws. Have you ever watched Border Security? This isn’t exactly the legal method of immigration you know. >cough< So I have to do a spot of de-contamination” “Say what?!” “Well if you would rather I can send you back and you can go to immigration, fill out 200 page questionnaire, take some shots; then fly over and let them check your bags, the soles of your feet, your hair, your buttons, your_” “No way are you sending me back through that thing! This country is cracked! De-contamination and Vegemite sandwiches! I want my pizza and that pot of New England Style Clam Chowder you promised!”
  16. 16. Next through was Chris. “Arrrrrgh!” >thump!< “Still seems a little strong. You can take a break now Dez.” “Thank plumbbob!”
  17. 17. “Are you trying to kill us?!” “You’ll be fine.” “Your in-flight service sucks! I want to lodge a complaint! I want to sue! I want to_” “Say is that a red and white striped *baby daddy?!” “What! Where?!” “Next!” *Chris is the creator of the ‘Whose Your Daddy Challenge’ a 26 pregnancy challenge of which I am only up to baby L. I will get back to it Chris! You can find the rules on Boolprop.
  18. 18. Caffie floated through laughing. “Hahaha! Stop it! That tickles!” “Too little power now, you better get back to pedaling again Dez.” >groan<
  19. 19. “I feel strange.” “You are looking a little pale. De-contamination should fix that. >cough I hope cough< “Hang on did you just_” “Cappuccino caffie?” “Oh yes thanks.” “Next!”
  20. 20. I surveyed all the simselves seated in the grand stand. It had taken a few hours, but finally everyone had made it through the portal. Unhurt and unchanged. Well ok a couple >cough Tina and Chris cough< did have a few singe marks, but nothing too bad!
  21. 21. “What about my man” grumbled Caffie. “I see Shadey, Shannon and Lynda have their celebrity husbands. So where is my Graham? You promised me Graham and a nice little flower shop.” “Oh gosh, I wasn’t sure if you were serious about him Caffie. He’s kind of indisposed back in an asylum in the other neighbourhood.” “Well I want him brought through.” “But the portal is shut now.” “So start it up again.” “I can’t open it just like that. It’s takes a lot of power to start it back up. Plus we can’t just open the portal any old time; the planets need to be aligned and_” “Humph!”
  22. 22. “Caffie I’m sure you can find someone better then a loopy one eyed gangster” said Fuzzy. “Well I don’t want anyone else” said Caffie stubbornly. “At least you had a guy, some of us haven’t even had a first kiss” piped in Dez.
  23. 23. I knew I needed some distraction. “How about a party?” There were cheers and claps from all around. “Will there be kissing?” asked Holley. >cough< “I’m going for distraction here Holley! Let’s not get back on that topic!”
  24. 24. Over at Academe Le Tour Nicoli had been busy dating an assortment of dormies.
  25. 25. However as much as he liked variety, he kept coming back to Vicki.
  26. 26. When he wasn’t with Vicki his other hobby was beating up an orange shirt wearing dormie called Luc. Maybe he took exception to Luc’s ears poking out of his hair? Only Nic knows why he hates this guy so much. Of course Vicki was usually there to cheer him on. “Go Nic! Pound him good! Mash those jug ears into his head!” “Shut up Vicki!” “Don’t you tell my girlfriend to shut up!” “Oh I can’t watch this” “You kids better not get dust in my macaroni”
  27. 27. By the time Nic became a junior everyone had got so use to the fights that they didn’t even notice them. “Hey Nic, what’s the capital of Simbabwe?” “Simharari” >Ohff!< “Oh yeah of course, thanks hon.”
  28. 28. Everything was going great until the night one of the cow mascots decided to flirt with Vicki.
  29. 29. Nicoli clenched his fists in fury. He really, really wanted to smash someone’s face in, but Luc the dormie wasn’t around, so he settled for smashing the counter instead. “I can’t believe >smash< she would do this to me! >smash< I gave up dating other woman for her!” >smash< Nicoli thumped the counter so hard it made the plate rattle. The cafeteria worker twitched nervously. “Don’t go breaking my plates will ya.”
  30. 30. “I thought what we had meant something, but obviously not.”
  31. 31. “Love can be tough buddy; but it was just a cow. They’re a pain, but it’s what they do. Now I need to know if you’re going to eat this last plate of spaghetti or not.”
  32. 32. “Just a cow! There is nothing just about it! I don’t care if it was a cow, a lama or a fricken chicken. She cheated. Well two can play at this game. I’m out of here!” “I’ll take that as a no then?” called out the cafeteria worker. He watched the young man storm out and sighed. He had seen far too many relationships ruined by the cows.
  33. 33. Nicoli sat nursing his third drink wondering why he’d even thought going steady with Vicki was a good idea. Getting involved was for morons or family aspiration saps. No, playing the field and having fun was what it was all about. Who needed a ball and chain anyway?
  34. 34. Nic looked at the blond haired woman down the other end of the bar. When she turned her head and winked at him he knew this was his lucky night.
  35. 35. He could tell at once she was a romance sim out for a good time, but that was just what he wanted, fun without strings. So what’s your name pretty lady?” His words were slurred slightly from the drink, but he was still sober enough to appreciate her pretty blue eyes. “Roxie.” Nicoli chuckled softly. “Foxie Roxie.” When she laughed back, Nic blinked. Two of her teeth looked like sharp pointed fangs.
  36. 36. “So you like playing vampire do you?” “I am a vampire darling.” “Sure you are” said Nic giving her a wink. These city girls were into all kinds of kinky stuff. He didn’t know why he hadn’t come downtown sooner. “Vampires wear black and red and drink blood, not little cocktails with umbrellas” he laughed. “Eww! That’s so last century darling.”
  37. 37. A short time later... So, your place or mine?” “Definitely yours.”
  38. 38. “Is this where you play vampires? It’s very – pink.” “Don’t you just love it, it matches my lipstick. Upstairs does too.” “I can’t wait to see it.”
  39. 39. Nic dipped Roxie in a dance kiss “I could sure go for a nibble myself.” “I think you would make a very tasty appetizer” She purred back in his ear. “Well I don’t want to just- eat and run you know.” Foxie gave a throaty laugh, this one was so much fun to play with.
  40. 40. “Let’s get to the main course lover boy.” ”Bite me baby.” “Well if you insist...”
  41. 41. Bleh!
  42. 42. “I mean no, not bleh! What the heck did you just do to me?!”
  43. 43. “I bit you of course.” >giggle< “Now you are one of us!” “I didn’t mean for this! Take it back right now!” “I can’t.”
  44. 44. “I have to get a cure, I can’t be a vampire!” “There is no cure in this neighbourhood darling.” “I’ve got to get out of here!” With that Nic turned and fled.
  45. 45. Over at the main dorm some were also winning…
  46. 46. And losing at love. Poor Bernardo I totally forgot he was in the dorm. One flirt and these two got the pink hearts. Both bookworm knowledge sims. I think they suit each other well.
  47. 47. “Angelo how could you! I’m gonna make you pay for this, I’m gonna...I’m gonna...”
  48. 48. “I’m gonna cry to the fish! Oh Mr Blue how could Angelo and Sadie, my sweet Sadie do such a thing!” >wah!< I’m so sorry Bernardo. But you two were never a couple. Not really.
  49. 49. “Yes we were! She just didn’t know it yet!”
  50. 50. Bernardo threw Angelo some dirty looks but never thumped him once. He coped by eating chips. “Vooo gerbits!” “Would you vo off and leave me alone!”
  51. 51. Rolled the want to study anger management. “Go to your happy place” *If I had a happy place I wouldn’t need this flipping book!*
  52. 52. And painted his emotions on canvas. “I call this my exploding heart.” But it’s blue... “Just like me.” Poor guy. Bernardo isn’t much of a gangster, that’s for sure.
  53. 53. Salvatore surprised me by being the first to roll the want to get someone else to do his term paper! “What can I do Lilly? I have this really mean creator who won’t let me do my term paper.” >sad face< “My grade isn’t looking very good yet she is stopping me from doing it.” “How terrible! Do you want me to tear her limbs off? Or I can stab her with my spiked hair of doom; these babies are reinforced with surgical steal.” “Oh no no!” “Oh you poor thing, you’re just too nice. I shall do your term paper for you.” “Really? I never thought of that!” >whistles innocently< “She will have no idea how I got such a good grade!” “We’ll teach her a thing or two!”
  54. 54. I just love it when they plot behind my back.
  55. 55. Then the plan to catch Evil Lottie was set into motion. “Now I expect you all to stay away for at least 3 hours; including you two -playing tonsil hocky over the bin.” “But what can I do for three hours?” asked Angelo “How about having a blast at the library” said Angel dryly. “Oh good idea!” “I think we should stay and help” Said Bernardo. “I’ll just tie you up and use you as bait then.” “You know the library sounds good!” “Knock yourselves out. Although the way I see that incoming broom flying, you may be knocked out for real if you don’t beat it.”
  56. 56. The kids scattered across the road as two brooms came zooming in. The one being driven by the purple haired witch did a loop close to the building before coming in fast down the footpath, swaying dangerously as she tried to skid it to a stop with her feet. “That was awesome!” yelled the male simself. “It will be even more awesome when you get your butt off my hand Chewy! Flipping crab cakes I could hardly see a thing!” “You know they invented cars for a reason Fuzzy” said Angel trying not to laugh. Jill landed more gracefully over by the flower bush. “Do you think anyone noticed us? We dressed to blend in like you said.” “Oh very inconspicuous” growled Angel. “No one would notice you at all.” She glared at some uni students down the road, who stood open mouthed gawking at them.
  57. 57. “Now are you sure you know what to do?” asked Angel. “Of course. You are looking at a BC winner here ladies; I’m one smooth dude... ok it’s ringing.” “Offer her some flowers!” “Flowers? I think she would rather have some beer!” “Shush up you two!”
  58. 58. “Hi. Will you help me find my lost puppy? I think he went into this cheap hotel room across the street.” In the background... “Urrgh” “We’re dead” “Good grief!” “Oh very. I have green eyes and pointed ears too.” “It sure is and I got plenty more besides that one.”
  59. 59. “Boggs Hall Dormitory... You know it? Good. I’ll be waiting upstairs in the rec room. See you soon.” “Un-believable” “Oh you’re kidding me” “She went for that?!”
  60. 60. “Who’s the man? Chewy is!” “So she actually fell for that cheesy pickup line?” “Of course” Chewy grinned at the disbelieving trio. “Well ok she said the line was for morons and that I should go back under the rock I crawled out from under; but nobody can resist the pointed ears.” The four went upstairs to go over the plan one more time.
  61. 61. “So I cover the right hand doorway and stairs” said Jill. “And I will fry her on the left” cackled Fuzzy. “And I will just sit here like a stuffed dummy” added in Chewy. “Tell me again how she doesn’t manage to kill me?” “Because there is no way Evil Lottie for all her cunning can outsmart three witches. I will keep watch out of Angelo’s window and let you know when she is coming. Don’t worry about the dormies as I am about to take care of them. Then once she is in here you distract her, preferably on the couch...” “Urr yes about that, maybe we could play chess?” “Come on Chewy you said yourself they can’t resist the ears and you’re ‘the man’ so I’m sure you can think of something else to do with a romance sim other then play chess....” >evil smile< “While you distract her, Fuzzy and Jill will take her by surprise. Then I will capture her. “I don’t suppose there is time to order a blow up Chewy doll? They can look very life like you know...” “Chewy if you don’t shut up I will zap you myself!”
  62. 62. “You really are an elf hmm” said Evil Lottie eyeing Chewy lazily from the doorway. Chewy shot out of his seat “E_ I mean Lottie! You’re so..quick!” Chewy gulped and stopped near the table. He knew he had to draw Evil Lottie further away from the doorway.
  63. 63. “Oh I’m quick... at all kinds of things” she said running a hand up his arm. Chewy blinked. Whatever spell it was that Evil Lottie wove; he could feel it working on him too. He knew he was supposed to be doing... something, but what? His free will seemed to have drained away at her touch... He didn’t even notice Fuzzy peeping from behind the doorway.
  64. 64. The room was filled with sparkles as Fuzzy and Jill both sent out full strength zapping spells towards Evil Lottie. One was painful; two was enough to make the average sim collapse on the floor. The witches weren’t taking any chances. It sure woke Chewy up from the dream he had been in the middle of.
  65. 65. “Arrgghh!” “This is your end Evil Lottie!’ Evil Lottie screeched as the spell surrounded her.
  66. 66. But the look of terror quickly changed to one of malice. For instead of falling to the floor in pain Evil Lottie swiped some of the spell that seemed to cling around her and quickly threw some back at a very surprised Jill and Fuzzy.
  67. 67. “Think you can outsmart Evil Lottie? Think again!” Neither had been prepared for this. Evil Lottie took off for the stairs as Angel appeared into the room.
  68. 68. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” fuzzy do something!” yelled Jill as the tiny needle like jabs stabbed at her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. “Ouch! I can’t! Ow! You do something!” “I just knew it was a bad idea to take on Evil Lottie” “Shut- ow! –up Chewy! ” “She’s getting away!” yelled Angel who couldn’t do anything but watch until she was had finished being transported into place.
  69. 69. Angel sprinted from the room hoping to catch Evil Lottie on foot and take her down. “Angel! We need - ow! Help!” cried Jill. “Yowee! Yelled Fuzzy hoping from one foot to the other. “I’m going to- ow! Kill her when I-ouch! Catch her!’ “Not if I-ouch! Catch her first!” “You’re too -ow! Nice!”
  70. 70. Later... “Well that went well.” said Fuzzy Jill sighed. “I can’t believe she got away so easily.” “I’m so mad I feel like cow planting a slew of townies!” snarled Angel.
  71. 71. “She must have some magic.” “No doubt absorbed from the potions back when she formed” said Angel. “This is why we haven’t been able to catch her. We have been totally underestimating what she can do. The spells have obviously been bouncing off her like they did today.” “So what can we do?” asked Jill “I’m going to do some research on it first. Not that I have the time with the other things that have been happening at home, but I guess that issue can wait some more. It’s not like he’s going anywhere.” >snicker< “He?” the two witches looked at Angel with piqued interest. “Never you mind. This needs dealing with first.”
  72. 72. The Mobay’s decided it would be safer if they got a house, and left it unregistered to make it harder for Evil Lottie to find. “Oh please I don’t want to look” “It’s just a block of land Lissy” “Exactly! It’s >sob< camping!”
  73. 73. Sorry guys, new neighbourhood new Greek House; or it will be later. At least there are no cows.
  74. 74. Tada! Not camping! “It’s a monstrosity.” “Who ordered that expensive telescope... Angelo?!” “Not as expensive as that hot tub… Tony.” “Why are there no windows?”
  75. 75. “Eww! Does this thing have to be by the door?” >Haha< “It reminds me of the Dean!” Alisa that came out of your inventory. If you don’t like it why would you buy it?!
  76. 76. “Oh cavolo!”* So the environment score is a bit low... “A bit low, it’s rock bottom! This couch looks like it came off the tip!” You got all the things you need, including two bathrooms! You would think the TV from Salvatore’s inventory would make up for it.... *cavolo an Italian expression which means cabbage.
  77. 77. But no. Simultaneous: > Urrgh!< “We have no flooring!” “We have no paint or paper!” I’m more concerned we have no ceiling tiles! I was really hoping they would just_ be there. So they are not impressed. But they only have $40 left so this is it.
  78. 78. I won’t bother with a tour as such, but here is an aerial shot for those that like them. I am basing this off a floor plan of a real Greek House I found on a university site. I extended out the dining room area and enlarged the living area and deck for those all important parties.
  79. 79. Across at Romara Dorms Phebe did the three most important things on her list. First was to give herself a makeover. Being a college student called for both new threads and a new hairdo. “Check it out.”
  80. 80. Second was to ring up Salvatore’s girlfriend Tamara. Phebe knew that girl needed her help big time. “Girl you came over just in time.” “Really? In time for what?”
  81. 81. “Just in time for me to save your hair. It’s a good look if you are going to a party - as a mop. Now you just relax in my gro-ovy pink makeover chair and let Phebe do the rest” “But my hair looks fine” “Sure, and my name is Tom Hanks” “It is?” “Sweet guinea pigs...Just sit”
  82. 82. >snip< >snip< >snip< “Uurmm” >pluck< >pluck< >pluck< “Ow!” >dab< >dab< >dab< “I really don’t think...”
  83. 83. *“Pinky-dinky-doo girl!” “Wow! I look great!” “Don’t forget you’re coming clothes shopping with me on Thursday for some new threads.” “I’ll be there. Just wait till my friend Willow gets a look at this!” “Now, I have to go do something important that my mother wanted me to do...” *Pinky Dinky Doo is a kids’ TV show.
  84. 84. “Streak around the dorm!”
  85. 85. “Hey Kevin! Pinky-dinky-doo!” “Aurrgh!” In case you have forgotten Phebe’s mother Ratna (Known as Ray-Ray) was a Uni Streaker. She thinks streaking at Uni should be a family tradition. They are not telling Phebe’s dad Vincent about this though...
  86. 86. Two weeks later “Pink flamingo it is a go, I repeat, pink- aww come on Aunt Angel, Pink flamingo is an awesome code name...” “Sweet guinea pigs, no need to yell.” “I can see her in the hot tub with two- no make that three guys. Pinky-dinkey-doo! How does she do that?!...I don’t need to know; yeah yeah ok… and yes I will make myself scarce. See ya!” >Click< Phebe looked at the phone “That is one grouchy gator.”
  87. 87. “Do I get to shoot them? Do I, do I?” asked Fuzzy waving the freeze gun around. “Fuzzy do you have to point that thing at me?” “It’s only a freeze gun Sawyer, not an AK 47.” “Knock yourselves out” said Angel. “Do you think they’re hot? I can’t tell looking through that door. We could have three between us” said Jill with a grin. “Jill do you think of anything else?” “Let’s see... three hot young guys in just their togs or less in a hot tub....what else is there to think about?!” “Well when you put it that way...”
  88. 88. “Now I have to think of a way to get those bozos out of that hot tub. As much as I would like to summon them away we can’t do that.” “Well it looks like two are leaving” said Sawyer. “Perfect! One will be easy. Lottie get right back.” “Yes Aunty Angel.” Angel closed one eye and scowled. When would those kids stop calling her ‘Aunty’!
  89. 89. Outside “See you later Lottie, I really have to get to class.” “Yeah me too.” “Oh of course, you must attend class” said Evil Lottie sarcastically. “We wouldn’t want you getting a bad grade now would we?” It annoyed her a lot that her power to control was lessened when she was in the water. How dare these dim witted dormies think for themselves and choose class over her!
  90. 90. Still, having one man in the tub was advantageous in other ways. “You’re not leaving for class are you Tucker?” “Oh no Lottie, I’d much rather stay here- with you” “Good. Otherwise I might just have to kill you” “What?!” “Just kidding!” “Oh right!” >haha< *So he thinks*
  91. 91. “Now that was fun.” “Well yours is a lot cuter then the one I froze” said Jill “Let’s shoot them again when they thaw out!” “How about I trade you one ugly tubby blond, for one dark blond cutie?” “Ok, but I get the dark haired one still in the tub.” “Deal!”
  92. 92. Just as Evil Lottie was about ready to claim another victim the outdoor loudspeaker crackled to life. “Would Tucker Chan please report to the Dean’s office, Tucker Chan to the Dean’s office.” “Gosh I better go see what that is about Lottie. I’m really sorry.” “What?!” screeched Evil Lottie. “Someone is going to pay for ruining my day! And it may as well be you” hissed Evil Lottie narrowing her eyes at Tucker.
  93. 93. Tucker moved back and swallowed nervously. “That isn’t a very nice joke Lottie.” “Who said I was joking.” Evil Lottie raised her hands and watched in satisfaction as the white clouds turned grey and covered the sky. She would enjoy watching this one fry by lightening. “Hey guys mind if I join you”? Said Sawyer in a loud friendly voice as he snapped his fingers and pointed at the tub. It had the desired effect of both stilling his shaking hands and distracting Evil Lottie from creating a thunder storm. The dormie hurriedly left the tub whispering on his way past. “You might want to rethink getting in the tub with her!” “I wish I could” Sawyer whispered back. Angel’s research had told them that Evil Lottie could only use magic from what she had at hand. So a single bed could be turned into a double, a bowl of filling macaroni could have the opposite effect and literally starve the person cow to death as they ate, or a white wispy cloud could become thunderous and grey.
  94. 94. “So what about the water then?” Sawyer had asked Angel before leaving the room to distract Evil Lottie. “Couldn’t she do something to it, like make it boil or... something?” “Technically, probably yes.” Angel had answered. “Yes! She might boil me up for dinner then. Sawyer A La Casserole!” “As I said, technically yes but I doubt it” “Really, and what’s to stop her?!” “The fact that she is in the hot tub with you Sawyer! I do not plan for her to get out. If by some chance she does we have Fuzzy and Jill waiting with freeze guns. Freeze rays will not bounce off her like a spell. If I have to freeze her into an ice cube and take her home as a martini cocktail then I will do so; but she is not escaping from here! Now out you go.” Then she had given him a small push out the door.
  95. 95. Now here he was and he could hardly believe how captivating and easy to talk to Evil Lottie was. He could almost feel the rapid rise of relationship points after only a couple of minutes. Chewy had of course warned him of her powers of persuasion. But could she really be that evil? No he must not let himself think like that. Sawyer shook his head to clear it as EL splashed him. *This is evil Lottie, don’t forget that!* Meanwhile real Lottie was very quietly creeping towards the tub. It was a tricky maneuver, she had only a seconds worth of time to touch Evil Lottie which would allow the spell to take effect. One false move and the plan would fail. If she touched her to soon then EL might be able to grab her. Lottie really didn’t want to think about what EL might do to her if that happened. If she touched her too late the spell might bounce off.
  96. 96. ...
  97. 97. What happened next was very quick. Half a second after the spell left Angel’s finger, real Lottie placed her hand on Evil Lottie’s head. El gave a blood curdling scream as the spell entered the top of her head and literally started to dissolve her very essence. “I am evil Lottie...and..you..can’t...stop..me..”
  98. 98. But there was nothing either of them could do at this point and as Evil Lottie dissolved so did real Lottie. She felt herself being pulled towards and into where EL was disappearing to. Sawyer couldn’t watch. Had they lost both Lottie’s?
  99. 99. Next thing he knew Lottie was screaming, while Angel was fit to kill herself laughing. “Well that was >haha< an unexpected outcome” >bwhaha< “Lottie you’re back...” Sawyer started, opening his eyes. “Don’t look! Get out! Out! Out!!” Lottie screeched at him while trying to cover herself with her hands. Somehow she had woken up- butt naked- in a hot tub with Sawyer! How mortifying! “I’ll close my eyes and get out” Sawyer stood up, stabbed his toe and opened his eyes again. “Oh awfully sorry!” “Sawyer, I’m going to kill you!” “I didn’t see anything!” he lied before scrambling out in a great hurry as Angel laughed even harder. “Could someone please get me a towel” growled Lottie. Really there was nothing funny about her situation at all!
  100. 100. Lottie sat on the steps of the hot tub in the thin towel Jill had found in the bathroom. It was still quite cool as it was only very early spring and the trees had not even broken into leaf yet. “You should get into the warmth.” “I will_ in a minute.” “What do you remember?” “Not a lot really. Bits and pieces. It’s kind of weird.” “Give it time. Go somewhere for spring break.” “Where to? We’re broke!” “See there you go, you’re remembering something already!” laughed Angel.
  101. 101. Lottie gave her Aunt a dirty look before looking embarrassed. If it wasn’t for her she probably wouldn’t be here. “Thank you for saving me.” “It was nothing” said Angel with a wave of her hand. “I don’t suppose you could lend us some money for_” “Just because you might be-maybe-my favourite niece, does not mean I am a lending institution” snapped back Angel tapping her foot. “Then again you might not be-at all. You can however borrow our camping gear.”
  102. 102. “Oh thanks Aunt Angel!” Lottie grinned from ear to ear and nearly thought about hugging her aunt, but then thought better of it. Angel glared and raised her hand. “And if I catch you calling me Aunty again I’ll send a swarm of bees after you!” “Yes_ Angel.” “Also if you wreck anything you will be buying me a replacement, as well as scrubbing my basement. Townies make frequent unpleasant messes down there and the maid is useless.” *She’ll be the next unpleasant mess if she doesn’t watch out* “Yes Angel” said Lottie subduedly, but inside she was hopping up and down. Camping gear yah! Although getting someplace, anyplace, when they still had no car was another matter, but Lottie never worried about details like that.
  103. 103. Alisa came back with an outfit and Lottie changed into it in the ladies. “Is this a practical joke?!” “Is what a joke?”
  104. 104. “This pink eyesore.” Alisa giggled; it was good to have the old Lottie back. “Afraid I have to tell you Lottie, but that is your dress, which you yourself bought.” “I must have been cracked!” “You don’t know the half of it” said Alisa taking Lottie’s arm. Then walking arm in arm Alisa proceeded to fill Lottie in on what had happened in the last four years as they walked back across the road.
  105. 105. “Let me tell you what happened at the school dance. You went with Alon Livingstone…” “That ugly paper boy?” “The very same. You got it into your head that he was really a prince enslaved by a witch to forever deliver papers, and that if you kissed him under a wedding arch...” “Oh please tell me he wasn’t my first kiss?!” “No he ran away. Now stop interrupting!” “When did you get so bossy?” “Taking care of you for the past four years. Anyway as I was saying...”
  106. 106. “You are so making that up!” “Am not. Plus I have pictures of you in the blue Cinderella dress you wore that night Lottie!” “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?!” “Yes” >hehehe<
  107. 107. After being welcomed back by her brothers and cousins; some with hugs and others just with a cursory wave. Because as Tony said, “She didn’t exactly go anywhere you know.” Lottie went to change only to find she had nothing. “This can’t be my stuff! It’s totally unacceptable! Not even a pair of jeans.” “I tried to get you to bring some jeans but you refused and told me ‘Fairy tale princesses do not wear jeans!’ giggled Alisa. “Oh shush. I think my alter self needed a good kick up the backside! I have to go get some new clothes pronto.” “Our exam starts in an hour.” “Blast! Well I guess I will wear this then...”
  108. 108. “At least it isn’t pink” said Lottie looking down at the white dress with red cherries. “I guess I can look like a 50’s housewife for a while longer.” “I think it looks nice.” “Hey! How about we swap_” “No, not happening Lottie. This is my lucky shirt and I am wearing it to the exam... Although I wouldn’t mind those dresses” “Hmm, you sure got determined Lissy, used to be I could get you to do anything.” “You’re not mad are you” asked Alisa becoming uncertain. “Of course not, it’s good...mostly” Lottie chuckled “And you’re welcome to the dresses... well once I change into something else. Being naked in public is not something I want to repeat!”
  109. 109. “Why are you taking literature anyway?” asked Lottie after the exam. “I always thought you wanted to do Drama at college?” Alisa shrugged. “I did.” Lottie narrowed her eyes. “This is because of me isn’t it?” Alisa looked at the ground. “Lissy?” “Yes- ok, it’s because of you.” said Alisa reluctantly. “I wasn’t about to let you go off to class by yourself. Sal means well, but the guys weren’t as concerned as I was... Anything could have happened! “ Alisa sniffed.
  110. 110. Alisa felt herself being enveloped in a very large hug. “You’re the bestest sister I have” said Lottie reversing the often said phrase they used as children. “I’m the only sister you have!” grinned back Alisa. “I’m so sorry Lissy” “You don’t have anything to be sorry for! It’s not like you planned to split into two” “No, but I shouldn’t have been messing down in Aunt_” Lottie looked around and whispered “She can’t hear from here can she?” “I doubt it... but urm maybe just to be safe...”
  111. 111. “Well I shouldn’t have been down in her basement, and it’s because of me being stupid that you had a terrible four years.” “Well it’s all past with now.” “I plan to make it up to you Lissy. Free tickets to all my gigs!” “Oh you’re still planning on forming a band!” “Too right I am. If Pop thinks I’ve changed to classical music and 50’s house-wifey dresses he’s got another thing coming. Talking of which I can’t wait to ditch this Brady Bunch dress and get into a pair of jeans, let’s go!” .
  112. 112. “Where do they get this junk?” “Hey we sell only the best here!” called out the cashier. “The best to cleaning ladies I bet” mumbled Lottie.
  113. 113. “Here’s something more to your taste Lottie.”
  114. 114. Lottie did eventually find a couple of outfits. “See I told you we had some good stuff.” “Yeah, upstairs hiding in a corner!” “Shh, I have to move this stuff you know.”
  115. 115. “You too? Yah this is my lucky night!” “How so?” “Because now I will actually get paid!” “...”
  116. 116. Lottie decided to wear one of her new outfit’s home. “What do you think?” “I like that. That’s much more...” “Stylish then what I used to wear?” finished off Lottie grinning. “Well I am older, and I wanted something a bit classier for this party. I got the other set you found for class. Are you getting changed?” “No I’m keeping mine for later, it isn’t the kind of thing you bake a cake in. I need to get back if it’s to be done on time.”
  117. 117. “What a day this has been. Now I just need to get Phebe to do my hair and I am all set. You don’t mind walking back alone?” “I’ll be fine Lottie. You forget it’s been me looking after you.” “Yeah...” said Lottie going strangely silent. “What?” “Nothing. I can’t wait for tomorrow when I can work on the_ oops, I’m not meant to say it’s a surprise!” laughed Lottie changing the subject. “A surprise what?” “Well if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise dur! You will just have to wait and see” said Lottie with a grin. The cashier watched them go “Come back again...bring your friends!”
  118. 118. “I’m ba-ack” sung out Lottie. “Where are you Lissy?” “In here!” came the reply from the kitchen.
  119. 119. Lottie sniffed the air as Alisa slid the newly baked cheesecake onto a plate. “Mmm that smells good!” said Lottie aiming a finger for a bit of cream topping. “Hey get your fingers away from it!” Alisa chided with smile. “Aw come on Lissy, just one cherry? It is for me after all.” “Nope, not even half of one!” “Meanie pateenie!”
  120. 120. Alisa giggled and placed the cake on the bench before giving Lottie a close look over. “So does it suit my rocker image? You know I wanted to colour my hair for years-and now I can.” “I like it, it suits you. I’m a bit surprised because you said you wanted your old hair style back.” “I did, until I was in Phebe’s makeover chair. Then I had visions of people mistaking me for my evil twin. It’s bad enough how people think I’m her anyway. So I asked her to style it a little differently and put in the colour streaks. I think I’ll keep it, at least through college “Good point. It certainly makes you look different.” “I hope Brandon likes it” said Lottie worriedly “What if he doesn’t like the ‘new’ me?” “I’m sure he will Lottie. And if not, I think you better take your own advice- in that case he isn’t worth it!”
  121. 121. She needn’t have worried. Of course being both a party to welcome Lottie back to being herself, as well as a toga party to celebrate their new Greek house status, neither of the girls wore their outfits! >Head desk!< Lottie of course would rather wear a nightie and Brandon is too shy to wear a toga. Not too shy to make out in the living room though. >Slurp slurp< As you can see Angelo’s girl friend Sadie is a real party animal, reading in the corner.
  122. 122. In the dining room... “Hey Tony, do you have to pay for dates now?” >snort< “Shut up Salvatore, she is not my date!” “I don’t think so, unless my glasses need adjusting... she looks like an old cafeteria worker.” “Thanks for that titbit of information Angelo... I wouldn’t have guessed.” “What me? A paid date... to him?”
  123. 123. “Eww! I don’t think so.” Finally a lady who doesn’t think Tony is all that!
  124. 124. Still busy.
  125. 125. Over on the other side of the lounge room Bernardo stood there for ages staring at Salvatore’s girlfriend Tamara. Not talking, just staring. He’s a worry. Hello, earth to Bernardo, stop being creepy. That is your cousin’s girlfriend; don’t get any ideas about her now! *But she’s, she’s...* >drool< Already taken and not a ‘vision of loveliness’ for you! Now scram!
  126. 126. Luckily Salvatore came to the rescue and Bernardo went to stuff his face at the buffet. “Oh my love... my life ...my aallll” “Wasn’t that your Uncles line?” “You’re not supposed to know that!”
  127. 127. Brandon and Lottie fall in love, although Sadie doesn’t look too pleased. Maybe she’s fed up with Angelo being in the kitchen? “That pair are making red twinklies on my page!”
  128. 128. “Love you Lottie.” “Love you Brandon.” But in the face of such true love Sadie couldn’t stay mad for long, must be a romantic at heart.
  129. 129. Alisa and Yo-Yo got down dancing and showed everyonehow to do the Turkey Hokey Pokey.
  130. 130. You put your left leg in, you put your left leg out, you put your butt right in and you shake it all about.
  131. 131. You do the turkey pokey and you bend right back, that’s what it’s all about! “Hmph, I could do that! ...If I wanted.”
  132. 132. “Gather around everyone, we have Cherry Cheesecake, and it’s really good because Lissy made it! She would be in this picture but her face is glitchtasticly glitched- You know how that goes!” Yes, thank you Alisa.
  133. 133. “Ok so I’m not one for making long speeches because, well let’s face it, they are as boring as all get out. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to my sister Alisa. Lissy you are not only my sister but also my best friend. You spent the last four years watching my back literally as you put your own life on hold. Really I’ll never be able to thank you enough. So three big cheers for Lissy!” “This was supposed to be_” “Hip, hip, hooray!” “For you...” “Exactly, so it’s my choice to make it about you” laughed Lottie. There was much cheering, eating of cake and some more dancing before people decided it was time to leave and flake out sometime around 2am.
  134. 134. Literally. It was the first day of spring break and they should have been able to sleep in. >Brinngg! Brinngg!< “No mum... I don’t wanna get up yet” >snore< >Brinngg! Brinngg!< But it wasn’t meant to be and soon everyone was up, either from the incessant door bell or from the raised voices and slamming of doors that followed.
  135. 135. “Now are you all looking?” Lottie ripped off the sheet “Ta da! Our very own car! What do you think?!” “This was your delivery?” “You got us out of bed...for that?!” “Is this the surprise you mentioned?!” Asked Alisa wide eyed. “Yes I got it for eight hundred, with new tires and free delivery!” “Yeah, free delivery so you would take it off their hands.” “Lottie you’re supposed to run large purchases by everyone first.” “I wanted it to be a surprise” “Oh it’s a surprise all right...” “Well don’t all congratulate me at once” scrowled Lottie. “The guy has already fixed up the body; it just needs some paint and a small tune up.” “Well have fun, I have class, bye” said Toni. Bernardo had class too and Alisa went to cook breakfast. This left Angelo, Salvatore and Lottie to look over the car.
  136. 136. Angelo twisted a few things in the engine. “Do you know what you are doing?” called out Salvatore from behind the wheel. “Sure, can’t be that hard.”
  137. 137. >BANG!< “I think...>cough<..it needs a bit more than a >cough< small tune up!”
  138. 138. “We need to get this going if we’re to go camping before Spring break is over.” “I don’t know, I think you bought a real clunker here Lottie.” “I know it looks rough, but I don’t think it’s as bad as you all make out. Also I don’t think Angelo is really the best person to work on the engine... do you?” >haha< “probably not, I’ll have a go at it myself”
  139. 139. “Pass me the tool Lottie.”
  140. 140. “What kind of tool would you like?”
  141. 141. After a few days work the car was finished and Alisa got an even bigger surprise when Lottie told her the car was for her. “Oh wow Lottie for me?!” “Yes now take it for a spin while we pack!”
  142. 142. Although it was short, they had three fun days down at the SimGold Coast, camping at SimSurfers paradise. Even Alisa didn’t mind camping when there was a surf club with good meals and proper bathroom facilities close by. Who needed Twikkii Island, when sun, surf and sand were only an hour away.
  143. 143. Lottie even learnt to break dance. First time I’ve even placed the mat and seen this. But who better then Lottie to give this a go.
  144. 144. Alisa went to buy some postcards before they headed back to uni. “Hey, you’re the same girl that served us back at the college clothing shop. This is a long way to come for a job.” “Shh, you never know when Lady Skankarella-Alot is around” she hissed. “Lady what?” laughed Alisa. “You guys must be new to this neighbourhood. Sir Clanks-Alot and Lady Skankarella-Alot own most of the retail places and rule with an iron fist. I don’t want them to know I’m moonlighting here, ok?” “Um sure thing.” *Sir Clanks and lady Skankarella? That kid has spent too much time behind a till*
  145. 145. Once senior year started everyone got down to some serious studying. Think I’ll put this on the townie menu Tony discovered that Pizza left on the floor and trod on really did develop an interesting flavour.
  146. 146. Bernardo learnt what the term ‘disadvantaged student’ really means in this universe.
  147. 147. And Angelo discovered that ladies in tight jumpers don’t like being spied on through the telescope. Are those real?... If that smile is anything to go by I don’t think he’s all that bothered about being told off though...
  148. 148. What? You think they cracked the books? Actually a few of them did roll wants to do their term papers. I just didn’t expect it to be Salvatore, Bernardo and Lottie.
  149. 149. Phebe pledged in and met a man with the same nose, who also wore a headpiece to keep his stash in and made similar weird hand gestures. Even the cut of their clothes is similar. Fate? They have 2 bolts. Of course Phebe’s Life Time wants is to have 50 first dates... “Dude that is so cool” “Totally!”
  150. 150. The cow discovered just why you don’t burp or prod on the Mobacy’s...
  151. 151. “Hurry up and die, I want some steak.” Somehow it found itself in a cow pen. Cows will never die the way I want them too. I wanted to try out my new throwing axe, but no that wouldn’t work. Then it went and starved in under a day! I thought cows were tough.
  152. 152. There were also some engagements. Angelo and Sadie got engaged first. Angelo in his pragmatic way had bought a small plain ring and popped the question without delay in front of the bookcase in the middle of the lounge room. Sadie accepted and they both went back to reading.
  153. 153. Salvatore on the other hand being a romantic drove Tamara all the way to the beach to propose. Tamara was super excited. “Ohh! Shinny!”
  154. 154. Brandon also the romantic set up the back deck with fairy lights and sang Lottie a song. Getting engaged had not even entered Lottie’s mind, so she was quite surprised when he called her outside and started to sing. The fact that she stood and stared silently at him for a minute made Brandon very nervous that she was not going to accept.
  155. 155. He was most relieved when she finally smiled and said yes.
  156. 156. Alisa had been waiting on Yo-Yo to propose to her for what had seemed like forever. So after evesdropping over hearing him and Salvatore talking she knew exactly what Yo-Yo was planning when he invited her to a downtown resturant. Even though Alisa had to act surprised it was still the happiest day of her life. She couldn’t wait to get married and have lots and lots of babies. Yes Alisa’s LTW is to see six of her children get married.
  157. 157. Then it was finally time to graduate! And here we go from the smart to the dorkey!
  158. 158. The results of the graduating GPA’s were: Angelo: 4.0 Bernardo 3.6 Salvatore: 3.8 Tony: 3.4 Alisa: 3.7 Lottie: 3.2 Cows 0 Playing by their want panel certainly made Uni more interesting and at times more nerve wracking.
  159. 159. Simselves in this chapter were way too many to list, but thanks to every one for helping to make the story. Let me know if your simself wasn’t there or if you would like to be added in. The main ones were: Fuzzy and Jill as the witches. Chewy and Sawyer as bait volunteers in Evil Lottie’s capture. Karima and Dez as my peddle power. No simselves were hurt in the making of this production.
  160. 160. Thanks to everyone at Desirable Discourses for their encouragement and inspiration. Special thanks to Tina for her photoshopping skills, and to karima for making another skin and clothes for Nicoli.
  161. 161. “You can’t see up this towel can you?” Cut! “I really don’t know that I am being paid enough for this.” Angel “At least it isn’t me” >snicker<
  162. 162. “Oh thank__ >haha< “What? ...there’s a cow behind me isn’t there?” “Moo” Cut!