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  1. 1. STORY DESCRIPTIONThe store is called– one decision changed my life, by AL CThis story is about a kid who’s generation was mostly a farming kind of southern family, but he wanted to join the Air Force. His parents would let him live in their house but he had to get a high school diploma. Al graduated high school, went to college, and joined the Air Force. No he’s wanting to be a hero and fight like the other airmen.http://www.myairforcelife.com/contests/stories_frame.cfm?view=2618&cate gory=1
  2. 2. EMOTIONAL RESPONSEThe author creates emotion because he makes the readers feel the bravery of this man. He achieved this because you feel how brave this guy is for joining the military, which is one of the hardest things you can do.Quotes- his parents told him; “As long as you live in my house and put your feet under my table, you WILL graduate high school.”
  3. 3. CHARACTERSI think the character’s life compares to mine because I also want to join the Air Force when I get older. My parents give me a lecture about having good grades and graduating high school to be a “successful person”
  4. 4. POINT OF VIEWThe point of view is 1st person because this short story is told by Al because it uses I.Quotes- My “Air Force” life began with a decision that changed, and continues to change, my life every day. He’s describing his life by his point of view, not an unknown narrator.
  5. 5. CULTURAL CHARACTERISTICSThe culture is a small rural area located in North Carolina.Quote- “Born in a small North Carolina town, my family history was primarily localized to the grass roots of southern living”This culture relates to me because I also live in a small farm area.
  6. 6. COMPARE/CONTRASTThe books I’m comparing/ contrasting areOne decision changed my life by Al C.Army Black Knights Men’s Basketball Players: Mike KrzyzewskiSimilarities- these stories are similar because both main characters went into the militaryDifferences-Army Black Knights Men’s Basketball Players- mike went to the army: while Al went to the air forceMike was born in a pretty big city (chicago): while Al was born in a small town in North CarolinaMike left the army to play/coach basketball: Al stayed in the Air Force
  7. 7. THE END